Sunday, 6 April 2014


David Cameron has spoken of his love for the "incomparable" United Kingdom, as he set out what he described as a "positive vision" for preserving the union. Cameron hailed the shared history of Scotland and the other nations of the UK building the industrial revolution, fighting two World Wars, creating the NHS and staging the Olympics.

And he dismissed Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond as a "man without a plan" whose proposals for an independent Scotland were "all over the place".

He told delegates at the Conservative Spring Forum in London: "These four nations. Three colours on the flag. One incomparable United Kingdom. 
Nothing to stop it, Alex

"We love this country and all it stands for - so let's win this referendum for all our futures. Our next big fight: the one to keep our United Kingdom united. Let us set out our positive vision for the future of the UK." (No, we don’t all love this country. Many people live in some kind of hell; many other couldn’t care less about it. Chipping Norton, Dave, is not the whole country!)

Setting out his case for the UK to remain united, the PM asked: "When the future belongs to the innovators, why would we want to put up walls between the bio-engineers in Edinburgh and Cambridge? (Like there isn’t any chance of us working across international borders as we do at the moment with other European states, the USA, Japan and many other countries?)

"When stability and certainty are what brings in investment, why would we break apart one of the oldest and most successful single markets and currencies on the planet?" (We won’t be. We are in a single market. It’s called the EU. Doesn’t Britain sell stuff to and buy stuff from France, Spain and Germany?)

But he said that supporters of the union were fighting for a No vote on September 18 "not just because the UK works - which of course it does - but because we love this country". (Well, it doesn’t work actually and you may love it , Dave; it’s been good to you. Eton, Oxford, parliament, Prime Minister, loads of money, seat in the House of Lords and great pension to look forward to. What’s not to like? You remind me of HRH the Prince of Wales announcing that he felt very privileged to be born British.) 
Keep talking, Dave

Scotland and the rest of the UK have "ties that run rich and deep", said the PM. "Two hundred years ago we were leading the industrial revolution and shaping the world's economic ideas. One hundred years ago young men from the Highlands to the Valleys went to war together, and many fell, together. (We fought with people from other countries too, Dave. It wasn’t just Scotland and England, Wales and NI against the world.)

"Seventy years ago - the D Day landings, the Highlanders running on to the beaches of Northern France to the skirl of the bagpipes. (Patronising git! In almost every conflict in the last 100 years we have fought alongside people from many countries. Let’s not forget the enormous contribution of Commonwealth countries, the Soviet Union and the USA. We…we don’t have to be ruled by the London Tories to fight together.)

"Sixty years ago - building the health service that says no matter where you're from or how much you've got, we will look after you. (Oh please. Given what you are doing to the Health Service even you must have seen mentioning that as a big mistake.)

"And one year ago - the single-tier pension, which says if you've worked hard all your life we will support you - a mark of respect for those who have worked hard all their lives and a symbol of our solidarity on these islands." (Thanks a million. Soon you’ll be 75 before you get it. Scotland will be able to afford pensions… just like Norway, Sweden, Malta, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Iceland, RoI. It’s not exclusively British.  Indeed Britain has the lowest pension in Europe by comparison with average wages.) 
Yep... that's what we like to see... an open mouth
Mr Cameron rejected the argument that flying the flag is wrong and taking pride in Britain's history "vulgar". (Fine. Fly your flag and we will fly ours.)

"I say no," he said. "Head for head we are a people that has influenced and improved the world like no other - and this is what I'll proudly teach my children." (Do you ever mention all the harm you’ve done… you know, all the deaths your governments have cased; all the misery you wrought on people that didn’t want to be herded into reservations, or have bombs dropped on them?)

He cited the UK's democracy and its celebration of injured war veterans in the Olympic torch parade as examples of what made him proud. (Probably the least democratic country in the Western World, with a powerful unelected head of state, unelected house of aristos, churchmen [from one church only] and party funders, and a house with members elected by FPTP, often totally unrepresentative of the votes in their constituency. In particular, Scotland ruled by the Tories by returning one MP?)

"This is what I love about our UK," said Mr Cameron. "The decency. The family. The solidarity”. (What a load of piffle. What you like about it is the way you live at the top of the dung heap.) 
Eton Boys don;t like being crossed, do they

"The health service we built together (what?), the help in hard times we provide together (what?), the starving people around the world that we help feed together, the freedom we fought for together.” (What freedom? Iraq, Afghanistan? And how about the starving people in cities up and down the country queuing up at food banks and soup kitchens? The help we provide for the disabled and the sick, thanks to Ian Duncan Smith and Atos? Is that the help you’re talking about? Obviously you’ve never been  a recipient of the kind of help that drives you to kill yourself.)

Mr Salmond's desire to have independence while keeping the pound was "like someone asking for a divorce and then saying 'but do you mind if I keep the joint bank account and credit card?'," said Mr Cameron. (No, it wasn’t you economic illiterate. It was common sense. Have you seen the article in the Herald?) 
Respect! Or not.
And he added: "Alex Salmond talks about having a plan for Scotland... yes - he's on draft 83. (No, he’s not, but as circumstances change, the plan changes. It’s called government. You’d know nothing about it.)

"The reality is, he is a man without a plan - and let's be bold in saying it." (No. He’s not, and you know that. For a man without a plan he’s got us to more or less neck and neck… And since you mention it, your plan is, erm …what exactly?)

Needless to say in a reply Nicola Sturgeon rubbished everything he said, much more expertly than I did.


  1. That is the kind of demolition job we need - better than Red Road!
    His speech utterly blown apart - well done Munguin and thanks.

    1. Thank you kindly Aye... and welcome to the Republic.

      I suppose politicians addressing their party conferences or get tog ethers or whatever this was have to say what the faithful want to hear, but this clap trap about the flag and how much we do together ... it's sickening.

      The call to patriotism is always a bit sickening...wherever it comes from.

      Who was it that said "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"?

      When all logic is gone, hide behind the flag.

  2. Scotland really does not figure very highly in his plans for the future

    1. Well, that's good. I'm glad he's going to be putting all his efforts into that.

      I suppose it adds up. He doesn't want to be the man that lost Scotland for the empire, but more than anything he doesn't want to be a one term PM.

      And likes being up there playing the role of the world leader, even if what he says is of no real account and the Chinese and Russians laugh at him.

      I suppose he is hoping for a Republican president next time round. Just think of the right wing nonsense he could get involved in ...

  3. To be honest Cameron and Salmond talk all tosh about
    loving their respective nations (and one supposes the people
    who live in them ?? ) and yet both have the most hate filled, vengeful
    xenophobic..stranger loathing supporters imaginable.

    And both worship at the altar of thatcher economics
    they just luv it...

    1. That's not true Niko, and you know it.

      I can't be bothered with all this country first stuff. As I said before, it's the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      But I don't think that John Swinney's policies could be called Thatcherite (building council houses; subsidising social security cuts), and I see no Xenophobia in the SNP, although it is true that Cameron is more Thatcherite than Thatcher and that he is doing his best to stop anyone who isn't British coming to Britain.

      Salmond knows that the demography means that we will have to import some younger highly skilled people into the country to supply industry with a highly skilled and motivated workforce, to support the ageing population which unfortunately the British government has done nothing about providing for (the pension isn't funded, and is paid from current taxation).

  4. Alex Salmond is on draft 83 of a plan he doesn’t have? In that case he shoould be a push over in a live debate and Mr cameron can bring his superior intellect and rapier like wit to bear and make mince meat out of him. Oh but then its a debate for Scotland and not for Dave as he is English(ish) and he respects the Scots far too much to try and dictate to them or sneer at their duly elected leader, or as Mr Cameron likes to respectfully chuckle about him: “the mad Scotsman”!

    The way he describes the UK you wuld think we are living in a Gilbert and Sullivan oparetta, and not one off the good ones either: Utopia Limited springs to mind!

    1. Cameron, of course, does still live in some sort of fantasy world of servants and bowing and scraping and comic figures like Charlie.

      You make a good point about the debate though. If he is that clever why doesn't he just get on with demolishing the mad Scotsman face to face? The whole thing could be over in a flash and Cameron would be a Brit hero.

  5. Tris

    Sorry to say it but Cameron is an arsehole, along with Darling, Miliband, Lamont, Clegg, Rennie, Davidson, Carmichael, Prince Charles, all arseholes.

    The Union is great for them and thier like , they have convinced the deluded in the BT mob with some sort of magic mushroom illusion of what this shitty country is. I get so pissed off when I hear this ruibbish about the positive case for the union, where is it. Niko / Dean, do you have it? Can you let the rest of us know what the f it is.

    Cameron is as vacuous as the rest and I can't wait to be rif of them all. Niko talks of Slamond being a fan of Thatchers economic policies, I very much doubt it as I have never seen Salmond throw millions on the scrap heap and lay waste to vast parts of Scotland. We can have responsible economics, it's really simple, we need to just take the power, grow a pair and tell the elite and bosses that no matter what you do, what you threaten, you will act with honour and dignity, fairness and maybe we might just change the world. A lofty ambition but it is better than the zero ambition of the likes of Cameron, Darling and nay sayers like Niko.

    This a shitty countruy but without the likes of Cameron we can build a great Scotland, apparently he has said that he will not save the Union at the expense of not winning the GE. Exactly, he will happily sacrifice Scotland because the Tories don't metter here and anyway he will be the man to bring about an Independent England, man I hope he sticks to his word, he is still an arsehole though. Somethings will never change.


    1. Absolutely Bruce.

      Winning the election is his first priority. So although he would fight with every fibre (except in a face to face debate) to save the union, he'll put more than every fibre into remaining prime minister. Well, the instinct to keep the top job for yourself is obviously very strong.

      I completely agree. There isn't a trace of Thatcherism that I can see in the policies of the government.

      In fairness though Dean long ago saw the light that a fair society could only be created if the two countries went their own way and followed their own chosen policies.

  6. Tears in my ears reading Dave's speech.

    Must stop peeling onions when reading the article.

    1. It probably wasn't the onions, Marcia. The ridiculousness of this blokes assertions would either make you laugh or cry.

      The NHS (selling it off to our friends)... helping each other in times of need (sending people to foodbanks because their wages are so low and their rents so high)... and this garbage about the flag.

      Well, at least from what I heard, he didn't mention clout!

      I hope whatever you were making with the onions turned out good...

  7. Quick pass the sick bucket Cameron's speech has made me all giddy and lightheaded, I'm surprised Cameron didn't give the speech in Aberdeen or Inverness or somewhere north of the border, as per usual.

    He's right though when he says the UK is "Incomparable" its bloody well and truly incomparable how much London sucks out of Scotland resource and finance wise, its incomparable how terrible Westminster is treating the poor,sick and terminally ill with regards to stopping their benefits.

    Its mindboggingly incomparable that 100's of billions of pounds will be spent on WMD's whilst child poverty is on the rise, its incomparable that WMD's are placed 30 miles from Scotland's largest city, I could go on all night about how incomparable the UK is but I think you get the picture.

    1. I've pretty much got it.

      There was a post not long ago on Bella Caledonia, which did all the comparisons.

      The UK is at or near the bottom of everything that is good, and at or near the top of every thing that is bad.

      Uniquely awful in European terms.

  8. The man is as shallow as GB waffling vacuous sound bites whenever they speak. The UK really is dead in the water.

  9. Replies
    1. LOL yes...


      Trident willie waving.... LOL