Friday, 3 October 2014


* Do you trust ALEX SALMOND, First Minister, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 55%
No: 37%
Don't know: 9%
Net trust rating: +18

* Do you trust NICOLA STURGEON, Deputy First Minister, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 54%
No: 33%
Don't know: 13%
Net trust rating: +21

* Do you trust JOHANN LAMONT, leader of Scottish Labour, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 37%
No: 42%
Don't know: 22%
Net trust rating: -5

* Do you trust RUTH DAVIDSON, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 31%
No: 51%
Don't know: 18%
Net trust rating: -20

* Do you trust WILLIE RENNIE, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 23%
No: 51%
Don't know: 26%
Net trust rating: -28

* Do you trust PATRICK HARVIE, leader of the Scottish Green Party, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 36%
No: 37%
Don't know: 27%
Net trust rating: -1

* Do you trust DAVID CAMERON, Prime Minister, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 24%
No: 65%
Don't know: 11%
Net trust rating: -41

* Do you trust NICK CLEGG, Deputy Prime Minister, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 13%
No: 71%
Don't know: 16%
Net trust rating: -58

* Do you trust ED MILIBAND, leader of the Labour Party, to stand up for Scotland's interests?

Yes: 23%
No: 61%
Don't know: 16%
Net trust rating: -38


* If a Scottish Parliamentary election was held tomorrow, who would you vote for with your constituency vote?

SNP: 42%
Labour: 27%
Conservative: 15%
Liberal Democrat: 5%
UKIP: 5%
Other: 5%

* And who would you vote for with your regional vote?

SNP: 37%
Labour: 27%
Conservative: 16%
Liberal Democrat: 5%
Greens: 9%
UKIP: 4%
Other: 1%

* If a UK Parliamentary election was held tomorrow, who would you vote for?

SNP: 34%
Labour: 32%
Conservative: 18%
Liberal Democrat: 5%
UKIP: 6%
Other: 5%


  1. The party ratings for Westminster may be open to challenge according to a later post at Scot Goes Pop.

    That is a rare picture of Alex Salmond in a kilt. Glad to see the positive/negative ratings for the politicians. Patrick Harvie has the highest Don't Know figure which might explain his -1 rating. You picked the right photo for Nick Clegg. Not long now for his party to get hammered at the polls.

    1. OK Thanks for that information. I've not been over at SGP yet.

      I think Alex was in the USA at tartan week.

      Yes, I think that only political junkies really know rennie and Harvie.

  2. Whereas the question about standing up for Scotland's interests is a difficult one for those unionists who have shown they prefer to be treated like dirt by Westminster, how on earth could anyone in their right mind argue that AS and NS do not stand up for Scotland's interests?

    1. Would any of the unionist parties stand up for Scotland against hie own English branches?


  3. Don't understand why Labour still have anyone intending to vote for them, the referendum campaign has shown, the deep seated belief that Scotland is a second rate country, in Labours hierarchy.

    1. Because the MSM protects them to preserve the union.

    2. I think CH has it there. Remember the media is largely English owned.

      And the BBC is all but owned by whatever English Cabinet Secretary has his hands on their purse strings.

  4. I cannot believe that 37% thought La Lamont would stand up for Scotland. What on earth do they base that on? Is it still the deluded remnants of those who think of Labour as the people's party? Eh Niko?

  5. tris

    Shams not enough Scots trusted the snp to vote YES although a significant
    majority did trust BT to vote NO ...........any comment ??

    still the polls did suggest YES were on course to win just goes to show you
    cant rely on the polls.
    anyways all the polling trust etc is taking place within the Union and not in
    a one party snp thats victory and no mistake.


    whatever ??

    1. niko, serious question. Do you trust Johan Lamont to stand up for Scotland? Would she make an effective First Minister?

    2. What it shows Niko, is that people believed Gordon Brown when he promised federalism.

      But it seems that he was daft enough to believe Cameron's promises.

      Now it doesn't look like Cameron will deliver.

      So remarkably, we've been done again.

      Sometimes I wonder if we ARE too stupid to run a country...

    3. Good question.

      Niko: Do you think Lamont is an asset to (a) Scotland and (b) the Labour Party?

      If not, who should replace her and when?

    4. tris

      well she survived the referendum vote her opponent after a lifetime fighting for
      a Independent Scotland er ! Lost that makes her a winner over Alex Salmond at least not bad i thought .

      To be honest tris all this politicking by all the parties is all froth and bubble to me the important fact is that it takes part and is part of the ever continuing United Kingdom......
      so whoever wins loses or draws is not so important and i wont worry overly
      the battle was fought and lost by the snp on referendum day for now on you have only skirmishes . And if perchance the outcome leads to a more
      leftward march in a moral nation then I will be very very happy indeed.

    5. I would think better of you if you at least acknowledged that BT were actually liars who told a load fo porkies to keep their collective noses in the trough, that at least would be true. They have done nothing for you personally Niko other than made you poorer. Good Luck with that I have tops maybe 15 years to tolerate them. I obviously looking forward to longer but probably won't happen. You on the other hand will probably pop over to Cyprus, get taken out of Europe, lose your right to remain, or find that Sterling is worth less than what ever you get for the Euro. Mind if there is an after life and I get the chance you will feel me laughing my head off.

    6. There will never be a "leftward march" in Westminster, Nico. It is folly to believe otherwise. The only chance we had, of a fairer society, you and your ilk derided and scorned; through an ideological and skewed hatred of a democratically elected government in Scotland.

    7. Well Niko. It is true that the side she was on won the battle of the referendum. Not really her personally though, is it. I mean Blair McD might want to take creidt; Alistair Darling might want to take credit; David Cameron will certainly take the credit fro saving the UK, even though he had little part in it. Obviously, the person who probably deserves most credit for it is Gordon Brown.

      His speech at Dalgety Bay was supposedly strong, passionate and believable. Remembering that the preference of the Scottish people all along had been a federal set up, or Devo Max or whatever you call it, I would say that to the embarrassment of david Cameron and Alistair Darling, brown won this battle for your side.

      With great respect I think lamont had absolutely nothing to do with it. Nor for that matter did Miliband. or Murphy.

      It was Brown what done it.

      Now of course his problem is to produce what he promised.

      Let me ask you another question. Who would you rather see as First minister at the next election...

      Nicola Sturgeon or Johann Lamont?

      Who would fight for the best she could get for Scotland?

      And don;t give me the "my country right or wrong" stuff.

      I can honestly say that most of my life i have wished that I had been born Scandinavian, or Dutch, or Luxembourger or Swiss...

      Scotland is a fine enough place, no better or worse than many others. But patriot I am not, and never have been. I just care about getting the best I can for me and mine. And at the moment we don't.

      One more question Niko. The Scottish government and the Scottish Secretary (presumably the Liberals in the Scottish parliament and I would imagine the Greens) have said that they would fight to keep Scotland in the European Convention of Human Rights.

      Obviously Tories don't believe in human rights for people other than aristos and royals, apart from when they are big businessmen who are likely to give them donations and who will then become aristos. But we await Labour's take on this.

      Are they with the Scottish government and the progressive parties in Holyrood, or are they with the reactionaries that like to keep the poor down?

      I believe the only other country in Europe not to be a signatory is the dictatorship of Belarus.

    8. Westminster is on a relentless march to the right.

      I really wish I could afford to get out of the UK like Niko is.

  6. Poor Willie Rennie, he always strikes me as someone who is rather bewildered that he has been promoted well beyond his abilities and expectations - rather like John Major in that respect. However to be fair to Willie he probably did not shag Edwina Currie - or did he?

    1. Nah even Willie's not that dumb!

    2. Unfortunately Willie was my late and unlamented MP, his replacement is such a joy as well. I used to feel sorry for him but somehow my sympathy has worn off. He did keep his constituents informed and the new guy, T. Docherty who actually raises more points about the Catholic Church than anything to do with us, not that I bother I would complain if it was any church. Looking forward to maybe getting rid of him but really this is the place that voted in Cara Hilton so even with the figures running the SNP way I am not that hopeful they are sooooo tribal here.

    3. Sounds like your lumbered with Labour no matter how appalling they are.


  7. @ Niko.
    Is the UK a one party Tory state?

    1. Niko doesn't do hard questions... but this is an easy one, so he might answer...

  8. Brownlie

    Stand up for Scotland well seeing a Scotland is a diverse nation in what way can you stand up for Scotland...Are you saying the Scottish conservatives, Labour or Lib Dems
    do not stand up for Scotland. The corollary to that seems from what you suggest to just leave the snp to stand up for I say a one party snp state.

    Perhaps Standing up for Scotland means standing up to the snp dictact as was proven in the referendum vote or did the majority not stand up for Scotland.

    Stand uo for Scotland is such a nebulous concept its almost totally meaningless
    a perfect Nationalist statement ............we stand up for Scotland..everyone else
    is TRAITOR ! !

    1. I think standing up for Scotland means putting Scotland first. In all things.

      Just as I'm sure we could depend on Mr Cameron or Mr Miliband to put the UK first in international matter (unless Mr Obama told him otherwise obviously).

      I don't think it's nebulous at all. I heard Mr Bown often talking about standing up for the Uk in the EU. Putting the UK in British jobs for British workers.

      Why, if that is right is it not right from Scottish politicians to put Scotland first?

    2. tris

      My country right or wrong................????

      I would rather dance into the gas chamber than live in a nation
      who believed in that

    3. But that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that the Scottish parties only have responsibility to Scottish electorate. It's their job to look after them, to serve them ....

      Miliband and Cameron, come to that Farage and Clegg have to please English and Welsh voters too. And guess who is likely to be more important by sheer weight of numbers?

  9. Niko, we have many traitors in Scotland, I count those who sell out their nation for money, position or preferment as such. I will let you do the math as our American Cousins say. The old idea was hang draw and quarter, me I still go along with that but I will allow life imprisonment, Rockall would do.

    1. Yes Helena and some of them are independence supporter....

      All these idiots that take Knighthoods...Connery and the Reg Varney of Scotland, Brian Soutar.

      No time for people who want titles.

    2. We are certainly on the same page there, strangely if I had been Sean I would have told them to stuff it considering how much they did not want to give him one. I think he looked at his old pal Michael Caine and thought if he has one why not me. Trouble is it seems to impress the Yanks, who I would dearly like to see adopt the whole shooting match, but when it comes to paying, not on your life.

    3. Agreed.

      I can't understand why anyone would take anything that has British Empire in it.

  10. Replies
    1. OMG... we are in the S**t now.

      Clegg's on our side.

      He may be deputy prime minister but at this stage in the game (and with the Liberals' prospects for the GE so dismal) he has even less clout at Westminister than Munguin's pet rabbit.

    2. That man has an ego the length of Leith Walk. I have more chance of winning a seat in the GE than he has and I am not standing.

  11. Tris

    It will be interesting to see how the GE shapes up and so much will depend on the vow and the lack of powers that come our way. I think the Liberals will fair badly as will the Tories, not so sure about Labour though to be honest. If the so called new powers become expensive responsibilities and look nothing like devo max then the SNP have to hammer that home and it may have an impact on the Labour vote but I am not so sure. The SNP are really going to have hammer home things like the balance of power potential etc but it will be interesting either way. How anyone can trust Davidson, Rennie and the wicked witch of the west is beyond me.


    1. Yes. I'm not as gung ho about the SNP prospects as some... and I find it hard to believe, no matter what the figures say, that Labour will do that badly.

      I assume some incredible promises will be made on the eve of the election and Gordon Brown will guarantee them ...again... only for them to be buried the next day.

  12. To be built upon and not allowed to fritter away.

    1. Let's hope that it is.

      Six months is a long time in politics.

    2. Someone said at one time what a clever electorate we have in Britain. Aye right, so clever that they voted back in all those who were stealing off them. I hope that we can keep people motivated but I am with you Tris, too old to believe that they will not go back to tribalism.

  13. Replies
    1. That link isn;t working CH...

      But it was really Vote No to save our Jobs.

      The likes of Murphy must be thanking his lucky stars he'll probably get another 5 years on the gravy train... and that Davidson. jeez what a packet he's on.

    2. It works for me tris a bit slow to load but it is there. Mind you the internet has been playing silly buggers lately over its delay in loading some sites.

    3. Gotit now CH.

      It's amazing how they are so open about their corruption and greed. It' almost like they are saying...

      "Look you morons, we're making money out of your health service and the fact that you soon won't be able to avail yourself of it... and we don't care if you know, because you can't do anything about it. You didn't go to Eton, so we don't give a stuff if you die because you can't afford health care. We've written ourselves a very nice health plan".

      My revulsion for these people knows absolutely no bounds.

  14. Why are any of you bothering with the Niko troll?
    He writes the most obnoxious offensive rubbish as in 'I would rather dance into the gas chamber than live in a nation that believed in that'.
    What sort of offensive clown ties the holocaust to a referendum result?
    He is simply not worthy of any response.

    1. Anon

      You haven't been here long. Niko is our pat troll. He is quite nice and helps to bring us mirth and merriment during our darker times.

      I think of him as our modern day Court Jester.

      Think of all the fun we would lose if we just chopped off his head.

      I know Niko voted YES.

    2. Anon: Panda's right. Niko has been here since pretty much the beginning of Munguin's Republic.

      Most of what he says is a wind up. The art is not to get wound up.

      Under all the bluff, Niko's a good guy. I've never met him but I'll bet my saltire socks that if I needed some help Niko would ready and willing...

      Well, until he emigrates that is.

      He does overstep the boundaries of taste on occasion, and at that point he is told off. He's scared of Conan and John Brownlie.

      Just ignore him his you find him offensive.

      Don't let him put you off.

    3. Aww come on, he is the best fun on this site. Niko even sometimes comes up with sense, not very often but sometimes he even surprises himself. Ooh and he actually adores me.

    4. Indeed.

      I made him cut his penis off once, and the love of his life ran away to become a Second Division football player.

      But that's another story.

    5. Aww...sad days for Niko...

    6. anon

      I said if it was ' My country right or wrong ' do you need it be explained

  15. Just a wee aside folks, when I heard about the VOW and saw the Daily Record's mock up, remember none of the tosspots really signed the damn thing and their signatures were photoshopped in, I felt certain it was a a load of Bollox.

    When I heard Crash Gordon vowing the same as declaring himself Plenipotentiary for the Evil Empire I was pretty certain that it was double bollox, with grated almonds on top.

    When I saw Crash's timetable and the tightness of the dates written in dead black cat's blood, I knew rather than us a back of a fag packet to crystalise his thinking, he might as well have used that edition of Bradshaw's Combined Railway Timetable, that Dr Watson used in Sherlock Holmes, for his dates.

    At least Bradshaw had a proximity to reality once, whereas Crash is completely lost within his own version of Alice in Wonderland Saves the World.

    1. LOL yes Bugger... that's a reasonable line of thought on the whole thing.

      Maybe Michael Portillo lent him his 1914 Bradshaw. Whatever it was he used was well out of date.