Thursday 13 January 2011


The first question about what the FM was going to do with the rest of his day was answered with some excellent news. Alex Salmond was to make an announcement with executives from Amazon of 950 new full-time Amazon jobs to Scotland. Great news.

Policing and Fire Services are hugely important issues, and most people would think it was cheap and unpleasant to make, or try to make political capital out of them, but the sickening idiot Gray did just that. While usually I can laugh at his stupidity, and his cack handedness, today I’m just sickened by him. I can’t even be bothered to call him by his pet name. He’s a buffoon, and an unpleasant one at that and a completely useless opposition leader.

He pressed for the FM to give a response now to the future of policing and fire services and bemoaned the fact that the government is consulting. He wanted action. Just do it. If this is what he would do in government, then it would be as well to keep him out. He complained that Alex’s position on the matter had changed over the last few months. He complained that Alex should show leadership and make a decision and that “this is daft stuff”. Definitely FM material. NOT

All of this of course gave Alex the opportunity to give him a little lesson in what running a country is about. We all know about Labour dictatorship. We had plenty of that from Gray’s friends in London. Alex prefers to govern by consensus. There must be changes. Thanks to cuts in funding from London, partly due to incompetent running of the UK economy by Gordon Brown, the status quo is not an option. But the number of forces cannot be decided without knowing facts, and weighing potential consequences.

It was the most sickening display of stupidity I’ve heard from the idiot yet.

And so to Annabel, who reminded Alex that it was Conservative policies which had put 1000 extra officers on the streets! She made a Party Political Broadcast committing the Tories to a pledge to keep them there for the next 4 years. Would, she asked, the FM meet that commitment?

“Yes”, said he, and sat down to good humoured laughter all round, except presumably Labour who, in her question, had been given a drubbing by Annabel. “They had no plans then and they have no plans now”, she said.

She reminded Alex that she had had to tweak him back into line when he was naughty... (hmmmm, I’m not sure all of you are ready for this kind of stuff, especially, when he replied, saying that he felt a bit like he’d been pulled into line by Matron.) There was an agreement that on Law and Order there had been much co-operation with both the Tories and the Liberals. What a relief that Annabel has a sense of humour and an IQ level above that of Humpty Dummy.

And so to wee Tavish, who was also, quite rightly for this IS important, asking more questions about policing. He really just gave Alex the opportunity to reiterate the importance of consulting widely before taking a decision, rather than going gung ho into it as Iain Gray presumably would were he ever the FM. Tavish pointed out that Labour had tried to make changes in England and had to turn back due to not having thought out, or costed how it would be done. Alex assured him that he would not be using Labour’s blueprint.

And so to supplementaries on company closures, the impact of VAT and fuel duty, flu and legal aid.

Pic 1: “It’s OK Alex, that’s just the starter; the real meal is to follow”. Pic 2: A picture of Iain Gray’s brain embedded in soap. Can’t see anything much there. Pic3: In case the Tories are stupid enough to dump Auntie Annabel, she’s got another job as a train driver... )ic 4: On yer bike Tavish...


  1. Tris

    I have always thought that the short sharp answer is what AS should be doing with Gray. He is not fast enough on his feet without his pre written speech to react. Antie Bella was also caught on the hop but she eventually recovered, Gray would still be stuttering and making a blinking fool of himself yet.

    Short answers to Gray would also give more time to back benchers who would all be more interesting than Gray.

    P.S. This is the first time for months he has not insulted a small country. What is going on? Is he worried the BBC North British branch might start reporting his insults now that Douglas Frasers wife has broken the mold on Newsnicht. It might also be allowed on censorship with Brian.

  2. Dubbieside.

    Re insulting small countries

    He may have run out...

  3. I'm with you about Gray's performance. He's had further media lessons but he's worse than ever. It's hard to watch isn't it Tris.

    I'd like Alex to keep his cool and not raise his voice to Gray and see how that pans out.

    Super post.

  4. Yes Dubs, I agree. It accords him too much importance to talk at length... and I agree with Subrosa too that he shouldn't shout at him as much. A resigned, 'bored out of his wits', or 'incredulous at the stupidity' tone might work better.

    He could try insulting North Korea I suppose. Kim might send some people over to invite him on a visit... Now wouldn't that be fun.

    I don't know about this Douglas Fraser's wife story... spil please... but I'm off to bed right now, so I'll not be answering right away.

  5. Conan... how's the roof situation matey?

    I was just thinking, if that fool had been FM, what would the Vice Premier of China have made of him?

    Btw, I bet Cameron was hopping mad that the next president of China flew into Edinburgh and met Alex before he met him... in the same week that Obama slapped him right in the coupon by making out with that wee git Sarko from La Belle France!!

    Ho hum... that's what you get for being an empty headed tube!

  6. Lordy SR, who gave him the lessons? Donald Duck?

    Him and Cameron both, they make me want to puke. Neither has a thought in his head or an idea of what government's about.

    Thanks for the compliment!! Sorry it took so long. Feeling sick as a parrot. Off to bed!!

    Night all! A demain!

  7. You can see it live here at

    better than aunt-beeb

  8. I wish Goldie had 6 questions instead of whitsisname over on the zanuliebore benches ... the questions and answers between her and Alex is usually often real, presient and interesting.

    "Matron definately knows best!" YES ALEX, SO VOTE FOR HER IN MAY 2011!!!

  9. I wish Alex would stop wearing hats!

  10. Dean,

    Why should he vote for her when her own party big nobs chose to ignore her.


    If you go to FMQs I think you'll find that the reason Salmond has to shout, when replying to Gray, is to try and make himself heard above the typically childish cat-calling (and snoring) from the Labour MSPs. The Tories and Libdems are a trifle more restrained and attentive.

  11. Love to see what Iain’s leadership is going to be like. Was it not a favourite ploy of Labour in London to kick everything into the long grass by way of lengthy committees and commissions? Several spring to mind: the Jenkins commission for example and Labour flip-flop attitude to electoral reform; the Calman commission is another, what a huge fudge and although Labour said it could be done quickly, they rapidly went back on that when it did not report what they wanted. I’m sure Iain will do much the same if he becomes FM in which case the SNP can cast all this right back at him.

  12. Thanks Dean. That never seems to be up by the time I'm doing it. I would agree that the BBC's coverage is lamentable. They often get there once it has started because some half wit presenter is warbling about nothing in particular, because they like the sound of their own voices (are you listening mother, I'm on the wireless!)

    I wish there were more questions from members about constituency problems being brought to the attention of the FM. No one is interested in the politicking that goes on with the big 4. In the case of Annabel and to a lesser extent Tavish, it can be useful and sometimes downright funny. (Never mind being a train driver, Annabel should take up stand-up comedy, or maybe they could do a comedy show together on telly. "Alex and Annabel"? Tavish could be the weird next door neighbour. They could base it on an idea somewhere between "Terry and June" and "One foot in the Grave" and give it a political theme.

    (If the BBC takes this up I want 10%).

    I don’t think Annabel is standing where the FM votes Dean. Even Alex Salmond only has a constituency and list vote in his own area, you know!!

  13. Oh and Dean, I wish that buffoon only had 1 question. Even that would be far too often to hearing his whining idiot voice and his ill- thought-out questions.

  14. Aye Cruachan, he's no got the heid fir hats has he?

    Still, it's dead cool to wear a hat now. Well it was until Vince appeared so often in that flying saucer!

  15. John, if he spoke softly maybe the presiding officer would really lose the cool with them and tell them to shut up or get thrown out.

    Talking of presiding officers, did you see that the London one has made another fool of himself, demanding that an MP defer to him in the corridors of parliament. (Not in the chamber where of course everyone must defer to him.) In this case he was told pretty firmly where to get off. In the second case (video in the link below) although Bercow makes a complete diddy of himself, the Chief Whip was out of line for arguing.

  16. Munguin: He's a total loser. He stutters and stammers, in his thin reedy little voice, whining and criticising, and saying nothing.

    As you once said on this blog, if political parties want to throw criticisms at one another, instead of promoting their own policies, could they please try to make sure that they didn't do exactly the same thing themselves in earlier days?

    It makes them look so stupid. What would you do Mr Gray? Would you have one force? That would save money; but would it create other problems? Obviously it would, so what are they and how would you deal with them?

    But for a man who's never really had an actual policy in his life, he's awful good at telling other people how it should be done.

    He's an idiot!

  17. Tris

    Re my comment about Douglas Frasers wife. She was the interviewer on Newsnight Scotland on Tuesday, even though it was billed as Brewer, interviewing Iain Gray. Presumably the North British Pravda thought that Brewer would be too tough.

    She mentioned the the dreaded Montenegro word, she will be sent for re training at Labour media center shortly.

    Link here, watch if you dare.

  18. Tris

    Over at Censorship with Brian someone as asked a very pertinent question,

    "Could BBC Scotland survive in its present form after another four years without a Labour First Minister"

    That is a very good question, and it may go some way to explain the bias and miss reporting that goes on. Possibly they think that they are fighting for their survival and the big, mostly unjustified, salaries that goes with it.

  19. I think the BBC knows what side its bread is buttered in Scotland Dubs, and I'm pretty certain it knows that it's not with the SNP!

  20. Thanks Dubs.

    Good Lord. First of all she was hopeless. She let him talk through her, and he didn’t answer her questions. You’re right; if Brewer had done it, it would have been obvious that he was letting the little fool off, with her it just looked like she was a crap interviewer.

    He was appalling. His main policy, really his only policy is on jobs, which is laudable, but is predicated on extra funding from Whitehall, and a Private/Public partnership with industry. That’s served us well in the past hasn’t it? What’s the size of that debt again?

    Whenever he was asked about anything he talked about what Alex Salmond’s position was... not his. He didn’t talk about the divisions in labour. He knows what (?) forgot the name’s position is, but he’d like to know what Alex Salmond’s is. Why. There are only 3 months of this government left. Alex can’t possibly start legislation as important as that so close to an election he may or may not win. The same with student fees/grants. It can’t be done. If it is started and another party wins, and changes the policy then money has been wasted. How stupid is Gray on a scale of one to one hundred?

    Oh yeah, and he can see Alex Salmond being his deputy but not him being Alex Salmond’s deputy. In your dreams, you tosser Gray.