Thursday 31 May 2012


Not only did the week not start too well for Cameron; it's gone on not being good for Cameron.

I'm not one to complain about u-turns. For sure there will be times when any government brings in a law that is at odds with the public's will, or is unworkable, or just plain silly.

And without a doubt, in cases like this, a u-turn is the right and proper thing to do, even if it means the less cerebral of opponents jumping up and down and waving their knickers in the air with joy.

Mrs Thatcher was stupid enough not to see the wisdom of climbing down from time to time when necessary. In the end the "lady's" refusal to turn was her undoing.
So it is good that Cameron's government u-turns on bad policies.  The shame is that there are so many bad policies for them to u-turn on. Buzzards' nest, pasties, caravans, secret trials, charitable donations tax... all in one week! It must be a record. The Telegraph has a full list of the u-turns (although they can only find 33, and I suspect that there are more).
To a certain extent it has taken the heat off Hunt, but I should think  it won't do him any good in the end. He really has to go. He's not just a failed minister, he's a complete laughing stock. The question is, will he take Cameron with him. The answer: probably not. Cameron has more front than Cannes and will brazen out the fact that despite knowing how biased Hunt was (he knew because Hunt had emailed him to tell him); despite knowing that Hunt used to work for Murdoch and that his wife still does; despite Hunt being friends with the Murdoch sethe appointed him to replace Vince Cable (who was removed for being biased) and to a quasi judicial role adjudicating on a massive bid by the Murdochs.
Added to all that he made a gut churningly sycophantic speech about the Queen saying that he depended on her counsel, because it was full of British common sense. If he has been acting on the advice of the Queen, and her good old British common sense (no other nation has it quite like the Brits), then all I can say is that her good old British common sense is about as dependable as the good old British Railways, or the good old Royal Mail. Because he's managed to get damn all right so far.
And there's still Friday to come!


  1. see cameron has found Hunt not guilty of any misconduct so will not refer him to Sir Alex Allan.(mainly out of fear Cameron being next in line for the inquisition)
    Begs the question as he so surely innocent why not refer then when found totally innocent everybody would have to eat humble pie or NOT.

    You get the sense of why in other nations??? just how the people feel (powerless and deeply frustrated)when their politicians behave illegally and then use their power to avoid any investigations and possible being held to account for their action.

    Cameron and his cronies really are a rotten bad bunch this Government?? is/are becoming the most disreputable in many many a year.

  2. I agree with every word, Niko. This is rotten to the core, and because Cameron fears that he would be implicated having appointed the guy when he knew perfectly well he was biased, and the matter had been discussed.

    He should at the very least have had an inquiry and it begs credulity that it is to be swept under the carpet.

    'Underhand' and 'corrupt' are two words that spring to my mind.

    The third one is 'Tory'.

  3. Niko, you should read this. It's from the Daily Torygraph too... and it's not just funny; it's totally damning for Cameron (and of course Hunt).

  4. tris

    We Brits/Scots etc always say how the politicians behave in the so called 'Banana Republics' But look at our UK Government.

    They never won an election cobbled together a political Gang fixed yeah! 'fixed' themselves a five year term.

    Handed out the baubles of state to each other created a code of conduct with an 'independent adviser whom due to their inbuilt malfeasance/Guilt they are terrified of approaching.
    And their misdeeds are covered up and shielded from proper investigation.


    And still they cling on to power

    One(being all posh there)hopes the people will feel as sickened as all decent people should(not Louise Mensch)

    Tory encompasses 'Underhand' and 'corrupt and much other bad things as well

  5. tris

    Mr Hunt said he’d considered that. “I did think about my own position, but I’d conducted the bid scrupulously fairly, so I decided it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to go.” Translation: I offered myself my resignation but after careful thought I decided not to accept it.

    Of course, it’s easy to despise Mr Hunt

    yes its very easy to despise Mr Hunt and his chums but then so it should be

    David Cameron appears before Leveson next month.

    yes well will Mr Flashman be let out of Camerons inner psyche we await events

  6. Again, I can't disagree with any of that Niko. I was talking to a Bulgarian friend of mine earlier tonight and he was amazed that our lot are just as bad as their lot.

    I look forward to seeing Cameron in the dock. I hope that the inquisitor isn't phased by the mightiness that is the prime minister...some people are... but somehow I don't think that this guy, and certainly not Leveson, will be.

    Can't wait to see what Private Eye makes of all this... Should be a good read next week!

    Crooks the lot of them.

  7. And yes, Niko. It will be interesting to see if Dave Flashman can hold on to his temper when he is treated like everyone else at the inquiry, or will he lose it.

    Wouldn't it be fun if he did...

  8. They are ALL the same tris, whatever colour they fly or which side of the fence they are supposed to be isn't just a Tory thing. I look back on the past 40 odd years of government (yes I am that old, older actually, that was when I started being personally F...D OFF with them all and started keeping a closer eye on them) and I see a continual decline in political and at the same time a continual and accelerating race towards being the corruptest and most blatant thieves ever to be 'voted' in... I think they realise that the 'jig' is up' and that the people/voters are on to them all...but the monolith of the people is slow to move, there are many meals left for the parasitic political fleas before the monolith warms up enough to be in a position to crush them with a careless slap.
    I cannot remember an effective opposition, from either side Tory Or Labour and the vacillating libdems have ensured that the 'balance' of power is and has never been threatened in the slightest...a pox on all their houses I say!
    Voting for any of these so called politicians is a bit like going to a prison to choose the burglar that will rob you blind...(not very sensible as an idea eh!)

  9. LOL Nom...

    I think in fairness to today's politicians, we know they are crooks and useless because we are allowed to know more about them than in the 70s, 80s, even 90s.

    The advent of Facebook, Youtube, blogging and 24 hour news has meant that they really can't hide... and trying old tricks like burying bad news really doesn't work.

    Add that to the ebbing of deference for one's rulers (and quite right too; why would you defer to a pile of thieving gits) and you have a situation where journalists are no longer afraid to ask the prime minister what he's been up to... and no prime minister would dare take the tone that people like Eden used to take with journalists, so you have a situation where they have nowhere to hide.

    There are still some good people though, probably in every party.

    But my goodness there are some right scum.

    Did you see the Tory councillor from Surrey, England, who said that they should move out people who were sick because it would raise house prices.... (why or how I'm not sure)...

  10. Must agree all New Labour and Tories are bastards. The problem Niko and his chums have is that everyone expects Tories to be bastards whereas Labour are supposed to be the anti-bastards but it has not worked out that way and nowadays it's a contest to see who can be most corrupt or the biggest bastards.

    On top of that corruption and sleaze is expected and seems to be accepted as quite normal. Once upon a time a shag on the sly was a resigning offence and now it seems to be a badge of honour and being found out is the biggest crime.

    Grumpy John the bastard-hater.

  11. Oh dear, Grumpy John... What's wrong with your face this fine weekend of celebrations (so they tell me)?

    You're usually such a cheerful soul.

    You're right. Labour were supposed to be the anti-bastards, but certainly since Blair(he's the one with the fascination for rich and powerful men, Mrs Lamont)took them to the ''middle'' of British politics they have become every bit as bad... mind, I hardly think the Welsh windbag, with two peerages in one family and a son employed in some sinecure, was Mr Perfect...

    I'm intrigued tonight to see Warsi's career tumble around her . Posh Boy Cameron was probably looking forward to a weekend that he could cope with... the part of the job that involves swilling champagne at our expense in company with members of the royal family and other "dignitaries". Right at home, until it turns out that Warsi (whose job it is to work with grass roots of the party) has been on 17 trips abroad (where not many of the grass roots live) sometimes in company with someone who has had connections to a radical Islamist, and who probably hasn't been security cleared and that she is a major shareholder in a company... which she neglected to declare...

    So bye bye nice weekend, Dave, Warsi has to go, before, at the same time, or after Hunt...?

    And you think you have it tough, John?