Tuesday 11 January 2011


Sooooooooo...as I understand it, when Dave was in opposition he thought that the SNP’s idea of a sliding petrol tax in line with the ever changing price of oil was a good idea. It offered the motorist some stability. So when the price of oil, and therefore petrol, went up, the tax would be adjusted downwards so that the Treasury, whilst still making more money than they had anticipated, would not “make a killing”. And the poor motorist would manage to fill his car.

Then when he got in to Downing Street he did a U-turn on that policy. Well no surprise there, there are a bunch of U-turns to chose from.

Then he was put on the spot by Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning programme and he kinda did a U-turn again: “ It is something I have asked the Treasury to look at because when you are filling up the car and it's £1.30 a litre, it's incredibly painful for families up and down the country and I understand that." quoth he.

Love it. Can I tell you Dave, that it’s painful for single people, couples, families and anyone else at £1.30 a litre. Families have no exclusive right to the pain. It will soon be cheaper to use Vodka to fill up your car “up and down the bloody country" (where did they get that phrase), and possibly across it as well!!!

He went on to blame Labour. It was their tax and the government wasn't able to stop it. What? Even after two budgets Dave?

Anyway, fear not, he made another U-turn yesterday and said that he didn’t want to get people’s ho
pes up....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha . Get people’s hopes up.... I think not Dave, we have abandoned hope, all who have entered here. Well, except of course for the royal family, who seem to be doing very nicely out of this government. (Sir david Cameron, maybe?)

U-turns seem to be his stock in trade, but this is a hum dinger, as my granny would say. A U-turn, on his U-turn on the U-turn on the pledge... Only a highly trained U-turner could do that without getting very dizzy and falling off their polo pony, and poor old Mrs Thatcher must have fallen off her broomstick.

So don’t worry Dave. It was a pledge before the election, we expected you to break it. Our hopes never left the ground.

So what was today’s U-turn?


  1. To be fair, petrochemical companies have too much of a stranglehold on everyday life. It's time we looked at other means like biofuels and made that cheap and available, rather than hoking through the pockets of the common person for everything but the last of their change.

  2. tris

    The Toffs came up with a whizzo idea Cameron said to Clegg(minor) look we make pledges to the Hoi pollo separately...

    And the we say oh well we can't keep our pledges because we are in a coalition now and we have to compromise with our collaborators.

    Clegg-What so every time we dump a pledge we blame each other thats fecking brilliant.

    Cameron- Yeah its what me and Osborne did all the time at Eton worked every time.

    Clegg- Wankers!

    Cameron-(Shocked) you what!

    Clegg- Wankers the voters are a load of wankers.

    Cameron-oh yeah Course they are.

  3. Niko the Scottish branch of the London Labour party have done that many high speed 'U' turns they have almost reached Zimbabwe with call me Dave hard behind.

  4. CH

    Ole Alex has been pretty nifty in reverse gear and 'U' bending his self at high speed........must be elections in the offing

  5. Laz: I'd be the last one to be called an apologist for the petrochemicals industry. No sir. Oil goes up, petrol goes up; oil comes down, petrol stays the same and after a few weeks drops a tiny proportion of what it went up.

    My point really is that Cameron is doing a fair impression of a peerie (a spinning top, for the foreigners) on this one. (By the way, thanks Mum for that Scots dictionary. I’m not too good at spelling in that language, it being mainly spoken rather than written in my life.)

  6. Very good Niko Burns....

    You should get these things published mate... That was really funny!

  7. I think most politicians do the odd U-turn, but let's be honest, this lot will surely, one day, find a policy on which they won't have to perform a handbreak turn. Maybe

  8. tris, you underestimate the power of money, the favour of the elite and the old boy's network. If they ever find something they can't handbrake turn on, I'm sure their friends in the media will make sure there's another royal wedding, world cup or hunt for a cop killer to distract everyone with.

  9. It's rotten to the core Laz. poor old Harry will be next!

  10. More class politics, this is fast becoming a trend on this blog:

    rich = bad, snob, horrible
    poor = good, honest

    How pathetic.

  11. Dean, if anyone is introducing class politics to this blog it’s you! (And quite frankly not very classy all said and done!)

    I thought it was about call “me dave” reneging on his promises. Something he does quite frankly again and again and again. In fact I wonder what this idiotic government is going to do once it runs out of pledges to chuck out the window.

  12. Really? Why then this comment in the posting:

    "Can I tell you Dave, that it’s painful for single people, couples, families and anyone else at £1.30 a litre"

    If that isn't a suggestive nudge at Camerons own background I don't know what is!

    Just because he went to an excellent school, and has been lucky in life is NO reason for you r anyone else to imply that he is a toff who doesn't understand 'the many'.
    That is classist warfare of the worst ilk, and it is what is wrong with Scotland today.

    Where you come form doesn't matter, it is where you are going that counts.

  13. Greetings, fellow greeters, have just returned from civilisation where petrol is £1.42 a litre and food is around 10-20% dearer than on the mainland utopia ruled by the wealthy and the toffs.


    I cannot see anything wrong with the statement regarding £1.30 a litre. Do you think that he fills up his own tank or does he get some-one who is less well-paid to do so?

    I think you will find that, in the real world, where you come from does matter a great deal and who you or your friends/relatives know matters even more.

  14. Dean what rubbish!

    Firstly: there is nothing classist about that statement. It is a statement of fact pure and simple as is that "call me" promised to reduce the cost of fuel.

    Secondly: "call me" got most of what he got by inheriting it or by having mummy and daddy pull some strings. Funnily just like old big ears. His safe Tory seat for example after a call from someone at the palace to Tory HQ (maybe they wrapped it round a fire extinguisher!).

  15. Even if you condemn it as class warfare (an academic debate, really), the fact remains that 'Call Me' and co. are introducing numerous policies which inordinately benefit their class, while actively humiliating poorer people with their 'Big Society.' So yes, Dean, it might be class war, but it's hardly shocking to see.

  16. John: You're back! Welcome. ;¬): Pop over to Sophia's place. She's pretty displeased at all the bottles in her back passage...

    Dean: I said that Cameron had remarked that it was painful for FAMILIES up and down the country when petrol was £1.30 a ltr. And that I thought it was painful for OTHER PEOPLE too. Single men, single women, grannies, married couples without children...everyone.

    It was nothing to do with class, it was this nonsense that politicians have of talking about hard working families. That's all. Hard working families of every class, and lazy singletons of every class pay taxes and deserve a better deal.

  17. Dean has a serious problem he's a Tory and as such believes that society has to be deliniated into classes so that his party can sit on the top table while the 'lower' classes can wait at the table. Big society 'Call me Dave' numpty who can only offer one line quips, some statesman supported by his rich friends has as much respect for Scotland as I have for him, Nil.

  18. Tris, fuck off. We're all in this together, you know. If it hadn't have been for those labour fuckers everything would be OK. Better tell, Niko, he's a lucky man to be staying in Scotland with an SNP government!

  19. Dark Lochnagar,

    Don't tell my mate to "fuck off" or I'll come and pee in your loch.

    On the advent of the republic Niko will be taken to the ducking-pond until he repents of his heretical adherence to Labour.

  20. I have to say CH that when he first came to prominence I thought he was a empty headed spin doctor. He's proving me right.

    I notice that, according to a lawyer who specialises in marriage break-up law, the new rules about separation/divorce are designed to help the rich and penalise the poor.

  21. W ethought about throwing him out DL.... but we love him far too much... and what would the English do to him?

  22. Let me tell you DL... if John comes and pees in your loch after a Saturday night at Sophia Pangloss's, it will not only be dark, if you light a match near it, it will be on fire!!

    Yeah John. We'll need to get a ducking stool speacially for Niko. I see the republic getting closer, so I'd better get my saw out and put to use all these skills I obtained in the woodwork class, to the complete horror and near nervous breakdown of poor Mr Collet!

  23. If you're reading this Mr C, I'm truely sorry I was so crap!

    PS JB... I WAS so crap, so Niko will probably fall off the stool and drown.