Thursday 10 May 2012


But, they've done it. 

Please, please, before they return us to the 1910s, can we be a separate nation with a social conscience and a care for people outside the the top 2%?


  1. I started to watch the queen etc last night but had to turn it off, I don't mind the royal family to be honest, they're a unique tourist attraction.

    I cannae be hooped with all that faux pomp and dressing up though, it just seems silly.

    I did wonder what was going through the queen's head while she was reading out the list of what her government was 'going to do'.

    I think it may have been something like, 'What utter pish this is', although perhaps a bit more delicately put. Mind you, how informed is she about things like the price of bread or a litre of fuel etc?

  2. You will be a seperate nation even though Brenda will press on Her ministers to do their utmost to prevent it.

    The chap next door to me, in Dorset, says if Scotland achieves independence he'll return home to Dundee after 41 years in England.

    You'll have your own regiments, with proper names, not numbers like we get now. And a new crest perhaps, to mark your independence.

    For trade and commerce go to the four corners because the EU is for fools and bureaucrats who will strangle bonny Scotland.

    You can make it on your own.

    Steve (an Englishman)

  3. Pa... I've often thought about how the Queen must feel about being a tourist attraction rather than a serious head of state. All this state opening or parliament and what have you is an expensive circus with her as the main clown, and the rest of her families as assistant clowns.

    I have nothing personal against the Queen as a person; indeed sometimes I feel downright sorry for her. Yesterday was one of these occasions.

    I can't stand to watch any of them these days. They make my blood boil.

  4. Steve... You're very welcome to Munguin's Republic. Delighted you dropped in, and with such an interesting comment too.

    I'm in Dundee; you should tell your neighbour he'll be welcome back in the new Scotland.

    The numbers are against us at the moment but the more that Cameron treats us like muck; the more he sneers at our fears (closure of bases, and comments about flying by the seat of our pants... insinuating that without the likes of him we would not have a chance), the more people are interested in the idea of independence, if only to get away from him.

    It seems that the trouble is that, having nothing much to fight the SNP about...we're implementing left of centre policies on most issues...our opposition (Labour) can't find much to argue about, except silly niggling things. And the Tories don't like our policies because we care about the poor... but even they are bright enough to know that THEIR policies go down like a lead balloon hereabouts.

    Anyway...thanks again for your uplifting comment...

    Come again soon. :¬)

  5. The Queen is no longer our Sovereign since she signed that honour away to an unelected oligarchy in Europe. Signing many treaties since 1972 to cede her sovereignty to a foreign power.
    She must have trouble sleeping knowing that she has dishonoured the solemn oath she made to her subjects on coronation day.

  6. To be fair, Monty, she never had any really power anyway. It was Victoria who REALLY gave the power away (although it was disappearing even before her) by telling her ministers that she was a poor widow who couldn't manage all these duties without dear dear Albert.

    The powers then, by custom, went to the prime minister and that was maybe OK then, but since the war all these powers seem to have gone to EU (fishing and farming) or the US President (wars, defence, etc).

    Still, this moron of a PM shouldn't be running the cake stall at the Tory Party Bring and buy... never mind a country.

  7. tris..Our present system of government is now called a Parliamentary Democracy when back at the Queen’s Coronation it was a Constitutional Monarchy. If the Queen agreed to hand her sovereignty over to Brussels in 1972 then she has gone against her oath to the people and should abdicate. Or be tired for treason for giving away our sovereignty to a foreign power.

  8. or even tried for treason

  9. Oh well, Monty. I don't have any problem in putting them all in the slammer, or indeed chopping their heads off...

    Fat Andy Airmiles first I think, followed by his obnoxious daughters....

  10. tris..Tony Bliar repealed the death penalty for treason in 1999 ( covering his 6 most probably).
    I think stripped of their baubles and housed on a sink estate next to some Roma gypsies would be fair punishment.

  11. Separation is romantic and dangerous.

    I'd rather see progressive politics, putting people before division first. That means a UK abolishing class and national barriers.

    One community, united in diversity - not the separatist banana republic.

  12. Well, I think even more obnoxious than that Monty, would be living next door to drug dealers at the lower end of the market, like I did last year.

    Dirty, smelly, thieving, dangerous, noisy, disgusting....

    I think David Cameron should try it sometime... I'd swap him for Chequers, but I'd prefer to be in Scotland :)

  13. It's not romantic and dangerous to want to be governed the way that you voted, Dean.

    It's not romantic or dangerous to want the democratic process to mean something.

    It's not romantic or dangerous to feel real fear for what the Conservatives and Liberals, neither of which were elected in any way in Scotland, are doing, tearing the welfare state to pieces and breaking society up again...just like they did the last time they (the Tories) were in.

    Do you want to see privatisation of the heath service? Do you want the railway lines sold off?

    Do you want people made homeless because the housing benefit has been restricted? Are you glad that a Scottish government will make sure that people aren't sleeping on the street for the want of money to pay their Council Tax?

    Dean... think again please.

  14. Heavy User of Koolaid:

    Thanks... that +1 means a lot. :)

  15. Also...

    In terms of putting people before division, you might want to offer that as advice to Unionist parties across the land and the main stream media that propogates their bile.

    Seperation is romantic & dangerous? In terms of Scotland the exact opposite is true, its pragmatic and necessary.

    I have no interest in being seperate from the English people, I am immensely keen on being seperate from Westminster rule.

    Two countries, united in friendship not being shat upon by the banana republic government in London.

    Seriously though, where is this positive case for the union? Wishy washy sentiment and mawkish recollection of past glories (such as they are) just don't cut it.

  16. Dean @ 9.21 said:

    'One community, united in diversity - not the separatist banana republic.'

    That bollocks actually, mate. We have Nations, four of 'em, in the United Kingdom, each distinct from the other - which we give to the world by the way. The sum of Human diversity is the division of its whole, not its accumulation in one place.

    In 2112 I want my great grandchildren to travel around the world to see different cultures, then return home to their own unique culture, not some bastard hybrid manufactured by politicians.

    The EU motto 'united in diversity' comes straight out of the Marxist Book of Magic, an oxymoron for the terminally baffled. I suggest you know very little of Scotland's history if you think an independant Scotland would become a 'banana republic', good governance and the rule of law is one of its cornerstones.

    You sir, are a twat.


  17. Mmm...

    Also, why do unionist supporters get away with this schmaltzy gushing retoric about GB yet if a proponent of Scottish independence merely walks past a structure containing a copy of 'that film' or an account of 'that battle' they are branded as being a pathetically maudlin, backward-looking, be-saltired wimp?

    Hard tho' it is to believe; but I sense an imbalance here!


  18. Dean's care worker.May 11, 2012 4:23 pm

    tris/ munguin...

    People are taking Dean seriously and wasting valuable internet bandwidth.
    I reiterate...Dean is Labour this week but might be Tory next week and then marxist etc. He was brain scrambled at the marxist school in Stirling
    I've switched off the computer in the common room and given him a mild sedative.
    I respectfully request that people stop baiting him.

  19. Tris,

    "I've often thought of how the Queen must feel...." - I was so shocked I didn't read any further. To be honest when I think of the Queen, which is not very often, I think of how brutal and devious her ancestors must have been to put her in the position she now holds.

    Personally, I think we should have a president elected solely on merit. He should be young(ish), be charming and attractive to ladies, especially the more mature ones. He should, ideally, be an art restorer who lives in an isolated island. He should have the ability to laugh at individuals like Niko and possibly have him as his Minister for Morris Dancing.

    Ideally, his name would begin with a "J" and he should not waste his time posting inane remarks on your excellent blog.

    I've got your Mum's vote, what about your's?

  20. Good grief John....

    You just painted a picture of the absolutely perfect president for the new republic of Scotland.

    I don't suppose you have the vaguest idea where we can find such a man....? (Do we REALLY need a Minister for Morris Dancing? Couldn't Niko just look after the dirty dishes... Minister for Washing Up?)

    Yes, it was a good cartoon, wasn't it!

  21. Pa: True certainly that all that has ever been trotted out as a reason for staying together is sentimental reminiscences.

    Yes, we fought the wars together in the 20th century, but so did Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, America, etc, etc....

    Yes, we took over other people's countries together. Was that good?

    And erm... yeah...

    All that Cameron has talked about our shared history. (They obviously didn't go very far back in history classes at Eton). He hasn't mentioned anything before the union of the parliaments. he never mentions WHY we joined up with the English; what happened to our economy to put us in a position where it might have looked like a good idea; nor does he mention the crooked king and the crooked lords... all of his ilk.

    Sentimental twaddle.

  22. Well said Steve.... There will be no basket case, or banana republic (it's far too cold for bananas here!!).

    There aren't many countries in the west that aren't suffering now, but one that's doing better than most is Norway, which is our neighbour across the North Sea. They got some oil, we got some oil. They used it to build their country and to put away trillions of Krona for the future when the oil runs out or becomes redundant; we used it to finance unemployment in the 80s-90s, and wars in the 2000s, nuclear weapons ... and the third or forth largest armed forces in the WORLD! (something Cameron brags about!!!!!! the stupid nob.)

  23. Now be fair, Dean's carer.

    Dean is a young guy finding his feet in the world of politics. For most of his adolescent life the Tories were in opposition. It is much easier to like a party when they are in opposition. He got on with them. Then they got into power and showed themselves up for what they are; a shower of incompetent twonks, with their eyes on the main chance. So now he has got involved with the Labour party, which is almost as right wing, but not in power...anywhere (except Wales, and that's far enough away).

    Give the lad a chance. he'll maybe find in the end that independence is the best, but if not, he's still entitled to his view, even if it's wrong!"!!! :)

  24. Imbalance, Pa...shurely not... oh wait, is that sentimental, mentioning Shir Shean?

  25. tris..

    I remember he converted to Labour after a drink fueled afternoon with the drunken expenses trougher Lord Fowkes so he's easily led. He got home with his tory boy blazer covered in sick and his sports trousers badly ripped.
    I notice he's been hitting the tanning studios and making late night trips to Manchester with 'friends' so I'm not sure what that's all about ....

  26. Monty... You have a very vivid imagination...or an in depth knowledge of the workings of His Noble and Aristocratic Graciousness... which I am not quite sure!!!!!

    Dean is growing up through the political parties. That's normal surely. He may come to rest with the SNP, or maybe the Liberals... Then there will be 6 of them!

  27. No one needs to feel sorry for the Queen as she knows exactly what is going on in the world right now as she is a member of the Bilderberg group and head of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem just one of the many secret societies etc all controlled by these same people who are manipulating the world into the New World Order with a One World Government, World Bank and One World Paperless Currency.

    The Queen has more power and wealth than the UK and any other parliament has - it is these people that really run the show.

    Scotland has to be separated from the rest of the UK and will be part of the Northern Region of this NWO - There will be NO countries.

    Alan Watt, a Canadian Scot, mentions this fact here:

    If you go and watch David Icke in Melbourne (some hours long but excellent)in one part where he talks about this NWO he shows a map of this illuminati pan which shows the regions where Scotland is separated off into this Northern region.

    There is also plenty of other researchers who have came out with similar facts about what is going on and the links between all of these people and secret societies a notable one being the US man Jim Marrs who confirms all of this as well.

    Everything that is going on just now is planned for a reason. You should all read the book THE BIGGEST SECRET by David Icke to see the link between the people and secret societies that are controlling the people of this planet and steering us to the NWO with them in charge with NO democracy - similar to what we have just now only they will not need to go through with the pretence of voting.

  28. As there's nothing anyone can do about it, I think I'd rather not know, Billy :)

  29. Ah! Who said there was nothing you can do about it?

    More and more people are becoming aware of what is going on and the more you, me and everyone else know what is going on then there is very little chance of the crooks controlling everything at the moment getting away with it.

    That is what scares them the most because there is so few of them against the billions of the rest of us. They want to keep people in fear or thinking there is nothing they can do.