Monday 14 May 2012


A £1.4bn coalition scheme to boost the economy has failed to achieve value for money, according to the government's official auditors.


Because the scheme is spending as much as £200,000 generating a single job.

Needless to say, Dave and Nick praised the initiative when they visited Essex earlier this week. 

And previously, Nick has said the fund would lead to half a million jobs. But that was a lie. The report forecasts that it will create only up to 41,000 jobs.

Then there's they claim that the fund would help rebalance the economy. It hasn't, has it, Nick?

'£1.4bn regional growth fund not value for money, says finance watchdog.

Back to the drawing board.

PS... the pic is nothing to do with the story... but it's really good. Click to enlarge.


  1. It could be worse I suppose. They could follow Scotland's example and waste billions on the useless 'renewables revolution'. The biggest scam since scams began. Leaves tulips and ostrich eggs and south seas bubbles looking like small change.
    I'll get my jaiket...

  2. Indeed Monty

  3. O/T

    Another pair of pants.

    Piss up and Brasserie spring to mind.

  4. "What jolly japes chaps... Keep those Frenchies on their toe, what, what...." Chortle chortle in Old Etonian fashion while beating a fag...

    Ah, la bonne entente cordiale vit toujours au cœur des anglais… quoi!

  5. tris

    Err! i think the salient point is Essex as the vile scum Tory scum sink or swim on the votes from the south east of Engerland.....

    expect most of the 41000 jobs were located in Camerons back yard now that 'IS' value for money for the Tory scum..

    Bet Monkey boy has a leaded petrol car and a big smoky coal big rubbish bin to put all his unsorted rubbish in.
    Drops litter on the floor wherever he goes and leaves his Dog shite on the pavement.

    and big tin bath to bathe his big fat sweaty lardy body in as opposed to more eco friendly shower
    (like wot i got)
    and he probaly leaves his car on tick over all night just to pollute the atmosphere.

  6. What Ho Niko Old Chap....

    Spiffing, old bean.

    I dunno though. Cameron is one of these new breed of Tories that likes to think he's cool. So cool that he thinks 'LOL' means lots of love. Twonk.

  7. Innocent till proven guilty. Enough said. Let due process run its course. All else is conjecture and speculation.

  8. I heard that Cammie thinks that IMHO means "Is my horse outside"

    Why is Niko defaming his parties new bosom buddies in the new council 'stitch ups'? Must be some imaginary group in his dreams I suppose sad person.

  9. When I first looked at the cartoon I thought it illustrated "Red" Labour going into partnership with Cameron - it actually looks like Niko, the arch Labourite with a wig. Yes, it does, Niko!


    Rebecca charged by the Old Bill. And it wasn't for services rendered this time.
    Cast Iron shiny face man hopefully called as a witness.

  11. CH

    That was very funny made me laugh!!

    Bosom buddies more enemy of my enemy is my bosom buddie.......till we kill Independence stone dead.

  12. Niko,

    Don't worry the cybernats are so aggressive because they know whenever their King Eck calls their separatist plebiscite, they will lose.

    SNP = running scared (and pro-Murdoch)

  13. heavy user of Kool -AidMay 15, 2012 6:42 pm

    Dean + 1

  14. I think unionist parties relying on each others votes and those of independent councillors to keep the SNP out of office at local council level hardly constitutes the SNP running scared.

    I'm not the SNP's biggest fan, but even I can see in this instance its not the SNP who are running scared, its your crowd.

    Also, not getting gubbed by how much you thought you might get gubbed or not gubbing a foe by as much as you'd have liked; is still a gubbing.

    Perhaps this is one of those things where if you had to explain, they'd never understand.


  15. Innocent of what Dean...

    The post was about the fact that Nick's job creation scheme is not all it was cracked up to be... and that's according to the government's auditors.

    So, guilty methinks.

  16. LOL CH.

    I dunno about Niko, but I just never though he and Dean would be on the same side...

  17. Hmmmm, John. I didn't know Niko was so...erm... rosy cheeked.

    Poor old Brookesie. She's not so bright. She must fit in well with the Chipping Norton set. I can only assume that when she was younger she was really good looking, and Rupert's eyesight isn't that good these days.

    I remember when she appeared in front of the Commons' committee with Coulson, she made any number of mistakes which he put right.

    Still I expect she'll be able to afford the best lawyers money can buy, as Rupert or Dave will be paying for them...

  18. Yep Monty,

    A spot of porridge might be on the cards for Becks....

    Does Cameron know anyone who isn't in trouble with the police?

  19. Enemy, Niko?

    Jeez, it's politics in a democratic country. We're surely not enemies.

  20. Dean: Your lot have cravenly sucked up to Murdoch; the SNP doubtless also wanted Murdoch to support them, but did nothing like Blair or Cameron to get that backing.

    I wonder what Cameron promised and didn't deliver that Murdoch hates him so much...

    What's the basis for the claim that the SNP is running scared?

  21. Heavy User: Dean =1 what?

  22. Yes Pa. Never mind what the people voted. Let's all get together and spend the next 5 years fighting and getting nothing done... but let's, whatever we do, keep the SNP out.

    That's not what local politics is about. Getting the roads fixed or building a new school has nothing to do with independence.

    I wish councillors would remember that and get on with what they are paid to do, instead of playing politics.

    Are they still trying to claim that although the SNP:
    * got the biggest share of the vote,
    * won the most seats,
    *increased their lead more,
    *is represented on more councils ALL over Scotland than any other party...

    we lost.

    What a load of sad sacks.

  23. see that bitch is saying(through her hubby mouthpiece) she cant get a fair trial(iffen i woz on the jury dead right..guilty guilty guilty i wood say as she stood in the dock).
    But lucky fir the bITCH I AINT GOONNA BE ON THE JURY.

    Well we best abandon the case then iffen nobody takes the Bitches word against anyone else's testimony
    strange how it never bothered the Bitch all those years she ruined peoples lives with untrue and unproven story she had printed...

    hard nosed editor then squealing like a rich Bitch now....wait till the bull daggers catch her in the showers down at the big house.

    err! the snp won the wrong battle on the wrong ground we on the other hand won the right battle on the right ground.......

    And as in everything what people believe will determine the outcome and with the massed might of our loyal Unionist media hard pounding at the snp lies and myths...the tide has turned decisively in our favour

    and we are doing better than we could of ever hoped for

  24. She says it is a waste of public money to prosecute her... LOL

    Silly old bat.

    Erm... what battle was that?

    Oh yeah Glasgow!

    There's more to Scotland that Glasgow, where Labour has kept the masses poor for 70 years. Jeez they must be thick to think that Labour is the working man's party. No wonder they think we couldn't manage on our own.

  25. Peter Fraser can obviously see what that old fool Forsyth can't, CH. He always was brighter though, and Forsyth has always lived in the past.

  26. Forsyth is yesterdays news. Don't worry about him.

  27. Dean, he was yesterday's news 20 years ago. I promise you he has never ever worried me.