Friday, 11 April 2014


The amount of alcohol consumed in the House of Commons may be in some way directly proportional to the incompetence and lechery that seems to pervade the place.
The UK government has also conceded that no deal will be done between our government and theirs over the matter of Trident.

David Mundell said that the SNP's stance on Trident was so firm there could be no negotiation over its removal. 

Negotiations on the issue are a ­"non-starter" because the SNP could never contemplate a compromise, according to Mundell.

Officially, the Coalition Government insists it will not "pre-negotiate" ahead of September's vote. And Trident was expected to be one of the biggest issues of contention in any pre-independence discussions and a major bargaining chip for a government of a newly-independent Scotland.

Scottish ministers have vowed to remove nuclear weapons as soon as safely possible in the event of a Yes vote, with a view to a deadline of 2021.

But 'experts' warn relocating the UK's nuclear deterrent from the Clyde would cost tens of billions of pounds, potentially even forcing the UK into unilateral disarmament.

Mundell said the SNP's public pronouncements on nuclear weapons, and the strength of feeling among many of the party's supporters, meant "they [the SNP] could never - if they were successful in their objectives - they could never go back on the Trident thing. There is no deal to be done."

He added: "I used to think personally, probably there would be some arrangement where Trident could stay just if they [the SNP] were given a lot of money. But now I'm absolutely clear it couldn't, because they are so committed."

Even if a Labour government were to replace the SNP after 2016, it would be a brave First Minister who would  go back on a policy that is relatively popular with the people of Scotland (between 51-60% depending which opinion poll you read)...

This may be especially true those in the Glasgow area, so close to the site of the bombs. Logic suggests that this popularity would grow after independence on the basis that it's dangerous enough having your own bombs only 25 miles down the road from your home, but to host the bombs of a foreign country, might seem to be a risk too far.

Additionally, the opportunities for oil exploration in the firth of Clyde (and the money it will bring), stopped by the London government because it would impede MoD movement, will weigh heavily even on a Labour Scottish government committed to co-operate slavishly with the UK.


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    1. Seems we pull OUR resources and share THEIR risks...

  2. Hip Hip Hooray!

    No seriously Tris, Hip Hip Hooray!

    I mean it has taken a while, a darned long while, but I do believe the man has finally got it The penny has finally dropped.! I was never satisfied at having him as my M.P. but after this he has just gone UP in my estimations, from complete imbecile to a mere imbecile. LOL

    1. Well he was bound to pick up something along the way Arbroath.

      He's probably been reading Munguin's Republic.

      It's an education all of its own!


  3. Finally the penny drop for Mr Mundell,unlike the cauldron, of corruption fraud and debauchery,known as Westminster, when a promise to remove Trident is claimed by the SNP, they stick by it.

    The ultra unionist and English owned Daily Record, published a poll a week ago, but boy will they shut up about every single day they remind us that their, (dubious) survation poll shows the no camp are well ahead, the Daily Record which is ran from Canary Wharf in the heart of London, and its poll is beginning to sound like 1966 and they think its all over, it is now.

    1. LOL Yeah... 1966 and we still hear about it...

      Aye it must be a shock to most politicians when they discover that when the SNP says it will do something, that is what it does.