Saturday 22 January 2011


So George Galloway... you know... the gorgeous one (some say), who thought that our politicians were “verbal stumblebums, who would regard the term ‘nonentity’ as a compliment”, and who compared Iain Gray and Alex Salmond in debate, to the Krankies, has decided that he would bring “a touch of class” to Holyrood.

Well, talking of Kranks, or cranks, George, how would it be if we pointed out that at least neither Mr Salmond nor Mr Gray have ever appeared on television, at least to my knowledge, in a pink leotard. (And, may I say, I fervently hope that they maintain that happy record.)

George Galloway has always been a tad on the weird side, but he is well educated and erudite and so he easily progressed from humble beginnings on Dundee’s council to be the youngest ever chairman of the Dundee Labour Party, General Secretary of War on Want, grace the floor of the Commons for Hillhead and later Kelvin and even later Bethnal Green in England.

He’s done some good stuff (pretty much sticking it to Tony Blair, which will always get a vote in my book, calling Bush and Blair liars and suggesting that troops should refuse to obey illegal orders in an illegal war), although there is no doubt that, along the way, he has become more and more strange, to the point where one wonders about madness of some sort.

The long and flowery speeches which at the same time impressed and caused amusement, especially when he let a Senate Committee have it in the neck, have become ridiculously pompous and overblown and, particularly following his appearance in the Big Brother House, he has become more of a figure of fun than anything else.

The thing I admire most about George is that he simply refuses to let authority beat him into submission. He uses his freedom to speak his mind to full effect and to the evident embarrassment of people who expect lesser beings to fold tents and be compliant. Indeed on an occasion when he was suspended from parliament for 18 days his response was: "To be deprived of the company for 18 days of the honourable ladies and gentleman behind me [in parliament] will be painful ... but I'm intending to struggle on regardless... What really upset them [the committee] is that I always defend myself... I am not a punch bag. If you aim low blows at me, I'll fight back". Would that some of the rest of the spineless morons who inhabit the green benches had half as much pluck... but most of them are looking for the main chance.

So now, and only because he has been thrown out of his seat in London, coming third behind the Labour and Tory candidates, George has decided to add a bit of class to the Scottish parliament. Aye well, that’s what HE thinks. Perhaps the Scottish people will have a different idea.

As far as I’m concerned it’s not a bad thing. His candidature will be likely to take votes from Labour without him having a hope of winning. This can only be to the SNP’s advantage.

Much of the information in this article was gleaned for this article by Ruth Wishart, whom I always had down as a bit of a feminist. I was surprised then to read her sneering at the idea that George had dyed his beard. I wonder if she has ever referred to any female MPs pointing out that their hair colouring owed much to 4 hours with “Raymonde”.


  1. Galloway is a jew-hating, Israel bashing, looney leftist scumbag. I look forward to him trying and failing.

  2. Do you not like him then Dean?

    He seems to be chummy with some Jews up there...

  3. He'll do better than you think tris.
    He writes for the Daily Record so is guaranteed plenty of free publicity there.
    He gets a free run by the BBC to say what he wants on Question Time etc.
    He works with BBC staff ( Jackie Bird etc at the Record and on Off the Ball with the lads).
    He has his talksport show where he gets a free rein to spout his madness. I quite like his show and would say he was a Stalinist as he often used to protect Stalin from any caller abuse.
    His upcoming trial against NewsCorp should be interesting and will generate publicity.
    I'm not sure if he still works for Iranian PressTV but that will also get him publicity.
    So he should do ok.

  4. LOL... yes Fleet. He'll probably get quite a few votes, but he wont win. He'll just damage Labour.

    It's a bit weird to be a Stalinist while condemning Blair and Bush for murdering hundreds of thousands. Stalin was even better at murder than they were!!

    I'm not sure about the BBC. Clearly he'll get more coverage than the SNP, but then the Monster Raving Loonie lot will get more than the SNP, but the Beeb will have to keep faith with Labour, so we'll wait and see about that.

    Likewise the Daily Retard. I mean he may be a columnist there, but they too have a loyalty to Labour.

    Of course his coupon will be smiling out at folk... dyed beard and all!!

  5. PS: How is Lochee these days?

  6. Lochee is now rife with drink and drugs so is Excellent !!!
    At least George isn't a Labour Trotskyite. Stalin hated Trotsky and had him murdered in Mexico with an ice pick to the brain.

  7. Damn, there's worse ways to go. I mean you could have to listen to the whole of Tony Blair's lies, I mean of course testemony to Chilcott.

    Ice picks to brains are infinately preferable.

    Still, small tip to George, just to be on the safe side, keep away from Mexico.

  8. Urgh... as entertaining as George is, his politics are idiotic, and the really big problem is that the kind of people that like Big Brother will be led even further away from awakening to their own personal revolutions when they think that people like this are 'leadership material.'

  9. Considering that he will also be up against Mrs Sheridan and the official SSP candidate, the socialist vote is going to be pretty thinly stretched.

    Clearly George has got no other form of income, nor any platform for his garrulous repartee. If he had been elected in Limehouse, instead of coming third to the Tories, there is no doubt that he would not have wanted to join the Krankies in the kiddy-on Parliament. If the people of Glasgow are stupid enough to vote for him that is their own lookout!

  10. That's a good point Laz, although leadership may be taking it a bit too far. I mean just because they are in parliament hardly makes them leaders... Baron Geroge Ffoulkes for example could hardly be described as a leader... unless he was LEADING that poor old woman in a dance when they inadvertantly slipped and fell into the gutter, just before he was invited to spend the night at the expense of Her Majesty? :)

  11. tris

    so he will take votes from Labour and he will take some from the snp(not that they have many) as well.
    The difference is Labour is awash with the peoples of Scotland votes a veritable tsunami to elect the Labour party.
    we will probably end up with a ten seat majority at Holyrood.

    the fall of Alex Salmond is as inevitable as Iain Gray ascending the peacock throne to become the next First Minister of Scotland.

    GORGEOUS GEORGE inhabits the margins of the Scottish polity a place where the snp are soon to be put back into.

  12. Can you imagine what he would make of Iain Gray, or indeed what Blinky would make of him.... Munguin?

  13. When George indulges in some Blair bashing it's always useful to remember one thing, he's a unionist.

    I always think of George as a student revolutionary in a fetching long scarf and Crombie coat, reveling in the attention he gets in his home town as he berates and harries the establishment but who changes his tune pretty damn quick when the real revolutionaries reach the gates.

    For all the sound and fury he can't bring himself to support independence and the real revolutionaries of the SNP who threaten to break the British Establishment's grip on Scotland. Which of course means he believes, like his alma mater of the Labour Party, that a Tory run Scotland is better than an independent one.

    George is a classic example of a Toom Tabard.

  14. Well, you're certainly right there Doug.

    I think that these days George just likes the sound of his own voice, and he's beginning to sound like a rather eccentric old man.

    But a real revolutionary, with a hatred for the British atate would want to overthrow its power on his own country.

    Some people are just incapable of seeing Scotland as a country, and are content to let it be a county of England.