Wednesday, 15 October 2014


When will he be sacked?
Wait and see, sweetie...
Where else would someone that thick get a job like this?
Redistribution of wealth. That's what I like to see, Jim.
I thought he was Lard Prescott
Tough love would see this bloke sacked before
 he ruins the Labour party any more. It's only fair.
At least with this lot you are forewarned that they don't
give a damn about anyone who isn't titled
or prepared to pay heavily to shortly be so.
Proud boasts for Tories
Sorry for the language, but it is perfect.
The wee lad is bang on.
Dunno about you, but I can see his face as
he lays this on Cameron.
I admit it does look like the party of the workers.
They do exactly the same thing.
You wouldn't mind SO much if he amounted to anything himself
but he is a lying sack of manure who never got anything right in his life.
You'd think with his father in law's money he could afford a dinner jacket
that didn't date back to the 1920s
or is that what the well dressed pondlife is wearing now?
OK, we exaggerate a little, but only a very little.
And this is true
And according to Oxfam, so is this
They do make you laugh, the Brits.
But Frankie makes you laugh a lot more.
We tend to leave the Liberals out of a lot of things, but just to show that
we care, here's a greedy Liberal bitch whining about  how £300 a day
tax free isn't enough for her sorry ass to live on, while she's in a government that
expects OAPs to live on the lowest comparative pension in the developed world, less than 5% of what she stuffs in her bank account.
Ah, yes. The broadcasters have said that it would be impossible to have all the party leaders in a debate.

It would just be too complicated for them.

Isn't it odd how the Scandinavians manage to do that kind of thing. Here they are:
... in Norway Denmark
... and in Sweden.
Still, I suppose their chiefs get a lot more than a piddling £450,000 a year!
How does he manage. Oh yeah, he gets something for being in the HoL.
I said I would look out for information on companies that distorted the truth or said they would leave the country if Scotland were independent.
You may wish to make your own judgments about how much support you wish to give them.


  1. Sometimes I do wonder why on earth Scots would vote for them...more the reason to send the maximum number of SNP MPs this GE.

    1. I always wonder why anyone votes for them. They don't represent anyone but themselves. And I agree, we need to make sure that we send many SNP MPs to London.

      I hope that's what will happen, but with the corrupt FPTP system the result rarely is indicative of the number of votes cast. Still as that system suits the Tories and labour, it is not likely to change anytime soon.

    2. FPTP is a b***h but there is a way to overcome it. This however means that all the people that voted in 2011 for SNP and YES in the referendum must vote for SNP this GE because the Westminster parties' votes will be split three/four-way. Somehow SNP must consolidate all votes in favour of them.

      My example for this scenario will be the Kota Damansara election in 2013. Here the government party won the seat when the it should have been easily won by the opposition. This was due to a two-way split in opposition vote.

      If the pro-independence parties are more daring, they all should agree to put SNP candidates only in this GE and throw their support behind these candidates. In Malaysia nowadays it is a two-way fight in most constituencies. This ensured votes are not wasted (unless you want to spoil it).

    3. Yep, in fairness, Tommy Sheridan has suggested that the pro independence supporters put their weight behind the SNP, even if some of their policies are not to their liking. (After all, in Westminster election it doesn't matter what your policies are, it is the unionist parties that dictate what happens in government). This would ensure that the YES vote is not split as will be the unionist.... between Tories, Labour UKIP and Liberals.

      Nicola Sturgeon is touring the country to talk about her vision for Scotland. I think as many people as possible should go and see what she thinks about taking the debate forward.

  2. You are absolutely correct. We need to get rid of these Unionist troughers next year, by consolidating behind whichever SNP/Green/SSP candidate is most likely to win the seat in question.
    We also need a full list of the companies who backed the Unionist stance, so we all know which to avoid. The above is a good start, but we need a definitive list which could be widely publicised.

    1. Yes, I agree. If anyone sees a better, fuller list, email me with it at and I'll publish it.

  3. tris

    What about Mr and Mrs snp they are making a tidy little sum out of the snp
    Or in the Nat universe thats all fine and dandy.
    Wonder if all the newbies will be quite as accommodating to one family ruling
    over them methinks perhaps not

    1. Well i've just joined the SNP niko, and i'm very happy for the present cabinet to 'rule' over me. If i change my mind, i can speak out at conference if i choose. Unlike the British Labour Party that throws out 80 year old men, debate is encouraged at conferences, and you don't get chucked out for daring to have a different view.

    2. Niko...

      When Labour was in power in London they had two brothers in the cabinet and they had a husband and wife in the cabinet. (The husband and wife fiddled there expenses by having their two homes registered as a second home, eligible for expenses.) Indeed the best leader Labour could have had, Cooper, didn;t even stand for the post because she would have been treading on the fee of her husband, Balls. Unfortunately for Labour the two brothers didn't feel any moral obligation to not stand against each other.)

      I won't even start to go into who is married to whom in the Labour circles in Scotland, and how nearly everyone of them has a connection to someone high up in the BBC in Glasgow.

      Ms Lamont is married to someone very high up in Glasgow Labour Party.

      Are you suggesting that any of these people misuse their relationships?

      Nicola is married to the head of the SNP. The man isn't in the government, he's not in parliament, he has no role in the running of the country.

      I suppose that they both have very good salaries, as did Mrs and mrs Balls (largest ones), as did the Miliband brothers (larger ones) and as Ms Lamont and Archie Graham (although these ones are slightly smaller).

      But, as a supporter of HM The Queen, I'm sure you have no problems with people in the same family being in charge of things, or indeed passing their jobs on to each other. In fact you must approve too, of Earldoms and Dukedoms being handed out to people for the enormous public service they render ... by getting married!

    3. Fair comment Jutie. I've actually joined the SNP too.

      I'm happy to have Nicola as the Convenor and as First Minister.

      I see that Ms Lamont welcomed her and thought that it was excellent that women were leading the three main parties in Scotland (except that she and Ruth are only figureheads).

      And some idiot from the Tory party seemed to think that insulting the monarchy was a good way to welcome the first minister in waiting. That will go down well with the blue rinses.

  4. Tris

    You just wonder at people in this country that they continue to put up with this shit, add in Lamentable's something for nothing culture and you have the set. These people just don't care, a lot of the voters appear to not care, the media don't want to report it because they don't want you to care and the list goes on.

    I live in hope that people will wake up but I must admit some days I just despair at people and their attitudes. Thatcher, Corporations and the politicians really have won . They have convinced the masses there is no society and its about you and what you they tell you you want.



    1. I've always wondered why people in this country put up with unelected people "lording" over them.

      I wonder why we allowed the banks to leeway they did to ruin the economy , and we did nothing about it.

      I wonder why we allow the MPs and lords to steal money hand over fist and do nothing.

      I wonder why we allow royals to spend £30,000 on an air journey most of us could make form under £200.

      I wonder how we can allow them to spend lavishly on food and wines when a million people are forced to beg for food.

      I wonder how we tolerate people dying of the cold in the winter like this was some 3rd world country when in FAR colder places it just doesn't happen.

      I hope we have seen the end of it...

  5. A handy list of companies to boycott and a funny joke too. Glad you're feeling better.
    Nico, should you not be off, serving drinks in your bar? Leaving the rest of us with the shit, you voted for.

    1. If you hear of others, let me know.


      Next year Jim...He's not away yet a while.

      Oh... just think of the peace... and one less no vote next time round.

    2. I can't believe, I missed him; It must have been a lapse in sanity, though I did enjoy his quotes. I have, however, found the site he had been using.

    3. Maybe he's just very learned....

    4. Seemingly, he has learned; naught.

  6. I can't stand the aristocracy, and even worse, those that bow down to them. Why do these subjects bow to someone that they don't even know? I've never bowed to my parents, so there is no chance of me doing it to some rich family from a reality TV show!
    I met Prince Philip once as I was stravaiging over the Lochnagar area. I nodded to him and as I passed, and said hello, nice weather etc, as I would do to any fellow hillwalker. One of his minions made a comment about using his title, and showing respect. I burst out laughing at the serf, and give the old Greek his due, he laughed too.

    1. I too have never been subservient to any one, I applaud your belief in no one is your better, especially that lot.

    2. In fairness to some of them, they don't give much of a stuff about it. Phil the Greek is prpobably one of them.

      The ones who had it all their lives ... like the old aristocracy... and people who have been famous all their lives don't think much of the titles, position and wealth.

      Their hangers on do... as do the "new" aristocracy and some of the lesser 'stars'.

      Petula Clark once said to me that real stars that she has met are, by and large, lovely people with no airs and graces... where as some of the wannbes are really atrocious people with delusions of grandeur beyond belief and manners to match.

      I treat everyone the same. I'm more respectful to old people who may still like to be called by the Mr or Mrs title, but apart from that everyone gets treated the same way lord or labourer and if they don;t like it they can do the other thing.

      I was once invited to go to Holyrood Palace to a garden party because of some work I'd done with the Prince's Trust. When I got the details of what I had to wear; what to say if HRH approached me; how I should behave etc, I thought ...sod that, and didn't go! Not that I'll have been missed.

      Still it gives some people, usually older people, a HUGE thrill.

      There's an old lady I visit who was over the moon when Princess Alexandra stopped to speak to her in hospital. ...Each to his or her own.

    3. Jim... no one is your better, and you're better than no one.

      Well maybe except Tony Blair...

    4. That's what my mither always taught me; with the exception of the warmonger bit.

    5. I should add that I try to always show folk respect, I just don't believe in some mystical superiority given by birth into a certain family.

    6. Respect, only where it is due. To our equals, not our alleged betters; whether through birth or position.

  7. On another hillwalking jaunt only a couple of years ago, I witnessed a bizarre thing.
    I was heading to a favourite spot of mine at the Dubh Loch, on the Lochnagar estate. It was getting dark as I arrived, and two tents were in the place I had hoped to stay. I had to make do with a lesser pitch about 30 yards away.
    In the morning, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. One tent contained a couple of very posh young things (probably staying at Balmoral), and the other tent seemed to be occupied by a butler! He was saying things like "tea is ready now, sir", and I was pishing myself laughing so much that the scowls from the threesome could have cooked the eggs they were eating.
    Serfdom is still alive and well in North Britain.
    Maybe the butler was niko?

    1. Jim, doesn't know what's the problem with Nico, nArlene; though he has a bloody good idea.October 15, 2014 8:00 pm

      You obviously do a more upmarket hillwalk, than I did. " you there, what's, Nico is it? Eggs! sunny side up and be bally quick about it!"

    2. Wasn't Willie and his duchess was it, with their aide de champs (literally)?

      Or maybe it was the wee ginger one, Edward? and someone picked up at the pub?

      Was he wearing clothes? If so it wasn't the ginger one.

      He certainly does some quality hillwalking. Around our way, it's just squirrels and blackbirds.

      I don;t think Niko would make a Butler. Too coarse> Taz on the other hand would be perfect.

  8. Re: companies to boycott. The House of Bruar off the A9. It's owner is apparently a Ukip supporter and "advised" it's staff to vote No on the 18th September. Have only been in there once, and a cup of tea and a bacon roll nearly cleaned me out. Pockets and alimentary tract.

    1. He he... added to list! Thanks.