Monday 3 January 2011


Subrosa tagged me on her blog with a challenge to describe my workspace; the place where the blog is written... and so, bearing in mind that Munguin (possibly Lord Munguin this time next year, if that tenner he sent to 'Call Me' didn’t get lost in the catastrophe that was the Christmas post/flurry of snow/new computer system launched in November!!!) is a media mogul of some stature in his own lunchtime, I set out do so....

Munguin Towers is designed on plans loaned to him by his close friend the Sheik of Dubai, and as you can see from the illustration, it’s coming along nicely!

Munguin's taste in furniture lacks an element of savoir faire, but what can you expect from a wee furry animal. He likes to be in the office no later than midday. Of course his office being on the top floor, there being no lifts at the moment, and him having rather short legs, there's a little problem with him only getting there in time to leave again, hence the lack of actual input from him!...

However, with the suave that you'd expect of Tristan, his office space reflects something a little more minimalist and er, understated...

The editorial and general dogsbody staff is accommodated in the less opulent but still comfortable surroundings of the lower floors. Here you can see them busily at work...
er, well they were when Munguin passed through on his way to the ground floor 2 minutes ago...

The car park is spacious and reflects the duty of care that Munguin's Republic feels it owes its staff...

Alternatively... I work in a small, cluttered and rarely cleared desk in my bedroom, and Munguin from his lap top, on the bus!



  1. I do like your space and in particular your working gear. Knew that you never wear ties but didn't know you were into shorts. ;)

  2. SR:

    Bet you didn't think I was a bit tubby either did you...? Well... that's what Christmas does for ya...

    Still, running up all these stairs before 8 am is bound to have that off me in no time at all.


  3. Your hoose looks a bit on the phallic side to me. No doubt, that will go down with the noble Lords who are known to like a bit of phallic now and again, particularly if the Lord Mandelson is about.

  4. That's the office DL... Mind I'm a bit worried that you think that that looks phallic!!

    Munguin intends to give the noble Mandy a wide berth, however, so you need fear nothing on that score!

  5. Munguin Towers is a fitting addition to the skyline of Edinburgh. Or is it Dundee? Anyway, it's nice to see the center of the media power that is Munguin's Republic.

  6. Such opulence for one so young!

  7. Thanks Danny. Munguin is proud of the tower (and his office) in a furry beast kind of way.

  8. Quite amazing OR. Imagine what he'll want when he matures!

  9. One question Tris. "Who ate all the pies" lol.

    Bet the view from your office window is fantastic. For some strange reason I always thought you did your blog from some plush residence but not so high up in the sky.

    Oh Happy New year to you and Munguin.

  10. A L L A N.....

    Where have you been... ? We missed you matey!

    Erm...well, obviously I'm far too important to have posed for that picture myself, so it must have been that...rather... erm rotund ....erm person, who ate all the pies, while I nibbled on a bit of celery!

    Happy New Year Allan. Hope you're well.

  11. Ah tak it ye're buildin yer hoose in Dundee tris, so at that height ye should be able tae wave tae me at ma back windae, no that ah tend tae staun at ma back windae, it's no an awfy bonny sicht, jist a wee common gairden an a block o single-ends, lookin intae ither fowk's hooses, it's aye gied me the shivers, ah wid hate tae think o onybody lookin in oan me, mibbe in ma underctackers, if ah wis gaun tae ma bed say, or if it wis awfy warm, or if ah'd had a couple o sherries an jist want tae relax say... er, whit wis ah sayin. Oh aye, yer big tower, it's nice, it'll go weel aside yer VanA.

    ah'm gled tae see Munguin gets the bus, guid lad.

  12. Ahhh... another friend I've not seen for a while and am more than a wee bit happy to see again.... Guid New Year, Sophia.

    Aye it's a bonny tower and if I'm not mistaken I can see into your kitchen window from this wee bit on the top where I am now... yes, I can see you now. You're wearing white.... oh excuse me... I'm sorry, I didn't realise you were just getting ready for bed there... I beg your pardon....

    Well of course Munguin gets the bus Sophia... I mean he wouldn’t leave his car in THAT car park, ...would you?