Thursday, 10 April 2014


Comedian Bill Bailey has a nice turn of phrase.
The Labour supporting politician pretty much sums up the UK political leaders for the Huffington Post.

Of the Liberals he says that soon all that will be left of them is some flowers tied to a fence. David Cameron, he describes as "congealed laminated weasel".

He thinks UKIP are a troupe of sozzled berks who want an electric fence at Dover and a a "no women in the bar" rule.

And of Ed he says... "He's like a plastic bag in a tree. No one knows how it got up there and no one can be bothered to get it down".
Michael Fabricant has been sacked as a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party for tweeting "about time" over the demise of the ex-culture secretary, Maria Miller. He says he was asked to resign, refused and so Greg Shapps sacked him.

In further gossip from the Tory party, it is rumoured that George Osborne was behind Miller's decision to "resign" as she was dominating the news, when he wished to dominate it. 

(Of course when I say dominate and Tory in the same sentence some of you may be the idea that there was something sexual behind it, but as far as Minguin can make out no such deviation occurred...not that they'd tell him anything!

What I thought was interesting about this situation was that Michael was sacked for a tweet, and Maria had the confidence of the prime  minister after stealing tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money. Funny old party... funny old country.
David Cameron appears to have lost the plot, In his Easter message to religious leaders at Downing Street, he claimed that he is carrying out the work of Christ. Jesus invented the Big Society 2000 years ago, he told them, and he was simply carrying on the good work.

Meanwhile down at the food bank there were volunteers thinking that it might have been a better idea if he hadn't bothered, and wondering how it was that you fed 5000 out of 5 loaves and 2 tins of supermarket own brand tuna.

Then, having likened himself to Christ, he went on to compare himself to a drain cleaner. (He's versatile; you have to give him that.)

He urged church leaders to do more to serve Jesus's Big Society (Jesus/Cameron...whatever) and indicated that if they encountered any problems with that, they should think of him as a giant dyno-rod.

I'm sure you'll agree that the less said about that, the better.
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Meanwhile Anas Sarwar's brilliant scheme to involve blue blooded Labour in the campaign, and Lord Robertson of Gaelic Doesn't Exist's part in it, continue to attract press coverage. Unfortunately for Anas, not the kind that he is accustomed to.


  1. Tris

    The Miller thing just makes me sick to be honest and shows, no matter what anyone says, that there has been no change whatsoever in how we are ripped off by certain people in the three tory parties. Are they hoping that no one votes at all in this country or are MPs just so out of touch we have a serious crisis in our country right now.

    Bill Bailey I have never found funny, even the things you wrote that he said are not funny. He hasn't even walked past funny in the street by accident. Cameron is just a tool and Sarwar isn't even that, it is all so sad.

    I see Bitter Together have at last found a poll that they can promote, The polls are going to be all over the place right up until September and it will be closer than anyone thinks right now but I still suspect it will be a yes vote as I certainly think that Bitter Together are getting different results from their private polling.

    OT but the Westminster threat to the Scottish Government regarding the investigation into the EDN Nuclear Power Station subsidy should be highlighted by everyone as this shows exactly where we stand in the UK according to Westminster.


    1. Actually, I have to admit I'd never heard of Bill Bailey (except I'm sure there's a jazz song about him), but I thought the comments were Ok. I thought though that as a lefty comedian it was interesting that he hadn't a good word to say about Ed Miliband.

      I need to know more about us being threatened about the nuclear thing in England. All I know is that the Chinese company (state owned by the Communist party which despises Cameron), are building it, because no one else will do it.

      Presumably this will give the government of Communist China, the power to turn off the electricity any time it likes. I understand the company is banned from work in the USA, so I'm surprised Mr Obama allowed this.

    2. I suppose the media will be all over this poll like a nasty rash.

      I think it's fine.

      It makes them happy to think they are winning by miles.

      And it makes me happy for them to think that.

      We know it's not quite true.

  2. I thought all that chat about Cameron comparing himself to Jesus and the Dyno-rod thing was a spoof. I read it in the Pink Press (via a tweet from Dean.)

    I could stand to know more about the threat to the SG over Nuclear subsidies. I'm well aware that any green subsidy pales in comparison to what Nuclear either got or will require to be cleaned up...

    1. That the trouble with Cameron and his cronies. You read something and you think... "he he he he... that's a good one" and lo and behold, it's the truth.

      George Bush said God told him to bomb the living daylights out of Iraq, and David Cameron reckons god told him starve the working classes to death so that the middle classes would rally round and do some good works.

      Of course they are both ever so slightly mad. It comes of never having lived in the real world.

      Yes... as I just said to Bruce, I don;t know diddly about the nuclear thing. Must look into it.

      Probably if Scotland becomes independent, there will be a nuclear holocaust... Maybe Fat Boy Robertson will enlighten us.

  3. I can imagine people thinking "Jesus Christ" when they hear David Cameron's policies being executed.

    1. I've used other words, but, yes, Anon, I can see why he got the idea he was Jesus Christ. You';re bound to if every time you turn up people say the name out loud.