Friday 7 October 2011

Cat Gate...Cat Flap would be better... runs and runs... like The Mousetrap (ouch)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You really ... (and I'm not making this up)... couldn't make this up, if you get my drift

Theresa May made a fool of herself when, at the Tory's annual get together, she told a story of a South American* student who was saved by a judge from repatriation by virtue of the fact that he had a cat. It was very quickly revealed that in fact the reason that the man was not repatriated was that he was in a stable relationship of over four years with an English woman. The judge had simply added that the couple had a cat. And Ken Clarke quite reasonably in my opinion chastised her over her accusations. He is after all Justice Secretary in England and she had cited (and she wasn't making it up) something that was simply not true, relating to his department. She wouldn't have liked it if he'd made up something about the Home Office (although most of what you could make up about the Home Office is probably, in reality, much less damaging than the truth). 

So much has been made of the tale (not the tail) of the cat, Clarke's reaction, Cameron's anger at Ken for dissing Tess of the Horribles in public and all that.

But worse was still to come.

Today the Guardian has revealed that, not only did the awful Tess make it up...yes, you did Tess... she also plagiarised it. Yes, the famous cat featured in the speech of another politician, also, it would seem a liar.

Still worse to come. It was UKIP's Nigel Farage from whom it was plagiarised!! Laugh? I nearly....,  oh never mind!
Yes, back in July, Nigel, talking to Eastleigh's Railway Society, told the exact same story, using the same words and even using the same pause at "...and I'm not making this up..." (He was.)

Anyway, busy people like May will not have done all the work on her speech herself. It takes ages to write a good speech, as most of us know.  And May is off Home Secretarying for a good part of the week, so she will have relied heavily upon speech writers. Clearly one of them has been attending Nigel Farage's functions. I expect by now the offending writer will have a good deal more time to follow Farage around England picking up more little gems of made up wisdom.

In the meantime, to keep his right wing Tessy lovers on board, it looks like Ken, the Lord Chancellor, and the most experienced member of the government, will be sacrificed. Oh well, it just makes it easier to dislike them.

* The student was Bolivian, although Farage mistakenly says Peruvian. Peru, Bolivia, Nepal,'s all just 'Foreign' to him if it ain't England.


  1. tris


    All this waffle about Camerons reshuffle leaves out one big difference to all other reshuffles........He unlike every other Prime minister(who won an election) can not move anybody without Cleggy agreeing to any move

    So ken may be there for a very long time or Cameron will have to sell some more of the Tory partys soul? to Cleggy.

  2. tris

    Mays hair is so much more stylish these days i will say.......

    could even gain her some female votes
    and God knows the Torys need them

    PS I here the snp are starting to fall out of favour with females as well hers is the evidence

    snp losers

  3. Yeah, but there will be some quid pro quo, Niko. Huhne gets to stay if Clarke (who is more Liberal then the Liberals), gets the bin.

    If I were Clarke, I'd just resign rather than be sacked by a buffoon like Cameron.

    Well, now May's a Cabinet Minister Niko, she probably gets her hair done on expenses (got to look her best if she's representing England), so I'm not surprised she looks better. (God knows she needed it.) But these clothes... sheeeeesh.

    As for the SNP losing favour with voters... I thought that was Millimetre he was laughing at, and the new Scottish Shadow whatsit.

    Curran's shrill bawling will replace Anne Whatsit's silence. (No wonder that woman was replaced. No one even knows her name.)

    I wonder if this cunning move will have any effect on Micky Mouse, the Secretary of State.

    It's the cabinet position for moving pictures in Dover House and thumb twiddling, so it actually doesn't matter at all. In any case Curren will be more interested in embarrassing the SNP than challenging the Tories, so Mental Micky will probably look on her as a colleague rather than an opponent.

    Let's just hope she gets behind the move to stop this Welfare Bill in Scotland.

  4. This is why I have failed to renew my party membership.

    It seems that 'deanthetory' will need to be 'deanthe... ellipsis' for the foreseeable future.

    12 years and nothing to show for it, oh well... political parties are so irrelevant nowadays anyway.

  5. Catgate as it has been dubbed. This “tail” just gets better and better! And now they are going to dump the only member of the English Executive that’s any good for being 100% in the right! It really does beggar belief.

    In other news: I see that Rochdale Council has decided not to call a refurbished leisure centre the “Sir Cyril Smith Sports Complex” after the great fat Lib Dem who was MP for the city from 1972 to 1992 and who died last year. Is this because the Lib Dems are out of favour just now or because Sir Cyril and sport are hardly synonymous?

  6. Dean,

    I'm sorry that they've let you down. I know how passionate you were, and how much effort you put in.

  7. Deano

    Not the Tory well not member of anyway still murdo may call you back to the right wing fold yet....

    Obviously I wont be able to hate you any more although you being a Heathite does mean you werent a 'REAL' nasty Tory anyways...

  8. lol, its the great Scottish conundrum frankly. There are thousands of centre-right voters who just aren't offered a Scottish right of centre brand anymore.

    It leaves voters like me, with much to offer, with no political home.

  9. Isn't it worth it, just to have a rapprochement with Niko, Dean?

  10. Hey Dean , UKIP are filling their ranks with ex Tories who have seen the light ;)

    tris ..
    The South American thief has a partner called Frank Trew, a 49-year-old librarian and Oxford graduate. Doesn't sound like an 'english woman' lol

  11. The judges original statement in catgate....

    "James Devittie, the immigration judge who heard the appeal, said in his ruling: "The evidence concerning the joint acquisition of Maya by the appellant and his partner reinforces my conclusion on the strength and quality of the family life that appellant and his partner enjoy.

    "In Canada and ... the United States there is an increasing recognition of the significance that pets occupy in family life and of the potentially serious emotional consequences pet owners may suffer when some unhappy event terminates the bond they have with their pet."

    So Theresa was probably more correct than Mr Clarke

  12. Doubt it Ukipper. She's a devious, bad, malign, wicked, badly and inappropriately dressed, self serving, daft old cow. He on the other hand is just a bit on the scruffy side, but he's not much of a Tory. He prefers beer to vintage champagne, he prefers jazz to the Royal Opera House and he refuses to not wear hush puppies because he has bad feet... and at 70, why not, and he refuses to be politically correct and not smoke.

    The guy was allowed to stay because he was in a stable relationship, and had been for four years. His partner's father had a terminal illness. That the cat was mentioned was supplementary, and taken as an example of how they had built the stable relationship.

    She was trying to get a cheap headline out of the moron press.

    You can bet your sweet life that that would never have been mentioned if the home secretary had still been responsible for the courts.

    She can't get rid of the human rights act in Scotland in any case. It was separately enacted here, in the Scotland Act, which I suspect would need a referendum to overturn it, as it was originally approved by referendum.

    Still what she does in England is her business. I just wouldn't want a Tory government, especially not like this one, full of lying cheats, and have no human rights act to fall back on. No sir.

    They can stuff the English or British Bill of Rights. it's likely to weigh everything in favour of them.

    Craig Murray has a good piece on it, with figure.

  13. The ECHR is now part of being in the EU so it's all academic anyway. You can't leave the ECHR or modify it in any way after signing the Lisbon Treaty ( protocol 14).
    The Scotland Act has tied us in to the ECHR as well.

  14. Yes Kipps, the English will be tied in with that too; but they could chose to leave the EU and get rid of all human rights.

    We would ahve to have a referendum. But if we did we would be getting rid, not only of the HR laws, but the whole Scotland Act. Bye bye parliament. back to direct rule by the Tories...

    With no human rights unless you went to Eton, or are royal, or both.

    Emigrate time.

  15. tris

    Scots Law and English law provided more human rights than the ECHR.
    The Scottish Government frequently fight the ceding of human rights to Brussels ( minimum pricing for alcohol, rights of prisoners to see a solicitor, slopping out for prisoners etc)
    If the ECHR is so good then why are we constantly fighting it ?
    Leaving the ECHR wouldn't equate to abandoning human rights. The ECHR was mainly adopted to allow Blairs wife to make more money.

  16. Under the Tories?

    Yes it would.

    Cameron is already taking away rights from pensioners, benefit claimants, regardless of whether they are genuine or not.

    I wouldn't trust the evil b*****d as far as I could chuck his enormous mansion.

    As for Blair's drab, we should throw her down a well, with her war criminal husband.

  17. Hear hear to the Bliars drab comment tris!
    Farage and the cat story is beyond Th eraser May is an admirer of Nigels is she lol Is that why his plane went 'head' down...might explain why she is so F'in ugly..mind you she is a LOT prettier than Bliars drab, but then almost anything is isn't it!

  18. It's one of these stories you couldn't make up, nominedeus.

    It would appear that either she or her speech-writers have an affinity for the words of Nigel the dive bomber.

    LOL, Neither of them is a joy to look at I have to say, but then Tony's an ugly old goat too. I wonder if there's a Mr May... May be not.

    While we're being rather less than politically correct regarding looks, am I the only one who is bewildered by the attention given to Cameron's Mrs? You know how they say that people get to look like their pets? I wonder if she keeps horses.

  19. tris..

    You seem to have drifted from your normal political discussions to attacking how people look.
    How can people help how they look ?
    Apart from keeping fit, dressing smartly and not drinking or eating too much we're pretty much stuck with the way we look.

  20. The European Court of Human Rights predates the EU, so it is separate and should be treated as such.

  21. Dean..
    protocol 14 of the Lisbon Treaty cedes all EU countries law to the ECHR. This was ratified by the signature of former PM Gordon Brown. You're correct that it predates the EU but all EU countries are now signed up to it's rulings.
    You can't split the EU and the ECHR. You either accept both or neither.

  22. The EU may well wish to encourage/compel its members to sign up to the ECHR, but that doesn't remove its independence as a separate institution/organisation.

    That is like saying, because Britain has signed up to NATO, NATO & the UK are one and the same. It is most obviously not one and the same.

  23. Dean..
    The EU doesn't have to compel , encourage or wish it's members to sign up to the ECHR. They are all in it under protocol 14 of the Lisbon Treaty that cedes law to the ECHR.
    Using NATO as an example isn't relevant as NATO partners can pick and choose which policy to follow. This was seen in Libya for example where France and the UK were left to illegaly attack Libya on their own. Apart from words of support from other NATO countries they weren't really interested.
    This can't happen with the ECHR as all of it's judgements are legally binding on EU countries because part of signing the Lisbon Treaty ( protocol 14) is that you cede all law to the supreme power of the ECHR judges.

  24. " The EU’s accession to the ECHR is required under Article 6 of the Lisbon Treaty and foreseen by Article 59 of the ECHR as amended by the Protocol 14. "


  25. Dean

    You can always join the Labour Party

    1) they are pro Union

    2) they are pro business and private investment

    3) they don't understand or like the poor

    4) they went to the same schools as the Tories

    5) they have the same non-job background as the Tories

    6) they demonise the unemployed and sick

    So you can feel at home in Labour!

  26. Put like that, there isn't any difference between them is there?