Friday, 4 April 2014



This is Millionaire Banker, Tory Advisor and member and supporter of Countryside Alliance Sir David Scholey.

He is one of many wealthy individuals who are willing to spend in excess of £60,000 for the privilege of shooting a lion in South Africa.

These lions are bred to be shot in so called canned hunting operations which have grown significantly in South Africa over the last decade. They breed the lions from cubs often bringing in tourist to play and walk with them boasting on their conservation work. The young animals are then prepared to be released into shooting areas where they will be brought out via meat baits in front of the guns of so called trophy hunters. In many cases the shooters will have been drinking and will blast wounding the animal many times before it’s killed.

Some operations even allow the use of high powered bow and arrows to kill lions. To make matters worse the hunt operations will provide the head and skin of the lion for use as a rug and a wall trophy and keep the bones which they will then sell into the Asian medicine trade at great profit. This trade is leading to a huge increase in the poaching of wild lions across Africa (little over 200,000 left).

None of this seems to worry Mr Scholey who seems very proud of his kill. The Countryside Alliance and US National Rifle Associations are very happy for their members to participate in these trophy hunts despite the obvious cruelty and its impact on the future of a threatened species.

Here's what the creep told The Sun:

"I have been hunting all over the world for many, many years and I have always hunted within the legal arrangements of the country concerned. I regard that as an entirely personal matter.

The good guy lost this particular battle; the savage won. Pity.
"All the animals I hunt are wild beasts. And I have felt threatened by them at times. (AWWWWWWW Not as threatened as they turned out to be... still we can always hope.)

"The lion I killed certainly wasn't an endangered species where I was hunting it."

Next time the Countryside Alliance start attacking the RSPCA don't forget to ask them when will they throw out African trophy hunters from their membership like David Scholey.

Note: there is now a petition to have his knighthood removed please sign here (thanks Darren Cooper


  1. Tris

    Just more scum of the earth tories and sadly the three tory parties have many of them. Still we get what the south vote for us so we shouldn't complain too much. If it's ok for Labour then it's ok for everyone.


    1. Well Bruce, it's not OK with a lot of us now.

      But I do think the rat should be stripped of his silly bauble. It's a load of nothing but it probably means the world to an empty headed booby like him.

  2. Sorry for the o/t but BBC reporting Margo MacDonald has died. Dreadful news. So sorry she won't be here for September.

    1. Terrible news indeed.

      She's worked for this for so long...

      Thanks for letting me know.

    2. The independent MSP Margo MacDonald has died at her home in Edinburgh the age of 70.

      The former SNP politician, a hugely influential figure in the Scottish independent movement for 40 years, was suffering from Parkinson's disease.

      She had served as a member of the Scottish Parliament since devolution, in 1999.

      Scotland's deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said her death was a "sad loss" to Scotland.

      Tributes for Ms MacDonald, a former SNP deputy leader, poured in from across the political divide.

      Ms MacDonald first rose to prominence after winning the 1973 Glasgow Govan Westminster by-election for the SNP.

      She later served as an SNP MSP for the Lothian region, before going on to represent the area as an independent member of the Scottish Parliament.

      'Wit and sparkle'

      Ms MacDonald also became known for her high-profile campaign to legalise assisted suicide for the terminally ill, through legislation at Holyrood.

      Also paying tribute, Green MSP Patrick Harvie, said: "I've always enjoyed the wit and sparkle she brought to debates in the chamber, but she could also offer a formidable challenge when it was needed, and showed long term dedication to the causes she chose to work for.

      "Margo won't now see the culmination of two debates she was deeply involved in; the referendum on Scotland's independence, and the Assisted Suicide Bill which she introduced last year.

      "But as both these debates continue, I am certain that campaigners on all sides will recognise Margo MacDonald's contribution to Scottish public life, her vibrancy and her passion.

      "I know I'll miss her every time I walk into the chamber."

      Scottish Parliament Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick, added: "Margo MacDonald was brave, passionate and committed.

      To be known and recognised by a first name is reserved to very few. But everyone knew Margo. She had a rare skill in being able to translate political speak into language we could all understand.

      "She was a sparkling jewel in the Scottish Parliament, her contributions were incisive, intelligent and always got to the heart of the issue under discussion.

      "Margo cared about people and, in return, they cared about her."

    3. A very sad day in hearing of Margo's death will be greatly missed.

      Jim's tribute.

  3. "All the animals I hunt are wild beasts. And I have felt threatened by them at times. "

    Nothing like as threatened Bubba the next time I see you through the sights of my Barrat M107!

    I've just heard that Margo MacDonald has died Tris. One of our best known and best loved independence campaigners I'm sure you'll agree. Holyrood will never be the same without her.

    Thanks Margo for your hard work and never ending fight for independece, we WILL win this fight for you!

    1. Hear hear Arbroath. I'm gutted. I really liked her.

      I absolutely agree with you.

      Thank you Margo for all you did.


    3. Bernard Pionsonby has a good piece on the STV site Tris and I believe STV are doing a programme about her tonight.

  4. What a sad turn of events.

    There are good people on this planet and Margo MacDonald was one of them. I hope that her wish for an independent Scotland becomes her legacy.

    I was going to comment on the knight, but it's all been said.

    1. Yes. The knight is a piece of insignificance next to this news.

      I'm so sorry she died before independence. I knew she was ill, obviously, but I'd no idea her condition was so bad.

  5. I was going to try and defend hunting for food. I did it myself when I was unemployed, and had a young family.
    However, that can wait.
    RIP Margo.

    1. That is very different from hunting for the fun of killing. There is something missing in a person who does that. To do it to feed your kids is the most natural thing in the world.

      But yes. This is a sad day for all of us...

  6. It is a tragedy that Margo MacDonald did not have the chance to celebrate a 'Yes' vote in the referendum.

    With respect to the post, I have sometimes thought it would be a good idea to set aside an uninhabited island where 'sportsmen' who get their kicks from killing animals could get an even bigger thrill by hunting each other.

    1. It's one of these cruel little turns of fate.

      At least she lived to see the tables turning.

    2. And your hunting idea is pretty good.

  7. I find this sort of sporting entertainment, if you can call it that despicable,pro hunters will say that some of the monies are reinvested back into help the wildlife, but in truth their only in it to make a profit, the wildlife comes a distant second. I've even read dangerous animals such as lion or Leopard are mildly drugged to make it easier for the callous b*stards to shoot them.

    Not only that but the rare animals fetch a much higher price such as Back Rhino and and grevy's zebra, I'm pretty sure prince Philip, and his inbred family shot over 600 animals one year in Scotland whilst on holiday, and that inbred halfwit Prince William shot a rare African bird,one week before he and his inept father and brother appealed, to the public to support the WWF.

    1. The aristocracy and royalty arre among the worst.

      Amazingly Prince Philip used to be chairman or president of the WWF, while killing animals all over the world. Now it's Juan Carlos of Spain, who is the president, and he rejoices in killing animals.

      I'd love it for the animals to turn on them.

      Fortunately Juan Carlos fell while he was hunting and broke a hip, which at his age will never heal properly. Isn't that a shame,?

  8. tris

    I watched a doc not so long ago a much older
    African tribesman with two much younger lads.

    were watching a pride of lions devouring there kill
    they under the older mans direction slowly moved towards
    the Lions, with the intention of stealing the Lions meal.

    once they got quite close they stopped the Lions
    got all twitchy but they waited till the older man
    said when to go..and which point they walked fast towards
    the lions.
    The lions took fright and ran away the older man quickly
    cut of a large piece of meat from carcass. and then they
    rapidly made off before the Lions returned.
    and all they carried was spears...and a lot of courage
    now they were hunters,
    Scholey like all of his type of hunter ???? is a
    world class cowardly wanker

    1. Aye ... that does take courage...

      But Africans respect their nature... they know it is all finely balanced and once you kill too much of one thing, you upset natures's balance. It's something Westerners have just never grasped. These guys got their meal, and the lions got theirs...

      As for the piece of trash that likes shooting, safely from a distance, your estimation of him and mine are the same.

      I hope one day when he's sitting proudly at the side of a dead animal, that the animal's mate comes and eats him.

  9. Tris. I know this is extremey important and I've signed the petition. Please though, give a warning of what is to come. I find it so distressing.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry Fordie... I should have thought of that...

      Really... sorry...

      I'll go and put a warning on the title

    2. Done!

      Once again, I'm sorry for distressing you.

  10. Unable to vote via Change 38 as they have shown themselves to be a self serving group of people with their own particular agenda can someone not get Avvaaz to take up this important issue. Sorry.

  11. Well, I signed a petition to get his knighthood removed. Fat chance!

    Is that the petition that cynicalHighlander is against?

    1. No I used to be registered with them but they did the dirty on us over the conduct of the BBC in Scotland petition a year or two ago so I gave up on them.