Monday, 28 October 2013

Random Thoughts ... Handahófi Hugsanir

As the trial for a wide range of offenses including: "misconduct in public office", "perverting the course of justice", "hacking of dead children's phones" begins, half of Dave's Chipping Norton set is in the dock. 

It will be interesting to see what kind of justice is meted out to the elite of the prime minister's county set. 
When the lower orders rioted in English cities a couple of years ago, and obliged Dave to come back from his Italian holiday, he instructed the courts to be harsh with the miscreants.  

Fair enough, although six months in prison for stealing two bottles of water is, without doubt, harsh. Still, Tuscany in August is delightful, and I wouldn't want to have to deal with his Mrs in a strop; she looks like she could be a right bitch, so I can understand that the chap was in a bit of a blue funk adn someone had to pay! 

I wonder, though, if he will be take the same hardline view now that it is his own class, nay, his own close dear friends that are standing in the dock. 

It's a thought too that Dave and his family will have to find new people to invite round on Christmas day this year for charades. Last year's invitees are a bit on the embarrassing side adn might even be spending Christmas at the pleasure of someone even more elevated than Eton Dave.

Isn't it interesting too that not a single member of the Murdoch family is in court facing charges relating to all these crimes? It seems that one of the most successful newspaper tycoons in the world had no earthly idea how his newspapers were getting all these sensational scoops, and never thought to inquire. Fancy!
Why on why, I keep asking myself, can't we be more like Iceland? Then I remember that, in fact we are quite like Iceland in many ways, it's just that we are ruled from a place that wants to be more like the United States of America. 

Still, we can change that. Right?
I was more than a little shocked to see in my junk emails a missive from informing me that with a Tesco credit card I can spread the cost of Christmas over 18 months. Handy, I though, but erm what about next year's Christmas? 
I was also concerned to read that to get one of these credit cards one must have an income of at least £5,000 a year. As £5969159_591952830859067_962482265_n.jpg,000 will soon be needed to pay the electricity and gas bills, never mind service a credit card, I can't help but think someone needs to look again at this irresponsible nonsense. 

Every little helps, does it Tesco?
I found this on Craig Murray's latest post (well worth a read). It comes from Donald McDonald: 

"I should add, that Independence for Scotland is one of the few hopes the English Left has of overcoming the corporate, neo-con domination of their own politics.

"Once England faces the world with only its own resources and stops trying to be the main character in a Boys’ Own comic, it will, I am confident, rediscover its own greatness."

I suspect that may be very true.


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    1. LOL... I've just added it CH... Great minds....

  2. Excellent post Tris. Hoping this comment is published as several others have vanished into the ether.

  3. Sorry PP... mine aren't posing either. I wrote you a long answer only for it to disappear. argh....

    Blogger i s having a strop!

  4. I imagine Cameron's guests last year won't want to visit this year, even if the were "free". They must be pretty annoyed at being in this position, picked out for sanctions when what they did was no worse that any of the rest of the gang.

    Why them and why not any of the so called parliamentary elite or any of the rest of the troughers.

    1. At a guess there is a hierarchy...the royals are at the top. they can do no wrong; lords next, almost none of them got any sanction for stealing and selling their influence; the troughing commoners are next, only a few really repugnant ones were given up as scapegoats, and Cameron's mates are last, but not Murdoch or his son, who apparently knew nothing!

      What is strange is that the bankers here didn't even get a reduction in their fat cat pay... despite all that this was promised. And Cameron was the only person who stood in the way of it happening EU wide.

      Someone must know something...

    2. Ah, but the bankers are the ones who keep the UK going, so we can't do anything nasty to them. Those people who "fund" (in its broadest sense) our political chaps have to be protected at all costs.

    3. Aye Weegie... I remember them threatening that if we treated them the same way we would treat anyone else, they would up sticks and head form Shanghai, Dubai, New Delhi, New York et al.

      I remember thinking that, given the mess they had managed to get us into, and the money that they took out of the system and spent in Monte Carlo, Juan les Pins, and the fashionable ski resort of Switzerland, they would be doing us a massive favour by buggering off.

      Alternatively, if they felt inclined to hang themselves from lamp posts, that would be quite acceptable too. After all, they are the only ones who can afford a length of rope!

  5. "[I]n fact we are quite like Iceland in many ways, it's just that we are ruled from a place that wants to be more like the United States of America."
    I'm going to need to remember that line.

    1. LOL... you are welcome to use it...a pound a time royalties :)

  6. You might enjoy this scabrous attack on the whole rotten gang here.

    NB - Not for the easily offended!

    1. He he he...

      Excellent stuff there.

      I see Harry fell over in the wind and broke something or other.

      Isn't that just terrible.

      Almost as terrible, the bloke two doors down died last week.

  7. tris and other nat malcontents

    Independent Scotland would face greater security risk, says Theresa May

    Home secretary says UK would refuse Scotland automatic access to intelligence systems including MI5, MI6 and GCHQ

    Had to laff at that given they are not letting their own westminster MPs know what they are up to..........i mean you wouldnt know iffen they were
    being truthful anyway they haven't been so far,

    1. She is working for a Yes Niko and she is doing a grand job.

    2. Meant to add how is your script for a debate coming on?

    3. Has to be said that every time one of these posh people come to Scotland and tell us that we couldn't manage, they must convert some of the don't knows.

      I mean this woman is almost Mrs Thatcher. She's bossy, superior and detached. I bet she won't freeze to death this winter. Mainly because we will be paying her heating bills.

  8. Well, Niko. If Mrs May says it it must be ..erm...hmmm...

    Oh well.

    What is the daft old bat on about?

    First off Scotland owns 10% of the security forces.

    Secondly, what is she saying...we are too stupid to run security...? That's rich coming from a dim old biddy like her. Remind me, which security force was it that mixed up a report on Saddam's weapons with a ten year old PhD thesis from an Iraqi dissenter?

    Thirdly. Iceland and Denmark can run a security service, is blondie genuinely trying to tell us that we couldn't?

    And forthly, we wouldn't need such a big service. The UK needs a massive security because it goes around pissing off countries all over the world, particularly Muslim ones. Then leaving them in a worse state than they were before.

    Sod off, Mrs May. You're batty.

    As for the Westminster lot. No, they don't have a clue who is spying on whom. I exp-cet the Americans are spying on us as they are on the Germans, French and Spaniards, but you'll not hear dave complain.

    They are probably laughing themselves stupid about the fact that he thinks LOL means lots of love. Rebekha!

  9. Tris

    Couldn't sleep last night knowing that if I vote yes next year my money will be stolen from the bank, the mafia will be off with my car, and when I am walking to work I will have to keep a watch out for the taliban who will have set up a take away near the co-op.

    Theresa May is a gem, her argument about losing all this support from London actually makes me feel safer. More afraid of Cameron, Miliband, Clegg and Lamont to be honest, and of course Niko and Dean lol.


    1. Brilliant Bruce...

      You'll just have to paint your face blue, and lift your kilt at the Taliban as you run past the co-op.

      I'd sooner the Taliban than that patronising cow May...

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    1. Scary stuff. There is going to be London central.... and then the rest of England.

      I can't help but see 1984 in my mind's eye as I read about that.

      The Proles... will cover the rest of London and England.

  11. tris

    Duncan Smith said: "We have always said that it was ridiculous to claim that our schemes amounted to forced labour, and yet again we have won this argument."

    Well he has belief he is right obviously no objective verifiable evidence
    just a voice in his noodle telling him he is right.......well well

    Working 40 hours for £71 instead of the minimum wage £252 of isnt slave labour umm not sure on that one.
    Also breaking the law and then retrospectively changing said law to
    make yourself lawful isnt a very good role model to follow but is how the English Tory like to see themselves.......with Labour support i might add.

    you have to ask what the feck is going on ?????

    the Union is going on thats whats going on

    Niko has to sit and think and sit and think

    1. There was an old man in Tibet who used to sit outside his house in the sunshine all day. One day a traveller asked him what he did all day.

      He replied: "Sometimes I sit and think; sometimes I just sit.

      Aye well, Niko. Getting rid of the complete and utter dick that is Iain Duncan Useless Smith, would certainly be a boost.

      Evil bastard that he is.

      'Yet again we have won this argument' .... erm a lying evil bastard too.