Tuesday 25 October 2011


I thought you might like to know that I received a reply from Sophia tonight. Actually she posted on the story from a few weeks ago: http://munguinsrepublic.blogspot.com/2011/10/get-completely-well-soon-sophia.html but because I guess most people don't look back over old posts, I thought it would be best to post it up here.

You can tell she's feeling a lot better because the sense of humour is back in spades...

Here's her message:

This feels a bit weird, like turnin up tae yer ain funeral. As if that's no bad enough, it's like turnin up *late* tae yer ain funeral!

tris, ah'm truly bowled ower wi yer kind words, baith aboot ma stories, an aboot ma recovery. It pits me in mind o that saw aboot no listenin at doors cos ye'll nivver hear onythin nice aboot yersel. Weel, mibbe ah should start listenin at doors a bit mair aften! (haha, ah said that wi a straight face like ah've nivver bent doon at a key-hole afore...)

Serious bit comin...

It wis Munguin's Republic that first turned me oan tae the bloggin malarkey, tae the affirmin wee community that graws up aroond it, the back-an-forth banter that we yaised tae get in *real-life*, an the pleasure o writin that shines through in yer ain an Munguin's posts. So ah thocht ah wid gie it a stab masel...

It's no half hard work tho, eh? Ah enjoyed it, mair than ah thocht ah ever wid, an kept it up, longer than ah thocht ah ever wid, but oh! did ma brows no half get furrowed..?

Then ah had ma wee malady. It wisnae ma fingers that were ill, an it wisnae ma heid (fer yince!), so really, it shouldnae hae stopped me typin, but it did. Then there wis the recoverin, ma convalescence, an the gettin back intae the saddle so tae speak...

An then there wis Twitter... Like yersel tris ah had had an account fer ages an couldnae see the point in it, but when ah did, it took me ower like a case o the diphtheria! It suits ma style ye see, in that it's immediate, it's conversational, an it's entirely inconsequential! When Mr Pangloss got me a wee Bramble fer ma birthday ah dinnae think he realised whit he wis daein. Noo he has tae mak an appointment tae speak tae me, when ah can fit him in atween Tweets..!

Ah'll stop noo, afore ah pit ye aw tae sleep wi ma witterins, but no afore ah thank ye again fer yer sentiments, an extend the thanks tae aw yer contributers aboon. Ye've made an auld biddy awfy awfy happy th'day. Ah promise ye wi ma haun oan ma hert that ah'll be back tae pester ye again, an hopefully breath a bit o life back intae shootinfaetheshin while ah'm at it.

In the meantime, as ah mind a wee boy yince shoutit tae me as ah wis diggin him oot o a collapsed tenement up the High street...

"Heave awa lads, ah'm no deid yet!"

love an kisses fae a biddy that bides up a stair in Leith xx 


  1. Good to see you back..lokk forward to your contributions and stories.

  2. I was just thinking. I've not seen the pope in that we red hat for a while. Not since he was in Edinburgh!

  3. Damn....wee red hat.

  4. haha there ye go wi yer hat fetish again... ah've aye thocht ah suit a heidsquare better masel, goes better wi ma, er, square heid ah suppose...

    thanks fer the ridd-carpet treatment baith o ye, it fair brings ma ego oot in a nice shine... :-)

  5. Well, I have to admit that little red hat did the biz for me, maybe it was just the way that Von Smallheusen wore it...

    Still, if you prefer a head square, who am I to argue?