Friday 18 May 2012


Well queen Elizabeth embarrassed us all by welcoming at several odious tyrants to Windsor Castle, England,  today for lunch.

She apparently invited all the monarchs of the world to have luncheon. Hopefully she was paying personally for the food, but the the accommodation, staff and the security was down to you and me.

And it seems that her majesty thought it would be bad manners not to invite, for example, the king of Bahrain, despite the fact that he is a murdering b*****d who only holds on to power by subjecting his people to torture.

Of course the king is very close to the Sau'di royals, and they spend billions on British arms, so that makes the him welcome in the UK. When selling weapons there is no time for sentiment about poor people who have no rights, and who are routinely subjected to violence. We don't seem to bother much either about the imprisonment of medics who treat them, except maybe for Hague stuttering something about it would be very nice if they didn't do that, and could we persuade them to buy more tanks!

In other jubilee news the queen of Spain was stopped from attending the luncheon by the Spanish Government, who are less than happy with the insult of Liz sending prince Edward and his grasping bitch of a wife to visit Gibraltar. What I'd say to the Spaniards is they should think themselves lucky Fat Eddy is only going to Gibraltar. The UK could have wished him on Spain too. Then they really would have had something to moan about.

The king of Cambodia was, as usual, too busy getting on with his job to bother with all the froth and bubbles of yet another Windsor occasion. So at least someone has some sense. Or maybe it is just that as a Buddhist, he would find being in the same room as ملك البحرين, the Swazis and the Kuwaitis.  I know I wouldn't much fancy eating with them.

Still the queen should be happy that, despite the company she keeps, she is more popular than at any time in the past 20 years. This can be attributed to amount of favourable coverage she is getting in the tabloid press and the indecent amount of money this broke country is forking out to congratulate her on the fact that she actually HAS a job, and is setting an example to everyone by working on at it until she dies. Also of course everyone seems to be in love with prince Willie and Kate Middleton. Lovely.

And the even better news is that royal jubilee whisky went on sale today at only £120,000 a bottle.

Life just gets better and better in the UK.


  1. Royals are always so much more acceptable than mere dictators. After all the thieving and murdering was done by their ancestors in the dim and distant past, they have just done a bloody good job on holding on to all the dibs for centuries! The likes of Mubarak and Ghadaffi, however, did all the murdering, raping, torturing and looting in recent memory so they are beyond the pale. It seems, however, that when royals do some more murdering and torturing to add the sum total of all their ancestors then they are still welcome in the royals-are-us® club!

    Not such a good addition to the party political broadcast in favour of not having a democratic head of state that is the entire lives of these odious parasites. But I’m sure it will all be lost in the sickening flow of gushing adoration that is about to engulf us all because Brenda has manages to keep breathing for so long.

  2. Indeed Munguin... although I seem to remember that both Mubarak and Gadaffi were acceptable when it suited was that Romanian fellow, Ceausescu, who used to steal everything that wasn't nailed down. Or for that matter, when his people were dying for us in their millions, Stalin himself!

    Anyway, I wish Brenda many happy whatsits. After all it not everyone who HAS a job these days. She's bloody lucky, and she's doing us all a big favour keeping Charlie and the Crocodile away from the throne room.

  3. OK, we've trod this ground before. But I must once again express my outrage at the House of Windsor having another one of these palace shindigs (parties) and not inviting our president. OK, I know. Tris has patiently explained it to me. Our president is not....well....ROYAL. Well that's not his fault. Americans can't even be aristocrats. And if odious tyrants are invited to the palace, why NOT our president? He'd fit in OK. He's not even all that odious. And it's not that there wasn't already a place at table for the Queen of Spain who sent her regrets.

    Now another thing. As nice an old lady as the queen seems to be (albeit a tad snooty), one thing she does is purely a national embarrassment. She insists on carrying that damn silly purse on her arm. Not just when she goes OUT where she might need her driver's license and a few pounds of cash for expenses, but also INSIDE THE PALACE. This is really odd! Seriously! And does she carry a fashionable bag that matches her outfit. NO! She carries a ratty old black leather purse that looks like it came from the 1950's. Get a clue! Ditch the purse, or at least buy one that's presentable.

    Finally, as for that royal jubilee whisky. Why on earth did a country that manages to add as many additional letters as possible to the efficient American spellings of words, decide to drop the "e" from whiskey? I would have expected the British to take our "whiskey" and spell it "whiskeuy."

    Just a few thoughts from America for your consideration in this jubilee year. ;-)

  4. OK. Let me take your points in order, Danny.

    If Mr Obama's forefathers didn't steal enough stuff or slaughter enough people to make them royal, it may not be his fault, but it is more his fault that ours. Deal with it.

    Anyway, he couldn't have come because he's got his new best buddy Monsieur Hollande at Camp David. And camp David won't be pleased about that!!!! he's been left with no one to chat to but the Canadian Prime Minister... and who wants to be photographed with him? Who even knows who he is?

    Secondly. It's handbag, not a purse. I mean, can you imagine Lady Bracknell saying " a purrrrsssseeee"? And, it's all very well for you, but if you lived in a great big rambling airy castle like Windsor, and were old, and a woman, you'd want to put your coat on and take your handbag when moving from room to room, if only to hold your floor plan. We don't all have central heating and air conditioning like Americans do, you know!!

    Mind you, she could probably get a new one, I'd admit.

    And you are right about the Whisky thing. It's the fault of the English of course. The proper name for the stuff is usquebaugh, or water of life.


  5. Erm, but who is the monarch of Scots? Is it Elizabeth or is it the king from over the water?

  6. heavy Kool -Aid user in an Olympic tracksuitMay 20, 2012 12:27 pm

    Dean said..
    "God save The Queen"

    Yes I agree. Maybe she will fare better in the next life.
    She was never able to enjoy the satisfaction of making her own way in the world on her own two feet. Or enjoy the satisfaction of sitting in a humble abode, paid for by study and effort.
    Rubber stamping her sovereignty away to Brussels has been her main 'role' in this life.
    Shaking hands with corrupt devils still smelling of the blood and fear of their subjects.
    God Save her and her children from pointless time wasting and obscurity.

  7. Not too sure he'll want to save her now...