Wednesday 5 October 2011


I noted that journalists have started calling Kate Middleton and Samantha Cameron, 'queens of recycled fashion'. What this actually means of course is that, despite being as rich as Croesus, they have both worn some of their clothes more than once. Probably as an example to us lower orders that such things are quite permissible (phew, thank goodness). Why exactly it matters Cameroness wears, I'm not sure, but it may to some extent have taken people's minds off the crap that her husband was talking in his speech.

Talking of what people wear taking people's minds off what they say, old Tessy Kinky-Boots, was wearing leopard skin shoes for her blethers about immigrants and their CATS. How appropriate! I heard that Ken has been hauled over the coals by Dave for making a fool of the daft old biddy's haverings. Dave should be careful taking on Ken. Mr Clarke has more intellect in his little finger than Dave has in his entire body. BTW, what was she doing using Primal Scream's song, "Rocks" as her theme? Has she listened to the lyrics, about drug dealing and having sex? Is her image consultant as inept as her speech writer? 

George's speech wasn't much better. What a load of guff. He warbled on about the economy and the mess they inherited from Labour without mentioning that when Labour demitted office the economy was starting to improve and that since the Tories took over it has gone back downhill. He talked about the banks but failed to explain why the government is now going to be doing the bank's jobs for them, by lending to companies that the banks don't consider good risks. Goodbye to some more of our money. Still, as the banks and the City provide more than half of Tory funding, I suppose we can't expect much more. The self congratulatory stuff about the Euro was pretty revolting. It wasn't even a Tory government which decided that Britain should not join the currency. It was Gordon Brown who made that decision. Presumably one that George would like to congratulate him for. As for his assertion that he will find the tax withholders and make them pay up, well,  he won't have very far to look for his first victims.

It appears that Ramsay Jones, the Tory's Spin Manager in Scotland, has been suspended for allegedly helping Ruth Davidson with her campaign. Both Annabel Goldie and Cameron are supposedly behind her, but all Tory staff are supposed to be neutral, for obvious reasons. However, Mr Jones appears to have been a little less so than was expected of him. Do these guys ever get it right?

Making volunteering and the Big Society a political issue was a massive mistake. Immediately a section of society decided that if it was a direction from the government, then they wouldn't do it. David Cameron said it would be his legacy; Francis Maude made a fool of himself when he couldn't remember one thing HE did voluntarily and Nat Wei, who was the Big Society Czar, and did the work unpaid, (apart from the seat in the HoL, worth £300+ a day) resigned  because he could no longer afford to work for nothing. All have all been embarrassments to the government. Now we are told by Nick Hurd (a junior minister, related to Douglas Hurd) that people moving into retirement should volunteer instead of playing golf all day. Well, Eton, Oxford and Bullingdon, with DC...what else would you expect? He's not even semi-detached. He lives in another universe. 

Pics: Sam Cam, the clothes horse; Tess of the Horrible's CAT-skin shoes; George looking superior with his tie squint; and Nick Hurd getting a handful.


  1. Is Sam flashing the gusset there?

    Why do they think we are interested in seeing her knickers?

    Perhaps the subliminal message is that her hubby really was talking pish, or worse.

    It all seems very tacky to me, where swings the moral compass now we ask?

  2. Hi there KBW. It's not often we have the pleasure of your company.

    I believe you are right. Mrs C's skirt is a tad on the short side there. However, luckily for her, her undergarments appear to be the same colour as her dress, which is one of the advantages of being filthy rich.

    I'm not sure that we need any subliminal messages to tell us what her husband was talking. Pretty much anyone with ears could hear that it was garbage.

    They clearly have no idea how bad it is going to get, but they are doubtless relieved to be in a position where they will be well shielded from it.

    I noticed an article from the ITN News at 6.30 telling of how fewer and fewer procedures are available on the NHS, and how doctors are cashing in on this by doing the procedures privately, presumably on NHS time. Another nice little earner. Still, none of that will worry the Camerons of this world.

    Moral compass? I'm sure Gordon Brown has copyright on that. I'm not sure the Tories actually know what it is, never mind have one!!

  3. Tris

    "rye smile"? Have you been at my whisky again?

    I'll read the rest of your article now.

    John the Pedant

  4. You know, Professor Brownlie, I wondered about that, but couldn't think of another way to spell it. I don't think I've even ever seen it written down.

    So, I've done what I should have done in the beginning (not knowing exactly WHAT that kind of smile was, as well as not knowing how to spell it) and taken it out altogether.

    Whatcha think of the rest of the post?

  5. PS: I wouldn't call you a peasant, never mind what Niko said!!

  6. Tris,

    You could have tried Scotch and Wry?
    I'll read the rest later! I wrote an interesting(???) blog piece but despite following all the usual procedures cannot get it to appear on my blog but seems to have vanished off into the ether? Any clues? Normally I would ask Niko but he's on holiday - probably in Manchester.

  7. Och, silly old me. Tris smiles wryly...

    I'm not sure about the blog, though...

    That's never happened to me. I've been unable to comment, and sometimes the spacing on the blog has gone to hell, or the pictures won't go in, but it has never refused to publish.

    Sorry I can't be of help.

    If, however, you can't get it posted and you want to get it out there to a readership in the tens of.... well 6, then send it to me, and I'll publish as a guest post by an honoured Highland correspondent.

    (It's not in Gaelic is it?)

    (Or rude?)

    Seriously, John, if you want to do that, just email it to me.

    Yeah, we've been missing Niko. I think he's in his bar and has taken advantage of these bottles behind the bar....

  8. Tris,

    I've tried e-mailing it but to no avail. It said "No idiotic contributions accepted" so how is Niko allowed to post?

    Actually, it looks as if I'll have to open a new blog although my old one is still there I cannot access it as it keeps coming up on a new blog. I'll open a new one when I'm not so busy.

    Is that guy whose name escapes me trying to describe Ruth Davidson?

  9. Tris,

    I've just noticed that if you click onto my name here that it directs you to a blog I did not, certainly whilst sober, open. I do recall having to go through some complicated procedures to gain access to your blog a few days ago so feck knows what I've done.

  10. We let Niko post, John, because he's a kind of rarity. A man who still votes Labour.

    Who is Ruth Davidson?

    I just read that blog post about the mouse. It was very good. Is it not yours?

    I guess you should open a new blog?

    You can do a bit of advertising of it on here. That should get you 2 or 3 readers anyway...

  11. tris,

    It was mine but for some reason or other does not register on my old blog. I'll ask in the pub tomorrow when people are too drunk to criticise my computer illiteracy.

  12. Well, yeah, that's a really good idea. And you'll be sober enough to understand/remember what to do about it?

    John gives Tris a RYE smile.....

  13. I see that “catgate” as it is now being called is rumbling on with Ken saying that he does not want to talk about it anymore and that it’s yesterdays news but that he does regret saying that Theresa used infantile and ridiculous examples (even if they were). They were summoned to a meeting they were “having anyway” at Number 10 and came out all forced smiles for the cameras and got into separate cars as quickly as possible.

  14. Ken was right. She did that to get a headline in the Daily Mail or the Express.

    NOW CATS HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS or something to that effect.

    It is typical of them to use a couple of words at the end of a judgement and turn it into the judgement. Ken was right, she was bringing the English legal system into disrepute for a cheap headline.

    Not worth of a Home Secretary, but then SHE's is not worthy of a Home Secretary.