Sunday 16 October 2011


This is the full text of Liam's letter to David. Have a bucket handy. It drips with insincerity.

Dear David,

As you know, I have always placed a great deal of importance on accountability and responsibility. As I said in the House of Commons on Monday, I mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my Government activities to become blurred. The consequences of this have become clearer in recent days. I am very sorry for this.

I have also repeatedly said that the national interest must always come before personal interest. I now have to hold myself to my own standard. I have therefore decided, with great sadness, to resign from my post as Secretary of State for Defence—a position which I have been immensely proud and honoured to have held.

I am particularly proud to have overseen the long overdue reforms to the Ministry of Defence and to our Armed Forces, which will shape them to meet the challenges of the future and keep this country safe.

I am proud also to have played a part in helping to liberate the people of Libya, and I regret that I will not see through to its conclusion Britain’s role in Afghanistan, where so much progress has been made.

Above all, I am honoured and humbled to have worked with the superb men and women in our Armed Forces. Their bravery, dedication and professionalism are second to none.

I appreciate all the support you have given me – and will continue to support the vital work of this Government, above all in controlling the enormous budget deficit we inherited, which is a threat not just to this country’s economic prosperity but also to its national security.

I look forward to continuing to represent my constituents in North Somerset.

Yours ever,


See...told ya so.


  1. Aye ye did tell me. Sickening eh?

    Like the new design. Wish I had the courage to change mine.

  2. For a telling comment on the metamorphosis of Fox from independently minded campaigner to smooth (and failed) machine politician, see
    www.eureferendum, which reprints Christopher Booker's Sunday Telegraph article.

    My own gripe with Fox is that he never got to grips with the Defence brief in several years as shadow. How else could he come up with the ridiculous parody of the judgement of Solomon that the Navy would (eventually) have aircraft carriers but no aircraft to fly off them?

  3. Subrosa

    Yeah! you should yours looks 'Tired' these days.........ha ha ha

  4. The floodgates seem to be opening in the MSM about Foxy / Werrity now. The MSM are slow to wake up but do go to town when 'someone' gives them the ok.. lol.
    The latest seems to be that Foxy's alleged popsy was actually a Mossad asset using the Atlantic Bridge charity to cover his extravagant lifestyle and nefarious activities. But what did the charity want for their £150K ?
    If it was weapon sales to replace the scrapped Nimrods, Harriers, Ark Royal etc than that would be a big scandal but if it was intelligence on our defences then that would be treason and the two jokers would have to do the hangman's jig.

  5. yes foxy caught mixed up with a werry! werry! naughty boy and had to pay the pwice!

  6. Actually SR, I just changed the colour. I got fed up looking at green...

    It's dead easy to do (must be if I can do it).

    Yep, I was gonna hand out free sick bags with this story, but I reckoned you're all well off enough to buy your own!!


  7. Hello Mr S

    Long time no see.

    Yes. Some people have said he did a wonderful job at the MoD.

    Well, it's true that he did try to spike Cameron early on by leaking a letter, which ended up with Cammy getting an irate call from Mrs Clinton, and a "compromise" being found.

    But they still seem to employ half the population of London in their HQ, and as you say, only a children's story book could make up some of the combinations of what we have not got.

    Still if the rumours are true and it was Mossad that was pulling the strings, I'm not that surprised.

  8. Pass the boak bag Elsie.

  9. Niko:

    Does Taz not teach you any manners?

  10. Poor old Foxy ... Monty. My heart just bleeds for him.

    Either he is one hell of a stupid, or wicked...

    In either case, it is best he has gone.

    He may make a lot of trouble for Cameron from the back benches. Cameron was smart enough to give him a long rope to hang himself with, so any sniping will look bad on Foxy.

    It must be the first time ever that I though Cameron played it well.

  11. I'm sure, however, Fox won't go hungry. There are bound to be some more chickens in the coup for him, Niko.

  12. Cameron didn't play it well Tris.
    He's stuck with the fact that most of his cabinet were backers of the first Atlantic Bridge fake charity and share their ideals so he can't open the can of worms too far. And of course he shares Fox's plans to demobilise the UK Armed forces in favour of an EU Army so will have to hope the new Defeat Minister Hammy shares this view.

  13. Incidentally Monty, Atlantic Bridge "charity" had some pretty prominent names as directors.. . Hague, Osborne and the House Elf. And the jam in the do-nut has to be Mrs Thatcher.

    If it was some sort of front for a foreign intelligence agency, should these people not be hauled in?

    And if Thatcher was involved in something that shady, or naive, should not any notion of a state funeral be binned.

    You don't usually give state funerals to people who've been put in the Tower?

  14. For balance, and just in case any of you were feeling better... here's the sequel:

    Dear Liam,

    Thank you for your letter.

    I understand your reasons for deciding to resign as Defence Secretary, although I am very sorry to see you go.

    We have worked closely for these last six years, and you have been a key member of my team throughout that time.

    You have done a superb job in the 17 months since the election, and as Shadow Defence Secretary before that.

    You have overseen fundamental changes in the Ministry of Defence and in our Armed Forces, which will ensure that they are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the modern era.

    On Libya, you played a key role in the campaign to stop people being massacred by the Gaddafi regime and instead win their freedom.

    You can be proud of the difference you have made in your time in office, and in helping our party to return to Government.

    I appreciate your commitment to the work of this Government, particularly highlighting the need to tackle the deficit, and the relationship between Britain's economic strength and our national security.

    You and Jesme have always been good friends, and I have truly valued your support over the years. I will continue to do so in the future.

    Yours ever,

    David. xxx

  15. Two boak bags, in case one bursts.

  16. LOL, yes, Munguin.

    "....ensure that they are fully equipped..."

    As Mr Spalton said "....the Navy would (eventually) have aircraft carriers but no aircraft to fly off them"

    Am I missing something there, or is his letter standard letter no 3...?

  17. Wolfie... You'd better have three bags just to be sure...

    "I appreciate your commitment to the work of this Government, particularly highlighting the need to tackle the deficit, and the relationship between Britain's economic strength and our national security."... (except of course that you came to me over the head of the Chancellor and leaked the letter... and in the end I had C;inton screaming blue murder at me... you... swine...)

    "You and Jesme have always been good friends, and I have truly valued your support over the years. I will continue to do so in the future." (except of course you haven't been good friends at all; you and I don't like each other much and you were only in the cabinet because you were safer inside the tent than out. In any case you seem to spend all your time with your mate Adam, and trot out Mrs Fox on official occasions).

  18. "I look forward to continuing to represent my constituents in North Somerset" - it does not matter how shady they are and how corrupt they may be they still want to ponce off public funds,

    Strangely enough, I've got a Dear John letter on my new blog at " Do pop in for a wee visit!

    I see that Sophia is now active on Twitter. Hope she's well enough soon to post on her blog again.

  19. Dear Constituents,

    I feel somewhat embarrassed. Now you all know why you haven't received any answers to your letters. My little secret is out as it were...rather like Liam's (awfully common name don't you think?) It's because I've been dropping your mail in the bins in St James's. Such a nice park, don't you think, just down the road from Downing Street and on a nice day you can see Her Majesty at the window sometimes... We wave and have a little titter to ourselves. What fun.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I've been rather over burdened and, let's be honest, some of your complaints and worries are rather trivial. If one is having problems with one's neighbours, I find that the best thing to do is to go off to one's other house, and stay there for a while.

    I note someone said they were getting flat tyres from the potholes; well I've always found that if one buys a really large landcruiser, these things really don't affect one.

    Anyway, please don't vote for someone else... oh, well you won't, because there IS no one else apart from that rather peculiar looking Labour blokey with the flat cap and he wouldn't do for you lot at all. Went to a state school, doncha know.

    Toodle Pip, may see some of you at the shoot on Saturday.

    Kindest regards

    Olly Letwin. (RT HON)

  20. John, I'll take a wander over to your place right now... and that's very good news about Sophia.

  21. He should be booted right out of the door of the House of Commons because he knew exactly what he was doing - none of this mistakenly pish he has come out with.

    He is just another crook using his position for his own, and his boyfriends, personal gain. Would not surprise me if his party was not getting something out of it either.

  22. Well Billy, he's either got to be mighty stupid or mighty guilty.

    He's maybe going to be in a lot more trouble though. Craig Murray put the press onto the Mossad connection and they are now sniffing around that particular possibility.