Tuesday 18 October 2011


"I am pleased that the report makes clear that the two most serious allegations, namely of any financial gain sought, expected or received by myself and any breach of national security, have no basis”
                                      Liam Fox+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
"There was no financial gain, was there not? There was certainly financial gain for Mr Werrity, thanks to your asking for money from your rich friends.  He flew around the world following you, Mr Fox. He stayed in the best hotels; he had chauffeur driven cars, and joined you in night clubs where a gin and tonic allegedly cost £28. Ordinary people don't do things like that. With no other visible source of income, and given that neither the government nor the Tory Party was paying him, that looks like a fairly profitable business to me. Whether or not any of the money came directly to you, we cannot know. But you certainly gained from having your friend with you no matter where you went.
"As for the assertion that no security breach occurred? Please, do you take us all for morons? The man had access to the MoD (despite warnings from your private office and the permanent secretary, that this was against the rules). He met with ministers, sat in on meetings with foreign powers and defence contractors where he acted as if he were your advisor. He had access to your diary, a top secret piece of state information.

"So don't tell us that there was no security breach. That's rubbish and we don't believe a word of it. 
"You've been a fool. You could have put ministers and officials, not to mention the armed forces and whole country at risk. The people Werritty met thought he acted for the British government. They thought he acted for you. He was untrained. You do not know what he may have told them. There is simply no point in trying to persuade us that he didn't know things that he should not have known. That's completely implausible."
"You come across to us ordinary people as an arrogant and rather stupid,  man who thought himself above the petty rules made for ordinary Cabinet  ministers. And now that you have been undone you appear to be miserable liar trying to save your skin.
"I suspect, and hope, that in the end you will fail to even do that.
"I'd suggest that the £17,000 should find its way in short order to a military charity. You've let them and us down badly. It's the very least you can do."
Tris Price-Williams


  1. Lifted from a commentator on UKpoll.

    SamCam’s father-in-law is William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor.
    The Atlantic Bridge Astor is John Jacob Astor, 3rd Baron Astor of Hever.
    They look to be cousins of some kind.

    Keep it in the family!

  2. Yes. It's going to be interesting if Atlantic Bridge comes under scrutiny. Margaret Thatcher, William Hague, The House Elf Gove, Gideon Osborne and Ian Druncan Smith, are all involved in it.

    It should have been a matter of some shame that it was closed down for inappropriate behaviour as a charity, and none of them (rich though they are) was willing to fork out the money to keep it going.

    Typically they all sailed away from that one unscathed.

  3. The hubris is simply breathtaking. A lifetime of plotting and scheming to claw your way from East Kilbride to near the top of the greasy pole undone over an inappropriate attachment to another man, combined with a cavalier arrogance that “I know best”. This would be leader of the Tory party, and one imagines Prime Minister, was happy to gamble his entire life’s work for the sake of massaging the ego of a “good friend” with a few expensive foreign junkets thrown in? I’m trying to think of the kind of friend I would have that I would be prepared to even consider risking all that for! They would have to be a damned sight closer to me than a “good friend” I can tell you, try “significant other” or “soul mate” and we are still not there!

    And now the obligatory squirming that just sinks the good “Doctor” even further in the mire.

  4. It's the squirming and spinning that really gets me.

    "I'm glad they found no evidence of two things of which there is clearly any amount of evidence" sort of spinning.

    In any decent society all that would be his undoing.

  5. http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/56577/tories-solicited-cash-werritty

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...