Sunday 16 October 2011


Some things come if you wait long enough... Things like independence, old age and John Brownlie's new blog which can be accessed at and which you can find in the side bar somewhere over ....=============>

John's been a great contributor to Munguin's Republic and I've enjoyed his sharp sense of humour and our sparring enormously. His first post is howler.

I remember when we started up this blog, Spook, AMW, Omar, call him what you will, wrote a bit about it on his very popular blog and suddenly we had load s of hits...

It made a big difference for me, so I am happy to do the same for john.

Good luck with the blog, John. And get Munguin's Republic on your list!

PS: That photo on your profile is my idea of heaven. Is that where you live?


  1. Well, thankee, kind sir, but where is the Spook to bring us to a wider audience(?). I'm sure, and hope, that he pops in now and again to see if we're behaving and, of course, in my case he has no worries.

    It is indeed where I live since I've convinced my employers that I can work from home most of the time due to a new invention called, I'm told, the web which I've also convinced her that I'm aware of.

    However, I will shortly have to travel to pastures new for some time but like the bad penny will, hopefully, return.

    In the meantime, keep up the good work on my favourite blog and more power to your two-fingers. Sorry, Niko, but if, like Tris and Munguin, you occasionally engage with those who post on your comments it might(?) be a big improvement.

  2. Hmmm You are a lucky lucky man John.

    It looks quite breathtaking.

    Maybe at some stage you could put up some more pictures on your blog? We won't stalk you, promise. Just gaze in wonder.

    Sad to hear you'll be off again on your wanders, but yeah, you have to do it sometimes. No one should be allowed to live in a paradise like that full time!

    Like you, I hope my wee mate Spookums pops in from time to time, and maybe even leaves a trace (as the french say) anonymously.

    I miss him loads. Such a vital and fun guy. Well, I'm sure he's not too far away! He's probably reading this and getting all swell headed.

    Thanks for the kind words about the blog. Much appreciated.

    Don't leave without saying goodbye (or you could get a laptop and post from wherever you are).

  3. That's great news. I see he's changed his allegiance though Tris. :(

    Will go off and read what he has to say.

  4. Super, another commenter joins the blogging club. John, it will take over a large chunk of your life, and it will become as important as breathing :)

  5. Yes SR. It seems right that someone who has so much sense to talk should have a platform for talking it.

    What allegiance has he changed SR? God, he's not joined the liberals has he? Scoundrel!

    BTW, it's probably the right time to thank you too for all the encouragement I got from you at the beginning... for example when I didn't know how to do a link! So thank you for that. :)

  6. Aye Dean: It's amazing how much time is swallowed up researching (yes, I do do some of that) writing, correcting (yes I do some of that too), and then replying to people who've been kind enough to bother to read your scribblings, even when sometimes their responses are negative, or downright rude.

    But most of the time it's such a relief to get what is on your mind out there. And most of the time the responses are interesting and relatively positive.

    But I do get carried away and lose track of the time, and because I've got so many interesting bloggers' titles on my list, I end up reading and reading... and learning, long into the night... long after a wee lad like me ought to be getting beauty sleep, with the result that I haveto close my eyes when I pass a mirror!! ;¬)

    But you know Dean, if I lived where John lives, I'd be out on these hills every spare minute I had and to hell with blogging.