Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Even the press think it is mad
When on earth are they going to learn?


  1. The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.

    Frederich Nietzsche

    No, I don't understand it but, it somehow seems a propos for the Unionist irrationality.

    Or more easy to understand;

    "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad"

    that works for me as the whole Unionist side are collectively aff their trolley

    1. Yeah, well Nietzsche is a bit difficult to understand at the best of time... as, of course, are Better Torygether.

      But the second quote fits them like a glove.

      It takes a special kind of daftness to admit that being negative is not working; to promise to be more positive and then to, without pause, continue with the negativity...


      Nice to see you back Snots...

    2. I never left, just didn't feel the need to comment

  2. Bit harsh judging them all by Niko?

    1. I don't think Niko is mad, John.

      Bad more likely!

  3. So Phil Hammond has said that, if Scots vote for independence, we face a threat from space, what did he mean will there be Klingons on the starboard bow, or will the Borg assimilates us, or will giant spaceships, appear on independence day and hover over Holyrood (We'll need Will Smith to help on that one).

    I've begun watching Sci-Fi in a hope to find a way to defeat this oncoming threat, and they'll be no point in asking Doctor Who for help, as he won't be available either in an independent Scotland.

    I suppose I could write to the commander of Area 51, and ask him if we could, borrow a couple of his wee green men, to advise us on how to defeat this cosmic threat that awaits an independent Scotland.

    PS I wonder if Mork is still calling Orsen, as he may know a thing or two about, space threats.

    1. I had intended asking if Dr Zachary Smith, from Lost in Space and his Robot, would like to come and advise us in how to rid us of the pests... but then, what would they know of Tories?

    2. The only Klingons the Nawsayers have worry about are the ones Andrex addresses.


  4. He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you

    well there is one positive ainy gonna win as all empirical evidence shows

    1. Take it back, John. He's as mad as a hatter...

  5. I did actually send a tweet to BBC Scotland News asking them if they were going to be covering the invasion from outer space tonight because, as you well know,Tris, the people just have to know about these things! LOL

    1. We do indeed Arbroath. It is important that we be prepared.

      What did they answer?

      No don't tell me.

      I know.

      And here it is, on the line right under this one...

    2. You been reading my posts again Tris? LOL

  6. Andrew Neil is spot on with his observation and warning to Scotland.

    I note that in a clumsy attempt to divide and rule, Alastair Carmichael says that Westminster may give Orkney and Shetland additional powers if they vote NO to independence.

    However the voters of Orkney and Shetlands will have already noted that these suggestions of "additional powers" were nowhere to be seen until Westminster started to feel the heat from the polls on the referendum.

    Ono I also noted that the Primary School that was one of the main issues in last autumn's Dunfermline by-election for the Scottish Parliament is to be closed by Fife Labour Council.

    Labour's Cara Hilton made much of the issue at the time and many Dunfermline voters were duped into voting for her because they thought a vote for her would prevent the closure of the school.

    I wonder what they are thinking now.

    1. Anything that comes out of the mouth of Alistair Carmichael is pure cheach! He will say anything and everything that he can just to ensure that he keeps his nose in the trough at Westminster. Oh wait a minute I think he *ahem* claimed he was stepping down in 2015. Oh good one less lying Muppet to listen to.

      I have to admit M that during the Dunfermline by election I had every confidence that the Labour run council in Fife would be closing the primary school. Nothing that Cara Hilton said rang true with me. The problem is that being Dunfermline it is like a significant part of Fife Labour vote only born and bred. I do however believe that after this latest let down the voters in Dunfermline must seriously be having second thoughts about ever voting Labour again.

    2. Yes M. I'm wondering how Westminster will be managing to give special powers to Orkney adn Shetland if they vote no, seeing that if Scotland votes yes, Orkney and Shetland will have nothing to do with Westminster.

      Unless of course Westminster will hold on to any pocket of people who vote against independence.

      Like for example the small cul de sac at the bottom of our road.

      I think Mr Carmichael will find that the First Minister and the Cabinet were in the Northern Islands a while ago to talk to the islander about that, regardless of independence or not.

      The Secretary of State has clearly been too busy looking after Portsmouth to be bothering with these northerly people.

      As for Carla, I was really wondering how many of the idiotic promises she made she was going to keep.

      The words "TOLD SO and YOU come to mind.

    3. I wonder if her complete lack of results in this matter will sway some people, Arbroath......

  7. Nationalist scum (you know who you are )

    If you wish to win one can only suggest you
    post video of Tory mp Esther McVey.

    after watching her today i am sure if
    you was to say vote NO and have her
    ruling would surely
    get a shedfull of Labour votes for the
    YES campaign .

    the woman is a complete and utter vicous
    evil cnut !!!!

    1. Mediterranean Man...

      Send me the link and I'll put it up.

      She is a vile woman and batshit mad.

      Sooo utterly detached from reality.

      Someone told me that she used to be on tv, and that she was crap at that too.

      I couldn't believe that she managed to make a political tweet while the Hillsborough service was being held.

      She'd have done well to keep a low profile over this period, seeing as it was her ex leader that colluded with the police to lie and smear the fans, so that the police didn't look like the incompetent morons they most surely were.

  8. Don't know what video you're talking about Niko but I think this news would also be of some good use.

    1. arbie

      She was on the news saying about how the Torys were
      not to blame for the inexorable rise in food banks

    2. I suppose that the rise is food banks is down to space monsters, just waiting for independence to attack Princes Street.

      McVile is an evil cow.

    3. Ah trhat explains everything Niko, I didn't watch the news. I try and avoid watching too much, not good for the old ticker you understand. :-)

  9. arbie

    Read that link..............your trying to tempt me aint ya
    vote yes and Torys out of Scotland and Cameron out of no

    All that lose the Scots MPs and the Torys would walk it
    in England is a load of tosh,
    After all the Torys would have abuse there own people
    as they wouldnt have anyone else.

    1. Politics always realigns when there is a change in the state.

      The Tories would initially have an advantage in England without 40+ seats from Scotland, and they would be utterly dead in the water in Scotland.

      But over time Labour will find a way to win English seats, almost undoubtedly by continuing to move to the right.

      And shorn of the Thatcher legacy, and the mad right wing swivel eyed nut job elements, a new right of centre party would come about in Scotland.

      The right wins elections in Scandinavia. Norway currently has a right of centre government,as, I think, does Iceland.

      It's just that THEIR idea of right of centre, and the English idea of right of centre, are poles apart.

    2. And of course we are all trying to temp you to vote yes.

      Your socialist heart wants to.

      But your love for Maggie's blue eyes is getting in the way.

    3. Looks like you're catching on Niko.

      I always had faith in you being able to see the bigger picture.........eventually. :-)