Monday, 7 April 2014

Dear Mr Cameron...A poem by Mato21

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  1. A wee correction I wrote this poem in Feb 2013

    1. Thanks Mato. I thought it was brilliant. I hope you don't mind me pinching it...

    2. Absolutely no problem It said what I was feeling at the time after listening to some guff or other that Dave the brave was going on about

      I just bristled a wee bit that someone else had put their name at the end as though it was theirs Maybe I was too sensitive

    3. Oh I'm sorry... I didn't catch on to that.

      I can't take the name off it unfortunately as it is part of the upload.

      But I'll amend it

  2. Another correction sorry, on checking I actually wrote it at the end of 2012. It was put it up on an article here in July 2013

  3. I see Labour are to roll out the so called "Big Guns" to swipe the pesky Nats aside, and who are these big guns, well they're wait for it "LORDS", that's right blinking lords. Lord Reid and Lord Foulkes and Lord Robertson, are to frontline the assault on the public.

    These corrupt politicians who've drained the public purse considerably for many decades, are asking you to vote no, because they've many many years of experience between them,and they know independence is a very bad thing, and that Westminster cares for you not that nasty man Alex Salmond.

    I'm so happy these pompus empirically titled buffoons are heading the unionist campaign, who in their right mind would take heed and listen to these ermine clad fools, never interrupt you enemy whilst he's making a mistake.

    1. They are simply concerned that when we are independent they will have to say they are British so that they can go on toughing in the house of the living dead. They must living mainly in England to sit in its legislature.

      Reid, ffoulkes and Robertson...

      Good choices.

      Reid is a loud mouth failure; ffoulkes likes the sauce and Robertson is a pompous oaf who thinks he was something because George W made him SG of Nato.

      What of course he required was a compliant idiot, a nodding dog who wouldn't disagree with a words he (and his poodle Blair) said..

  4. Hold on.

    Maybe we should be writing here that we are really worried about all these Labour Lords coming out to campaign for the union.

    If we laugh to much at the damage they will do to the No vote they may just tell them to stay on the Lords gravy train.

    We really want them out on the streets campaigning. Repeat after me "wir ah doomed, doomed ah tell ye" the Lords are coming.

    1. LOL Dubs yeah...

      Sorry, scrub all I said before...

      Oh No... That's it. We're done for good and proper guv... Them toffs has got us bang to rights...

      Is that better?

      Nice poster CH...

    2. CH

      Great poster, that should however kill the idea of the Lords campaigning "stone dead" Hold on stone dead, did someone not say that once?