Sunday, 13 April 2014


There are other parts of these islands that would be better off making their own decisions about what is right for them, instead of being kept down so that the South East of England can prosper. Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Wales all come into that category. This article from "The Daily Wales" makes a number of good points... and proposes a rally.

Incidentally, has it ever occurred to you that Wales and Cornwall share a prince/duke. Charlie is Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales, but to the best of my knowledge neither he nor his "wife" live in either of these countries. Why not? They spends vast amounts of money every year... Why is it not spend in either of his two fiefdoms? Why is it spent in London, or in her case, wherever she's on holiday?

By Siôn Jobbins
So when was the last time you went on a march in support of independence for Wales?


Because there has never been one. We’ve been cowards.

I’m not talking about ‘self-government’ or ‘Wales in Europe’. No, I’m talking of a no nonsense, we want to be an independent European nation state rally. Or, at the very least, a rally in support of Welsh as well as Scottish independence.

If the marginalised, brutalised, humiliated gay community are men and women enough to march and come out proud to declare their sexuality, what’s our excuse as Welsh nationalists? We have been cowards and we deserve to be ignored and ridiculed.

Since 1914 Europe has seen the rise of some 20 new nation states. Nations which were poorer than us, weaker than us, whose languages were smaller than ours a hundred years ago and who’ve seen wars, civil wars, deportations, communism on their land.

They are now free whilst we suffer the indignity of being ruled by a Government and Assembly which owns an airport but can’t even raise the puny air-duty tax. Run by a party which is happy to keep Wales poor as they vote with the Tories to deny the Welsh Assembly the power over Welsh water. 

We’re poor because we don’t have the power to use taxes and laws and control our own resources to our advantage.

Independence will make inter-dependence work for Wales. We are poor because we are not free.

Are we not proud enough to keep Wales’s dignity? The forgotten peoples of Europe – Scotland, Catalonia, Basques – are marching with dignity and strength, where are the Welsh?

In the year 2020 Wales could be one of the few historic European nations which isn’t an independence nation state.

If we are not brave enough to proclaim that we wish to be a nation-state then who are we to blame the British media and politicians if they only refer to Wales when they patronise us with rugby and the ‘and finally’ slot?

And what if only 500 turn up? That would be 500 with dignity. They will be a beacon of hope and strength. It will be 500 who’ve decided to stop apologising and being only 80 minute rugby game Welshmen and women.

It’s time to be brave. Let’s do it.



  2. Robert Llewellyn TylerApril 13, 2014 8:12 pm

    Byddaf yno, pryd bynnag, ble bynnag.
    I'll be there, when ever, where ever.

    Pob lwc yn y reff Alban.
    Good luck in the ref Scotland

    1. Good man, Robert. Thanks for commenting... and for your good wishes.

  3. tris

    Nat stirrers.............just leave the the welsh alone you wont
    be happy untill you have all the welsh peoples at each others
    Not so much a sea of song more a sea of hate and bile like wot
    u dun in Scotland

    1. niko of no respect Welsh sums you up.

    2. Och awa de daft wee bletherin' erse...

      No one is stirring anything.

      It was a Welsh person who wrote the article. I simply thought it was worth a reprint here for other people who don't like being misruled by Westminster.

      You'll remember that now about half the world didn't like it... from Canada to New Zealand, America to Zanzibar... the word has been goodbye and don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.

  4. Agreed then England will be rid of all of you whinging parasites!

    1. Well then everyone will be happy...

      What couold be better...

      Well all except Alistair Darling who won't get to sit in some ridiculous house of geriatric noblemen,... but then who actually gives a toss about Alistair Flipper Darling. He has enough houses of his own with out being in one full of strange old drunks.

  5. 'First they ignore us
    Then they laugh at us
    then they fight us
    Then we win.'

    From a Scot - Wales is at the first stage - just keep pushing. Every avalanche starts with one snowflake.

  6. I was last in Wales in my 21st year so I have hardly kept up but I know my Cousin's grandparents down in Aberavon were Welsh speakers, I think the last in their family. Now I was a Scottish Nationalist at that time but I think you would have had a hard time finding a Welsh one in Port Talbot in those days. I was very pleased when Wales voted for their assembly, they have a much bigger obstacle to overcome since being incorporated into England after the defeat of Llewellyn, but I have high hopes for them.