Sunday 2 January 2011


At long last Petula was honoured by an invitation to be the subject of "Vivement Dimanche", a sort of French version of "This is Your Life", but expanded to 90 minutes, shown at prime time, and including performances from anyone associated with the star, and in this case, the star herself.

This is her new French recording, written by Gilbert Bécaud and Pierre Delanoë, and produced by David Hadzis at Arthanor Studios in Geneva. I think she looks and sounds awesome for 78 years old.

Given that the links will attract a certain number of French readers, I've translated that brief text into French. Excuse the errors, please.

Enfin Petula a été honoré par une invitation d'être le sujet de « Vivement Dimanche », une sorte de version française de « This is Your Life », mais augmenté à 90 minutes, montré au temps principal, c'est-à-dire le Dimanche après midi. Ceci est son nouvel enregistrement français ecrit par Gilbert Bécaud et Pierre Delanoë, et produit par David Hadzis à Arthanor Studios, Genève. Je pense qu'elle reste toujours belle, très bien préservée et de belle voix pour une femme de 78 années.

(Je vous prie de m’excuser des fautes de langage…)


  1. What a lovely song. And Petula is indeed in very good voice. Thanks Tris for posting this.

  2. It is Danny. I know the guy who produced it, David Hadzis, and I was privileged to meet monsieur Delanoë at the Olympia in Paris a few years ago, not long before he died. A great lyricist who worked with a huge number of composers, often providing French lyrics for American songs.

    I love the lyric here talking how much we miss Wolfgang; and how he knew how to tell in song the mysteries of kings,of children, and the games of the gods.... compared with today's noise of bulldozers and motorbikes...