Saturday 15 January 2011


Bankers will be pleased to know that all the criticism of Labour for going easy on bankers and promises to be tough on bonuses, was just a load of hot air from the master of hot air, Spinning Dave.

He admits that the public is rightly (have you noticed how often politicians seem to use that word) angry about the size of bonuses, (and on that he is rightly right, especially when it’s our tax money they are paying out to people, to all intents civil servants, who caused the mess we are in with their greed and plain downright inability to do the job). But he said that he will not court short term popularity by trying to “hammer” the financial sector.

Message to Cameron.

So what is this about hammering them Dave? We didn’t want you to do that. Although your party is well known for hammering. Ask your friend; the one you were happy to quote to Angus Robertson when you called him “frit” the other day. She was a mad “hammer horror”. She hammered the life out of so many industries and so many people.

But you’re right not to emulate her Dave, because the misery she caused with “Thatcher’s silver hammer coming down upon their heads”. So no one was actually asking you to hammer them. However gratifying it might have been to watch these subsidy junkies get paid something like what they realistically earn, none of us wants Edinburgh to be battered into provincial township.

But come on Dave. How the hell do you think us “ordinary” plebeians feel when our wages are being cut and bankers are awarding themselves 50% salary increases to guard against possible reductions in bonuses and then sneaking in congratulatory bonuses amounting to £7 billion for a job well done?

A JOB WELL DONE ????????

There was a guy the other day complaining to a parliamentary committee that it was time all this backbiting stopped. The same day some other guy was awarded a £2 million bonus, along with a golden parachute of a further £2 million. And something like 80% of it is OUR MONEY

And at the same time you (well, not you personally, but “one”) can watch people in supermarkets, the “hard working Scottish family” (although of course you’d call them British) stocking up with own brand, and economy own brand groceries, stuff that has little nutritional value and tastes like dirty sawdust: shampoo at 15p which leaves you scratching within minutes of its application; beans that are all watery sauce and few beans; orange squash whose nearest connection to oranges would be that the aisle that it is on is only 2 away from the fruit and vegetable section; bread that is stale before you get it home...

What a life for some. What a bloody way to run a country. You should be ashamed of yourself, you spiv. We sure as hell are ashamed of you.


  1. Why single one politician out, Tris? Everyone of them fit this criticism perfectly, regardless of country or party.

  2. Yep, they mostly are OR, but he, for our sins, is the one who is in charge at the moment, and he's the one who is turning all his promises on their head, one after another.

    But I'm sure you will see plenty of criticism of Labour and how utterly sick Iain Gray makes me!

  3. I wonder which village would own up to him Cynical.

  4. TRIS

    Why should Cameron court short term popularity with the electorate when long term popularity with the bankers who will employ him after his day in the sun is over is far more profitable.

  5. Just like the last lot eh Niko.

    Labour’s Losers Love the City

    * Lord Daviesh – Former Minister for Trade Promotion and Investment
    * Ruth Kelly – Former Secretary of State Department for Transport
    * Lord Malloch-Brown – Former Minister of State Foreign Office
    * Lord Myners- Former Financial Services Secretary
    * Ian Pearson - Former Economic Secretary HM Treasury
    * Jacqui Smith – Former Home Secretary
    * Baroness Vadera – Former Under-Secretary of State Enterprise
    * Admiral West – Former Under-Secretary of State Counter-terrorism

    OT Women call for mass cull to prevent man-flu pandemic

  6. CH

    Just goes to prove a point............

    you dont (I bet you do) believe for one nano second Alex Salmon and co will be any different.
    you do dont you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a laugh


    just show me one just one snp politician who has the same amount of wealth as opposed to more after being elected

    I await your reply.......

  7. he didnt reply why am i not surprised....

    snp just as corrupt as all the others

  8. Niko,

    At least the SNP don't subscribe to and actively abhor the ultimate corruption - the massacre of innocents.

  9. Well Niko, first of all I've been out all day. Now I have no idea about the financial affairs of teh SNP. They didn't abuse the expeses to the extent that Labour did. Who knows what jobs they will look for when the finish their political careers. Gordon Wilson went back to a law career in Dundee, and he's the only big name I can think of.

    None has gone to the House of Aristos, unlike your lot.

  10. Thanks for the lisrt CH. No wonder they spent billions of our money to save companies they were going to work for.

  11. It's a relief John that we have no murderers in out team, unlike Labour. Not a war criminal to be seen. Unlike Labour.

  12. I win not a glorious one but a win no doubt.
    Thats the fatal flaw in the Nationalist strategy to proclaim there leaders as pure as the driven snow.

    they like all the rest have feet of clay..Soggy! soggy clay

  13. "I win" is that Imperialist speak? Nah just gibberish aka 'Iain Gray'.

  14. ch

    I accept your terms of surrender and the admission all the snp elected representatives have increased their personal wealth.....

  15. “To those waiting with baited breath for that favourite media catchphrase the U-turn...”: Mrs Thatcher 1981!

    Ah but times have changed and nothing can be the same. Now we have “call me dave” (and his pet poodle Cleggums) and the U-turn has become a way of life in fact one wonders what they are going to do when they run out of things to U-turn on, no more pledges to ditch, no more policies to abandon, no more manifesto promises to burn. All the things that “call me” promised everyone in order to get into number 10 can now safely be torn up by the nasty party and its wholly owned subsidiary (who they didn’t go easy on in Old and Sad, Baroness whatsherface said so!).

    Bankers bonuses are just the latest thing they said they would do to get elected but then found that in actual fact they couldn’t. They are just all a bunch of liars.

  16. (and his pet poodle Cleggums)

    Lap dog surely as Davey boy is Obama's poodle if I'm not being pedantic.

  17. CH I think that "call me" would like to be Obama's poodle but I think Obama has Nicky Sarkozy in mind for the second fiddle job, "call me" and wee wullie are up the back on triangle and spoons!

  18. Niko, I never said for a minute that Alex, and his team are perfect. On the basis that no one is perfect and politicos are even less likely to be perfect, given the fact that they are necessarily ambitious, it's highly unlikely that they haven't got feet of clay.

  19. How have they increased their wealth Niko... Do you ahve references, links?

  20. Yep, the junior partner has now been relegated to the lad that makes the tea.

    Au même temps le président de la république est devenu partenaire préféré

  21. I want one of them Cynical!!!

  22. MP 'reports six colleagues to police over expenses'

    The MPs are thought to include a former Labour cabinet minister, two Labour MPs, two Conservatives and a Liberal Democrat.

  23. Ah! A sour grapes complaint there, but, if it pleases Rupert Murdoch, doubtless this will be investigated and the labour ones prosecuted.

  24. Just seen that link for manflu culling CH: very good, and they might think it a good idea till they need some shelves put up, or there's a spider in the bath, at which point they will undoubtedly have second thoughts!!!

  25. FS, Niko,

    Can you name any SNP Politicians who increased their wealth in the same manner as the Mad Major, Lard Foulkes, the despicable Blair, the divine Devine and dozens of other Labourite pollys?

  26. Thought not Niko. It seems that John won....

  27. Looked like Gideon on his way home from the pub.

  28. I would gladly work a DAY on one of these banker's salaries. I could live on that for a good month.