Wednesday, 9 April 2014


George's 'Paradise Lost' speech went down like the Titanic
We should remember that, for him, the end of the UK is the end of him being important.
It is no wonder he is so passionate about maintaining
 his station in life and the income that goes with it
Earlier this week it was reported that Anas Sarwar had somewhat grandly, appointed a gaggle of peers (Wiki tells me that the collective noun for Lards is "house", but I think gaggle is more fitting) to reinvigorate the NO campaign's argument. The idea was to bring something fresh and positive to the debate; the positive case for the union that we all been waiting for these many years.

Among this 'gaggle' was The Noble Baron, the Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, whose aristocratic line stretches back ...ohhhh,... more than 14 years. 

And it fell to this noble aristocrat to kicked off for Labour and their new positive approach to the importance to the people of Scotland of remaining a part of the United Kingdom, which as the Tories keep telling us, is the most successful union of countries in the known universe, ever.

In a speech in New York, His Lordship held nothing back. We all know by now, the contents of this speech. (If not the BBC report it at the previous link.) Was there ever so much positivity in one room at one time, I ask myself.

Unfortunately for the No campaign, the reaction form the public and the press in the UK has been rather less enthusiastic than they might have hoped for, as is illustrated by the cuttings displayed above.

Still we do have the contribution of the 'merry' old soul, the Noble Baron, the Lord ffoulkes, to look forward to!

That should be fun... I wonder if it will involve dancing in the street!
Spoke too soon, huh...
When will prime ministers learn that the fastest way to a red face is backing someone who has broken rules, pocketed more money that most of us will ever see, treated officials with disdain, appears to have threatened newspapers, and then makes an apology that isn't even slightly apologetic?

Maria '£1.2 million profit' Miller has resigned, after taking account of the feelings in the Conservative Party, not, you'll note, the country, nor even her constituency. 

She was reported to be close to tears and wishing she could have stayed. (My counsel to her is not to worry. There are almost as many opportunities to fiddle from the backbenches as there are from the ranks of ministers.)

In another hammer blow to Cameron's authority, it was the backbenchers who hounded her out of office, and not the prime minister.

Still, I have a feeling that perhaps she could be useful to the Treasury now that she is free of ministerial briefs herself.

After all if she can turn around that sort of profit on a house, wouldn't it be an idea for her to advise Gideon. He seems to be nothing but a dead loss.
Pasties for supper... how jolly!
Bless him though, our Gid does his best. I'm not sure for whom he does it, but I'm sure it's his best.

The shame of it is that his best is simply, as "Private Eye" would say, "piss poor".

It seems that despite the rosy glow in which our beloved chancellor painted the state of the UK's finances only a few weeks ago, he neglected to count in £100 billion of debt, that must have dropped behind the settee when he was doing his sums, and was inconveniently found by the cleaner just this week when she gave the place a good once over.

Cameron and Osborne are the luckiest guys alive. If there was anything like ministerial material on the Labour front benches, they'd be looking at oblivion next May. As it is, they look like walking it...


  1. Yeah George Robertson, what can be said that hasn't already been said. Bat shit crazy covers it. And Maria Millar, am I alone in wishing she'd resigned not just from the Cabinet but also as MP. Let's see how her constituents view her actions in a by-election. But no she might have halved her salary becoming a bakcbencher but no way is she risking the rest of the gravy train

    1. Ah, well, under proposals made by all parties before the last election, there was a possibility that recall could have been invoked in cases like this. However, having got themselves elected and the fuss dying down, that took the high road.

      She'll find ways of making it up... and of course Cameron says that she may return to Cabinet in the future... they usually do. Remember Mandelson twice returned and then went to Brussels... and Blunket too, although he never got to go to Brussels.

  2. A timely warning to all who enters here. Look out your wooly semmitsTodays latest scare story is about how expensive our fuel will be without the benevolence that comes from Westminster They on the other hand have so many options open to them they will not have a problem even though it is only days ago it was predicted their lights were in danger of going out

    1. Yeah... what a joke.

      They are getting the Chinese government to build their nuclear power stations... Clever move.

      They will be at the mercy of Beijing. If the UK annoys the communist leadership... black out.

      Muppets or what?

  3. Good old George Robertson, now what can we say about this Muppet then, well not a lot actually the useless twat that he is! What sort of moron goes over to America to make a speech and then proceeds to denigrate their own country? I could understand it if he was denigrating another country but his own, well that is just unbelievable!"

    As far a Maria Miller is concerned I'm not surprised, I actually saw this one coming Tris. No I don't have a crystal ball. It is just that I have seen so many politicians over recent years who have been given the *ahem* full backing of the Prime Minister only for them to resign shortly afterwards that I am not in the least bit surprised that she has gone. The writing, as they say, was on the wall, the floor, the ceiling, the doors and the windows! LOL

    As far as Osborne is concerned I hope he told the I.M.F. about this *ahem* lost £100 Billion in debt that he has just found. I'd hate for his 'pet' T.V. station, the BBC, to have to report that the just announced increase in I.M.F. estimate as the U.K. having the fastest growing economy at 2.9% has just been readjusted back down again! LOL

    1. Robertson is a bit dense though. I reckon that's why they wanted him in Brussels. He was the kind that would just do what he was told by Bush.

      And I too predicted Miller would go. Although to be fair I thought she'd hand on another few days.

      I expect the figures will continue to show the economy growing... probably down to the boom in house prices.

      You'd have though they might have waited 10 years before going for broke again...

  4. Should there be a prizes at the end of the Referendum campaign for Scare stories. Have it broadcast on TV like one of those endless award programmes.

    1. Oh yeah... like one of these Denis Norden (was that his name things) It will be alright on the night.

      Or one of these 100 best pop songs of the last 60 years...

      I wonder who'd be number one...

      Keep that idea for the new country. It might make you some money (and don't forget Munguin!)

  5. Pass the sick bucket,David Cameron is to record a track on none other than Danny Dyer's album, knowing Dyer's staunch Englishness attitude,and his Ray Winston hard man persona, it will probably be called, "F*ck the Jocks if they leave".

    Other news Anas Sarwar in the London owned Daily Record , saying "We must not continue building the economy, on the backs of the poor". This from a man who abstained on the bedroom tax and voted to freeze welfare whilst the cost of living keeps on rising.

    Also worth a mention Energy Secretary Ed Davey, flew up to Scotland today to scaremonger, saying if Scotland leaves the UK, the rUK won't buy energy from Scotland, it all doom and gloom Captain Mannering.

    1. I'm assuming that the Dyer chappy is some reality tv star? Cameron isn't actually going to sing on a record is he...? Jeez, he'll do anything.

      Anas is.... well he's Anas. I don't think anyone takes him seriously.

      And I expect that Ed Davey is one of these Liberal Tories?

      Ah well... they only lie when they open their mouths. That's pretty funny. They buy power from France and
      Belgium and Ireland... so I expect they will buy power from Scotland too. Ed Davey is really a here today and gone tomorrow bloke. This is his one tiny chance at power.

      Anyway, I thought that the power companies were privately owned. I would have thought that the government wouldn't be telling them where they can get their power from.

  6. At least Robertson will probably be proved right when he said devolution will kill nationalism.
    Devolution enabled the referendum, and after a Yes, I will no longer need to be a nationalist.

    1. It was just a longer process and a different method than he foresaw.

      He isn't terribly he?

  7. Somehow Juteman I think you may have to continue for some time to come, as I rather think those nasty Unionist will still be up to mischief until the dust is well and truly settled.

    1. Hi Helena.

      I don't know... They will probably try to be obtuse for a while, but we don't really care.

      They will come running after a while, particularly when other countries start telling them how it all looks and what prats they are making of themselves.

  8. I hope the rumour about tthe Noble Lord George da*cing in the street is just another slur. Surely nobody could be so foul and depraved as to indulge in this lust-engendering and loathsome practice in public. If he had any respect for his mortal soul why could he not be more polite and gentile and take this unfortunate lady up a dark alley for a wee knee-trembler instead?.

  9. Oh Lord... if you'll pardon the pun. I'd forgotten that you guys found even the word da*cing to be offensive. Céad míle leithscéal.

    If the good and noble lord had done as you suggest, however, I fear he might have spent more than one night at the pleasure of his noble monarch, for the wifie concerned was not a willing partner in his shenanigans.