Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A couple of thoughts...

Erm..was ist Ihre Telefonnummer?
Mr Obama has, over the last two days, been obliged to defend his state security apparatus's alleged earwigging on French telephone calls. He was obliged to speak directly to the President of the Republic. 

Today he has had to speak to the Chancellor of Germany to try to pacify her after allegations were made that the NSA had been listening to German telephone calls, including, it is suspected, the calls of the Chancellor herself.

I was wondering if any protests will be made by David Cameron that the calls of British people have been monitored, or does Eton Dave not have the cojones of Monsieur Hollande or Frau Merkel?

Silly question. 

Much more likely that Cameron's response would be: "Shall I fetch you the London telephone directory Mr Obama Sir? Shall I dial for you sir?"
Salmonella? More like mad cow disease
Dear Mrs Currie,

I always thought you were a bit of a dim old bird, but today I realised that you are, in fact, completely batshit mad. Actually I do believe that you're even thicker than Nadine.

Even the stupidest of people taking part in a radio debate about Scottish independence, would try to find out the name of the first minister of Scotland. You have no idea how insulting it is that you couldn't be arsed to do that.

Perhaps you'd be kind enough to let us know when exactly it was that you remember Mr Salmond being a Labour MP; much less him trying to be Labour leader. Having joined the SNP whilst at university, he'd have found all that a tad difficult.

I suspect that Mr Cameron has done his very best NOT to give the impression (that you gave in spades) that he is too high, mighty and superior to discuss and debate with a mere first minister. You, in typical incompetent Currie style, blew it all away.

You then insisted, despite everyone else on the radio show disagreeing with you, that Mr Cameron was a better debater than Mr Salmond. Today's PMQs with a bright red faced prime minister fending off attacks after his hastily put together plans regarding domestic fuel prices came under fire, reminded us just what a star debater he is. He may have had the palace connections and the money to get himself the job. It doesn't mean he's the least bit good at it. Still you and he appear to have the same ideas on how the great unwashed should stave off death in the cold of the winter.

Talking of that, Cameron was obliged to put together his ill thought out plans on energy overnight, because your ex-paramour blew him out of the water yesterday.

So whilst on that subject of Johnnie, can I ask you, is it true that he tucks his shirt into his underpants?

Yours sincerely



  1. I used to listen to Nolan R5 but got fed up up when egg face was on his show at weekends just to up his own self inflated ego which a standard for some BBC presenters. I ignored her over the salmonella scare way back and she sums up how intellectually challenged most MPs are.

    1. She's the pits. Thick as a Malaysian jungle!

    2. I tried to think of a yoke but I had to shell out.

    3. Erm.... boom boom! :)

      You don't need to think of a joke ... she IS one

  2. Replies
    1. Oh dear.... :)

    2. She really is an addled old bird.

    3. She was stupid and vapid even before she was addled.

  3. Tris

    I find the American issue more interesting really. Congress just last month issued a statement saying that they felt their spying on anyone anywhere in the world was legal and vital for their business and security interests. This might just blow up big time for the USA and by implication Britain as Snowden has indicated that there is more to come which will really upset European Countries in particular. The reason Cameron is quiet is that Britain is involved and right up to it's neck in it, I bet he is shitting himself and if Snowden is telling the truth then Cameron might just find Britains exit from Europe being a little quicker and more painless than even he would have imagined. Yet more reasons to vote YES. Also interesting that Michael Moore seems to be starting to talk a little, asked to resign said no so was sacked. Scotland will have impediment to european membership, wonder what else he moght say but of course the EBC won't report it.


  4. Interesting Bruce. I'm looking forward to the revelations and Cameron's embarrassment.

    If MM starts spilling the beans he will be the enemy, and so they won't report it.

    It will be interesting to see what comes out,

  5. Yea... I dislike both of them, but it's quite amusing.

  6. Re the NSA and GCHQ we will either have false outrage from Europe or it will be real as China becomes far more important financially.

    U.S. Tech Giants May Pay the Price, as Europe Seethes Over NSA Snooping

    1. How they must hate Snowdon.

      China will soon know all England's nuclear secrets, and possibly build in a remote explosive device in the building lest they ever get stroppy.

  7. I posted this on "Another late entry"
    "john king says:
    22 October, 2013 at 7:30 am
    Calum Craig says
    “Did you have to post so many anger inducing stories in one day?! I’m going to start punching walls or something….”

    Dont be daft Calum that one goes into the zany comedy (hand) relief box, :)

    ps he has to tuck his shirts in his underpants, the shirt tails have a deposit on them and it wont wash off :)

  8. "Salmonella? More like mad cow disease"

    Your best joke to date! Had me bust our laughing... mumsie wondered what on earth I was looking at...

    1. LOL... Thank you ... most kind. :)