Saturday, 4 October 2014


I think we should cap your wages...
And yours
You shouldn't get any wages...
Maybe you could indent for a jacket... Gender equality works both ways
I'd vote against any cuts in benefits if I were you.
You're likely to need them.
Well, what did you expect?
He's been deranged since the war criminal did him over.
He definitely shouldn't get a salary.
He doesn't do the job.
No to Miliband.
What was that, matey?
What an arrogant looking little man.
You'd think he was at least Noble if not Royal.
Maybe if you do that, you won't get quite 
such a friendly reception
in the press...
You're a two faced little creep.
Dear Jim, Nope. You're a wee cry baby idiot.
Even John Major had more about him than you have.
And he was a poor specimen. Signed God.
To be fair, probably nothing.
You have a massive majority for some unknown reason
despite being as thick as two planks and working against working class
Scotland at every chance.
You'll probably get a humiliating reduction in your majority though.
Anyway you should also know that we've got recordings
 of you being made to look like a donkey by more or less
every tv journalist ... and they were on your side!
The Scottish Sarah Palin.
I worry for them, I really do.
On the other hand, I'd gladly swap living here for any of them,
or Copenhagen, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Torshavn, Nuuk... 
No Tris, you muppet. That's a Tory Policy!
Look it's blue.
Oh no,'s a Labour policy too.
Pretty in Pink, Senior advisor to the Brown government
with a bunch of Asda flowers.
You remember when Labour actually meant these things?
And this was the kind of thing that they did?

Nope nor me.
Nor him....
No no, that's a Tory policy too...
What's that you say? It's Labour's policy as well?
Ohhhhh dear...Nowhere to run then, if you are young and
in a precarious job.

Always such a good idea to starve the young to death.
Saves on OAPs later.


  1. tris

    With all the slagging off lies distortion hate and bile you lot have thrown at
    the Scottish Labour party the Scots in the end voted against the snp proposition
    and voted no.

    So you lot keep wallowing in your hate and vile poisonous venom the rest of us
    normal constructive forward looking decent and kind people will move forward
    without you.

    I see the snp have been asked to reveal the average monthly payment for the
    recent joiners...........apparently its about 1 quid a month yes the snp the pound shop far the snp have declined to reply.

    Wonder what will happen once the new members elect new leaders and remove the
    old snp leadership and push for a socialist Scottish state.

    There may be trouble ahead
    But while there's moonlight and music
    And love and romance
    Let's face the music and dance

    Before the fiddlers have fled
    Before they ask us to pay the bill
    And while we still have the chance
    Let's face the music and dance

    Soon, we'll be without the moon
    Humming a different tune and then

    There may be tear drops to shed
    So while there's moonlight and music
    And love and romance
    Let's face the music and dance

    There may well be trouble ahead for the new snp party
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    1. Scottish referendum malpractices prove Britain is not more democratic than Uganda

      Britain may have been practicing and perfecting democracy for over 900 years, some 850 years longer than Uganda, but that is where the difference ends. Why? The March 2006 Commonwealth observer team report on Uganda’s presidential election could easily have been referring to the catalogue of state-inspired malpractices which marred the recent Scottish referendum in which the pro-independence camp lost by 10%. Consider these salient points in the Commonwealth report on Uganda.

    2. ch

      desperate stuff ia that all you got ?? still keep you and the conspirati warm and snug at night in yer beds dreaming of wot might of been...
      Dont think you have come to terms with your lose yet.
      You probably never will its over you know you do know that dont you ???

      the day the music died referendum day !

    3. Niko:

      The trouble is that the fiddlers haven't fled!

      They are still there renting out their flats to fellow MPs and then claiming rental on the new flat from the taxpayer.

      As for how much people are paying to the SNP... I'm not sure that that really is anyone's business but the person themselves.

      Labour will not say how much their members pay; nor will they say how many members they have in Scotland. If people are paying a pound a month to be in a political party, then good for them, I say. People at the bottom have a hard enough job to buy food and electricity and keep the roof over their heads thanks to the policies of successive Westminster governments. It would be a pity if £5 a month stopped them from being politically active.

      As to where the party will go with the new people in it...well, that, I'm afraid, is democracy. What the members want is what happens.

      How different from the Labour party where over and over again the leadership walk over the wishes of conference. Members of Labour in the North of England and in Scotland are not overwhelmingly behind stopping paying dole to people under 22; or charging for education, or prescriptions.

      But Labour stopped being democratic a long time ago.

      Doesn't make any difference what the ordinary people want. The policies are designed to buy votes in the SE.

    4. Niko, you can call it conspiracy, but what in that article would you disagree with?

      There were promises made and on the day after the referendum both leaders seemed to walk away from them.

      Cameron has involved England, and that of course means a very different situation for labour, because once Scottish Labour MPs are forbidden from voting on English matters, the Labour party ceases to be a UK force.

      Gordon Brown took Cameron at his word and was fooled into making eloquent (for him) promises to the Scottish people. A poll by a Tory lord showed that that convinced 20% of yes voters to vote no.

      Now they have given themselves 6 months to completely rewrite the whole way the Uk is run...

      What a joke.

      I'd like to know why there were Commonwealth observers for an election in Uganda but none for Scotland.

      Do we think ourselves better than Ugandan's?

    5. Niko, I have still not heard one word from you about how YOU are going to ensure all those people who voted NO are going to get what they voted for. Okay most of them voted so because they are stupid gits, but some voted for something you lot termed Devo Max. I said way back in the dim and distant past that what ever happened it would not affect me that much. I am reasonably secure having had as little to do with the State as I can manage. I, you see am of an independent nature, but many are not.
      Personally I would love to tax all the NO voters so that those who are going to suffer badly at the hands of Westminster can at least be fed till we finally break free.
      The Hundred year Reich which you and your ilk see before you will not happen. The slide has begun, nothing ever stays the same, I am sure the Romans so beloved of the English must have thought they would continue forever. Every empire disappears and so will the "British", you may not see it, I may not but I am very sure it will.
      Now sweetheart, get packing and bugger off to Cyprus where you will find they don't care for you and your views either.

    6. Niko,

      Do you never tire of making up bullshit?

      The SNP's recommended monthly membership payment is £5 but members can choose another amount, presumably to suit their means. The minimum amount is £1. (Can this also be the average? No, it's bullshit)

      The Labour Party also has a minimum payment of £1 for young people, students and squaddies. In true authoritarian fashion, it is forbidden to pay more than £11.

  2. At the time the Labour party was formulating and then creating the NHS the snp
    were supporting the Nazi party

    1. If you are going to proclaim that as being relevant today, while you are at it you might mention the UK Government's collaboration with the Nazis in the annexing of Sudetenland which encouraged Hitler to invade Poland?

    2. Anon:

      How times have changed huh? Now it's the British parties that are hard right wing and the SNP is a left of centre party.

      It might be worthwhile remembering however, that in the 30s, many people found at least some of the policies of hitler to their taste. i seem to recall that HRH the Duke of Windsor, who, but for his dalliance with Mrs Simpson would have been HM the King, was a fan of the man.

      The Daily Mail also lauded the party.

      The Labour Party in Scotland seem now to want to make people pay for all sorts of things in the NHS. They encourages private dentistry; they want to reintroduce prescription charges (remember when Harold Wilson got rid of them?)

      Of course if you go back in history a way, even the greatest British hero of all times Winston Churchill comes out with some dirt on his coat.

      Today the Brit nationalists are the people who make Nazi salutes and have slogans like "Obey your Queen" ... despite people like Mr Harris making videos on behalf of the Labour Party showing Alex Salmond as Hitler.

      And, as John said, the British government took long enough to distance itself from the nazi regime.

    3. No they were not, one man who saw it as a way to break free did, but then we can all look at history, how about the Royal Family, Duke and Duchess of Windsor, much of the Aristocracy, would never believe that would you but never the less true. Winston Churchill, yes that hero, spent all of the War drunk and well fed. While the rest of the population were starving he was eating like the pig he was.
      So pop back into which ever biscuit tin you belong to, and stay there.

    4. I'm going to get a hard time for saying this, but I don't care:

      Hitler did some good things for Germany.
      He pulled them out of the depression *before* the war (check the dates)
      And you might want to look at how his monetary policy pulled that off, that pissed off a *lot* of other countries.

    5. Not from me, you're not. before he went mad and thought himself invincible and that he should be the ruler of the whole of Europe, he did some great things after the Treaty of Versailles left Germany in devastation.

    6. And Niko, before you start, that doesn't make me a supporter of Germany for germans. I deplore that. As I deplore his hatred of Jews, gays, and the disabled. It just means I approve of the way the spent out of depression, building infrastructure that still served Germany well today.

      German jobs for German people is as repugnant to me as British Jobs for British people.

  3. Thanks Tris for that delightful picture of my MP, useless tosser that he is. I got a begging letter from Ed Miliband a few days ago asking if I wanted to join the Labour Party. I suggested that he was mistaking me for someone easily gulled by second rate carpet baggers and suggested he lost my e-mail. I think this came about because I asked Cara (stupid ) Hilton and Thomas Docherty some questions, not that I got an interesting answer from either of them. Their replies were both produced by their back office, where I would suggest they stick them.

    1. Soon as they get your email for any reason they start using it for propaganda purposes Helena. I once wrote to some Tory bloke asking him to vote against something (I forget what), and found myself on his list of correspondents.

      I asked to be taken off adn I was ignored.

      In the end I had to be very forceful....VERY.

    2. I got emails from GB and Ed after sarcastically filling in one of their questionnaires - reported them as spam - never heard from them again -ann

    3. Ha ha... Spam.

      Well, they are.

    4. office orifice so confusing when talking about Labour

  4. These are exactly the hard hitting posters that need to be put through folks doors on the run up to the GE - the gloves have to come off.

    having to post as anonymous as don't use any of the choices - ann

    1. HI Ann.

      Welcome to the blog.

      I'm not sure what you are using to post but... do you have a "post as" function on the page?

      If you do you can click the arrow and chose from the menu. There is one that should say "Name". If you type your name in it will show, just for that post.

      If not, just do what some others do and sign the post. It's best to do that otherwise if two or three post as Anon, with different views, it can become complicated to follow.

      Yes. People need to be made aware of what a bunch of lying cheating right wing nutters Labour is. I think they probably already know that about the Tories. That's a foregone conclusion.

  5. If you are an elected member of a Party then you follow the Party line. The Labour Party comes first and is based in London. The Party takes no notice of the sensibilities of Scots, because it's a foreign Party based in a foreign Country.

    No doubt you can see where I'm going with this?

    1. I think, David, in most cases, you have the chance to vote at conference on the policies.

      Some parties take notice of what the conference decides; some do not. I guess in fairness that that is sensible. Conference advises the party. if the party disagrees then then it doesn't take the policy forward and the members can decide whether they wish to stay (and pay) or leave.

      Of course, like much else in the UK, quite rightly in my opinion, the view of the majority prevails. And the majority of some 20-25+ million people live in the Southern and South East of England.

      Not unreasonably that is what counts.

      What a few Scots think is unimportant. Likewise what a few Welsh or Irish or Northerners think is unimportant.

      That's why being part of it is a mistake.

    2. Not the way I was thinking Tris. Labour are a Party based in a foreign country. They have no business deciding what's best for me in Scotland by sucking at the tit of a small area of that neighbouring foreign country. The sooner we all get into that mindset and rid ourselves of the lot of them the better. I ken fine well about conferences from my time in the SNP. You follow the Party line or you get booted in the crotch. Labour Party line as you say pays no heed to Scotland. That's the problem. England is a foreign power. Cameron talked at his conference as though he was the English Prime Minister. Hopefully he keeps doing it.

    3. I take your point, David..

      It is like a foreign country... but the scots people just voted to continue their association with them, and gave them the right to go to war, hit the poor and make life miserable for anyone who isn't royal, aristocratic or rich.

      The end of the UK is in sight. It's just wont come as quickly as I wanted it to.

  6. Well done tris, hard-hitting but oh so true. Thank you AYE

  7. Hello I'm one of the taxpayers who supported the tory Welfare cap

    1. Do you want praised or something?

    2. NO I'm sick of underclass morons living off my taxes !

    3. Do carry on Anon. You're painting an interesting picture of yourself for us.

    4. Shouldn't you be looking at the pictures in the Daily Mail?

  8. tris and the others

    How do you ALL feel now Nicola has accepted the NO vote
    and Devolution as the best way forward for Scotland.
    Of course she and the other snp msps know they will
    continue to amass more and more to their personal
    wealth which is already vast from being within the Union.

    1. Niko .... I completely agree with her.

      The people were asked.

      On the basis of a really negative campaign about border posts, no currency, wars with terrorists, no BBC, no pensions, food shortages, internecine civil war as we turned on Poles and Pakistanis, etc etc etc... and with a vow from the prime minister and the leader of the opposition of the UK, backed by an Scottish ex prime minister, that federalism was promised, the people chose Federalism.

      What Nicola has said is that she will work with the English based parties to move to that federalism or devo-supermax, as quickly as possible.

      I completely back that.

      What she also said was that the English based parties must keep their promises. That means having a bill ready to put before the UK parliament on the 7th May 2015... they promised that.

      If they do not keep their promises, they will have to answer to the Scottish people.

      Do you really think that Nicola and Alex, or for that matter any other MSPs have amassed vast wealth?

      I doubt it. The vast wealth comes from the Palace of Westminster.

      MSPs are well paid. no doubt about it. overpaid I'd say, but vast wealth? I doubt it

      You ask your mate Lamont if she thinks that she has vast wealth...


    That should keep him quiet for the rest of the night...

    1. Nice to see our lad's pic on this blog again. It's been a while.

      I dunno about Niko. I miss Spookie on here. He was always so funny and lively and ... his spelling was even worse than mine.

    2. scored eight times yeah but who with .............anyway i hate him !

    3. Ah that is the question.

      And, no you don't.

  10. Ah the old nazi jibe. IMHO the only reason the British establishment got involved in WW2 was to make sure that Hitlers fascism did not usurp their own model, can't have that old chap can we, no no, certainly getting back on track these days

  11. When the block grant is cut, as it surely will be after the GE, by whatever party is in power in Westminster, the Scottish government will be forced to stop diverting their wee small budget to protect the Council Tax cap and the NHS in Scotland. Maybe then it will come home to No voters what their mindless vote has done to our country.
    Of course, without an unbiased press and broadcaster, it will be blamed on the Scottish government, and not the real perpetrators
    I saw somewhere else today, a new acronym for the Labour party in Scotland - SCaLP. Scottish Conservative and Labour Party. Says it all, really.

    1. Humerous.

      I think too many folk know the SNP are going to be pushed to cover any cuts and we are well aware of Labours part.

      Their doomed.

      We are going to see a awful lot of poor folk about soon. What a waste of precious people. 5 1/2 million is a wee amount . You make sure the No voters see it. They made the choice.

    2. opps they're as to their

      Grammer police .... it's a fair cop

    3. Yes, but Richy, they will have found a way to blame it on the Scottish government. Today the Daily Mail or the Express, they all look like one to me, and blaming the Scottish government for hitting householders with some new tax that the Brits kindly devolved to us (and which with be reduced from our block grant).

      The Mail spreads its poisonous hatred of Scotland and everything Scottish with every days latest headlines.

  12. Red bastards, ( just for balance).

    1. Reading backwards, I am seeing a pattern emerge....

  13. Tris,

    I do not know how you get away with it? A poor MP e-mails a photo of his privates and it makes head-line news. You, on the other hand, post photo after photo of really disgusting pricks and no-one bothers?

    1. Hmmm... Munguin has connections at the highest level. He can get stuff hushed up.

      Alternatively, there is the possibility that the poor MP whom you mention, is even more disgusting in that department than the ones covered in this article.

  14. Superb pics Tris.

    And great comments. That vow will come back and haunt them. Nichola Sturgeon is a smart thinker. She's also a wee bit lefty and a CND member. We watch the promise of powers fail and Labour are hammered in the GE.

    A tory win will help throw them on the scrap heap for the SE 2016. A pro indi govt is a certainty and referendum 2 could be short and done and dusted by the end of 2106.

    We are not going away .
    We are re-organising and preparing.

    The MSM will try to paint this as a Labour tory election. We now know better.

    If the promises fail , Labour are toast .

    Off to copy your pics for my friends who hate reading... Yep i know.

    1. Thanks Richy.

      Nicola will never let Brown and Cameron forget what they promised.

      I'm going to enjoy watching them be humiliated into trying to do what they promised and then blaming it on the English/Welsh/Irish that they can't

      I'm looking forward to them admitting defeat.

      And the natural next step which is another referendum.

      The only thing that bothers me about it is that Darling will be gloating at Brown's humiliating.