Sunday 20 May 2012


A report from Adrain Beecroft, venture capitalist woth £100,000,000, the man behind such classy organisations as, which lends money at up to 4,000% interest rates, and a friend of David Cameron, as if you wouldn't have guessed, has come up with a report containing a series of suggestions to make business more competitive.

Cameron is reported to be right behind his friend's suggestions, and will lend his (light)weight (when not playing computer games or being photographed with important people) to the report. The idea is to remove as many of the obstacles to sacking people as possible and making life easier for bosses. The proposals include:
* An end to a mandatory 90-day consultation period when a company is considering redundancy programmes. Mr Beecroft recommends a 30-day period and an emergency five-day period if a company is in severe economic distress. (So tough luck  if the company decides it is in a serious situation... and won't they all?)
* A cap on loss of earnings compensation for employees who make successful unfair dismissal claims. Payments can often total hundreds of thousands of pounds. (Well... that is what they would have earned if they hand't been unfairly dismissed, god knows directors and senior civil servants, not to mention MPs and cabinet members seem to enjoy that perk... will they be affected?)
* Major reform of the rights that workers are allowed to “carry” to new employers when they are the subject of a takeover. Currently, the rights, called transfer of undertakings (TUPE), can leave people in the same company working in the same job with different levels of rights for many years. (Jeez, I can see the fiddles in this one, specially coming from a venture capitalist)
* An end to provisions in the Equality Act which make employers liable for claims from employees for “third party harassment” — for example, customers making “sexist” comments to staff in a restaurant. The Government has already begun a consultation on the issue. (I guess that that might be fair enough, but staff shouldn't have to take sexist or racist crap from a customer; they should have the immediate right to take their own call the police, or give as good as they get, without fear of retribution from the employer.)
* Moving the responsibility to check on foreign workers’ eligibility to work in Britain from employers to the Border Agency or the Home Office. (That's it get the small state to do all the work... just remember the Border Agency couldn't find its backside with both hands...)
I hear an awful lot of complaints and moans about the 'human rights' that people have. But I've travelled quite a lot, and in quite a few cases to countries where people have very few human rights. Watch the next move to get rid of the minimum wage. The Tories did it before, which led to people working for as little as £1 an hour.
I'd caution to be very careful about letting the likes of Beecroft make government policy. He's interested in two things only. Himself and money...his.


  1. Does this not all demonstrate extremely well the importance a fresh re-regulation movement across economic life coupled with a shift to a neo-Keynesian macroeconomic agenda.

    Then the likes of the venture capitalists can go and be 'minimised' in importance. (and that is me being polite, out of respect for Tris ole mum)

  2. Och Dean. How very kind of you. She'll be pleased about that...although she might have a problem with "ole".... Can't win can ya? :)

    I notice that the regulations which the EU wanted to bring in, but on which mr Cameron stood firm, like a rock, a great British rock, would have prevented the massive loss suffered last week by JPM.

    Why is it that half wits like Cameron and Osborne seem to think that they know everything? Do they want every loonie turning up in London and taking mad risks that wouldn't be permitted anywhere else?

    That might make money in the short term, but in the longer term it will cost, and eventually all the reputable banks will move out.

    Hopefully, by then, to Edinburgh!

  3. That dreadful beeswax man should be horse whipped. His ghastly wonga website targets the elderly. And when do they ever get a pay day? He is the most vile and repulsive face of the the Tory party and if I were to meet him I would quite happily spread his nose all over his face!

  4. tris
    Cameronbacks a lot of mad things know ing it please the right wing vermin scum in his party.

    And also that in wont happen cos the the Lib Dem vermin scum quislings wont let it the hope someone any one will vote for them one day.......

    And Cameron can carry on playing on his x box

  5. Quoting Tris "Why is it that half wits like Cameron and Osborne seem to think that they know everything?" Bertrand Russell pretty much summed that up when he stated "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

  6. Ouch Munguin. And I didn't think you were a violent Munguin...

    He is revolting though. He'd happily bring back slave labour, knowing it would never affect him.

    At his age he's going to ahe a job spending all his money.

  7. Yes, of course Niko, you're right. After the council elections he had to do something to appease the rabid right wing nut jobs that populate the fringes of the Tory party and not so rabid but just as nutty, that populate the rest of the Tory party.

    He knows, despite support from the population (3-2) that he can't afford to come out of the EU, so he can't propose that tot hem, so it has to be this 19th century nonsense.

    As you say the Liberals won't vote for it, so he will be able to say that he tried... even though he didn't.

    He can blame the Liberals, and if his nutjobs come back with... "ditch them", he can argue that they wouldn't last more than 6 months as a minority government, becasue you have to be really gifted politicans to do that... then there would be an election, and Miliband would, on present voting trends, have a majority of around 120.

    Bye bye Nasty party... for another 20 years... And to paraphrase Willie Nutjob Hague "They'll all be dead by that time!"

  8. "The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

    Absolutely correct pictishbeastie.

    And this lot are stupider than most... and more cocksure.

    What I can't understand is why anyone in Scotland would vote to continue being ruled by the likes of Cameron... then I look at Lamont, and I begin to understand their dilemma!

  9. tris

    woz! (he whispers peering over his shoulder) happened to Deano?

    He seems to have gone to bed a Conservative neo-liberal and woke up (lowers voice even more) a socialist..

    did you ever see that fillim Invasion of the Body Snatchers makes you/me wonder

  10. I share your concern Niko, but I'm at a loss about what to do.

    It must be a unique case of someone turning to Labour under Mrs Lamont.

    Do you think we should inform the authorities....or just pretend we never noticed?

  11. Great idea to create employment by making it easier to sack the employed. If my memory serves me right most of the proposed changes are EU directives so is Cameron going to challenge them over this to appease his chums and pay-masters.


    Leave Tris's Mum alone - she prefers the more maturish (it's a word I've made up to describe my condition) individuals with good looks, charm and a bottle of gin.

  12. You have to hand it to Camergoon, his plans are so fiendishly cunning that only a person of equal intellect could possibly understand their worth.

    We are currently looking for such a person....



  13. On Adrian Beecroft.

    Looking at that picture, I'm trying to think of someone i'd like to slap more...

    Nope, can't think of anyone.

    I think if I passed him in the street, even if I didn't know who he was, I'd just lash out, it would be instinctive, like swatting at a wasp or changing channels when TOWIE or whatever the fuck its called comes on the telly.

    Even if he didn't have a slappable face, he'd probably deserve a bit of a slap for his report (for which I can only assume he misunderstood the question) and for giving us

  14. Give him a slap from me too then Pa... In fact put the boot in!!!