Wednesday 17 August 2011


Even when you instinctively dislike someone and abhor their self importance, you have to give that person credit for a good day's work when they do one.

So, although I bet you never thought I'd say this...

Well done to the Duke of Rothsay.

Yes, I mean it. Well done, Charlie. (I bet he's spluttering in disbelief as he reads this!)

Sensible words and a generous gift at the end of a day touring Croydon gets my vote.

I don't approve for a minute of this guy getting involved in politics, but I don't think this intervention was particularly political, and, for England these riots have been so life changing that maybe something out of the ordinary was called for. Additionally, his personal donation in these extraordinary circumstances is, I think, not out of place, and unlikely to create a precedent.

Even Mrs Parker Bowles appeared to get involved and look as if she understood that there was a deep seated problem to be dealt with there.

In the meantime, playing for all he's worth to "The Sun" and "The Daily Mail" flog 'em and lock 'em up for 25 years brigade, Cameron and his cabinet look more and more out of touch with reality.

The Liberals are at pains to distance themselves from Cameron and Pickles on the 'rip up the rule book' sentencing policy, which is completely out of control, with some people imprisoned for taking £2 worth of water, and others, far more involved, being admonished and sent home.

It might be as well at this point to note that the "rule book" on sentencing is there for a reason. Expect appeals to most of these sentences, which will add to the clogging of courts and the expense. And in the end the judiciary will look as stupid, as ineffectual and as inefficient as the rest of the establishment.

Good Lord, it says something when even Clarence House knows more about what's going on in the streets of England than their prime minister.


Note to Rothsay:

This is a one off matey. Don't get too used to praise on Munguin's Republic.

And....We're still Scottish Republicans, OK?


  1. The OBE will be in a brown envelope 2nd class post.

  2. Thank goodness...although CBE would fetch more at auction....

  3. Why not the Order of the Thistle?

  4. Thinking of having a saunter around Brixton in my heavily armoured custom built Range Rover. 6 miles to the gallon so, Chelsea to Brixton and back will cost about 8 gallons or just a snip under 50 smackers. Might just buy some of that up there at the same time and offset the CO2.

  5. Och Mr S, I got that last week!!!!

    But thank you for the recommendation.

  6. You'll get done for drink driving Snooty, and then Your Lordship will have to appear before His Lordship.

  7. This is how it begins Tris ... first a nice word ... then the small seedling of respect ... then admiration ... then your a monarchist and unionist!


    So the conversion begins ... :P

  8. He he he, Dean...

    You're reaching for the stars there, matey... most especially with the last one.

    But good try ;¬)))

  9. Credit where it’s due I guess. But let’s not get carried away, we are not going to become rabid monarchists.

  10. Indeed credit where it is due, Munguin.

  11. Mil writes some great stuff, Cynical. It's always thoughtful and sensible. I can see what his nobleness means though. He'd be a good bloke to have with us.

  12. Thanks Tris. As I say at my own place, the kind words are much appreciated. Politics is a complex fusion of thought and emotion - very difficult in the end to be objective about it. Writing on the other hand is easier to evaluate, and to be honest, although it's not very fashionable, I've always been of the opinion that good writing can cross boundaries in a way that pure politics can't. If only politics could be a little more like good writing we'd find it a lot easier to understand each other. And if not manage to agree with each other, at least begin to appreciate and value.

    Happy to provide the occasional English view of things, though. The only slight problem I have is that I rarely know what I want to write about until I've finished posting - and it's only through virtue of the need to post that I end up discovering what I think. Makes providing a synopsis of a post rather difficult. Maybe I'll comment here rather more actively for a while and see how it goes?


  13. Tris.

    The Duke of Bute (short title) has always been closer to reality than most political figures even if he was born will a silver fork stuffed up his nose. It was refreshing to see him out in the streets speaking to ordinary working class people who welcomed him with open arms..Shame about the Eaton Mess ltd who attacked him and shouted "Off with his head" during the toff riots.

    Kind words by you Tris on old Charlie but I think it will be a wee while yet before you send the Christmas card lol.

  14. Mil. I think you're right that good writing, or good speech, can cross boundaries, I think, on any subject.

    Good teaching too, can make the difference between indifference and a lifelong passion for a subject.

    Communication is the key, and a very important one.

    On your second point, I think that writing, or preparing a lecture or lesson often makes you marshal thoughts, sometimes ones you didn't even realise you had...

    And of course, you're always welcome to comment here, as often (or not) as you choose.

  15. Morning Allan...

    I didn't know that was his short name....

    I always thought it was Big Ears ... (oooops)

    Actually I started writing a reply and ended up writing more than would fit in to, I thought I'd tidy it up and make a post of it. I'll explain what I don't like about him... and the bits I do like.

    If nothing else it will give Cameron a break ... and he'll be glad of that. ;¬)

  16. He seems destined to make a mess of everything he touches Cynical.

    I'm forced to the conclusion that politics, or at least government politics, isn't really the career for him.

    Opposition wasn't that bad. He brought the Tories from an unelectable band of no hopers against a thriving Labour party under Tony Blair, to an almost electable (with some help from the ever willing (coalition is out middle name, with anyone and everyone) Liberals, against the fag end of a useless, talentless, government led by Brown the useless.

    But it's been all downhill from there.

  17. Order of the Brown Nose for you, m'boy! This is the equivalent of me donating a fiver to charity - furthermore a fiver that I have not worked for, nor earned. Still, family is family and it's no more than I'd expect from an old queen.

    Incidentally, where is Rothsay that this parasite is the "Duke of"?

    JohnB, the abstemious pedant! xx

  18. Morning John


    I thought about it from that point of view too, Mr B, but then I thought, well, even though he got it from the Duchy, which we gave to him born, and it has an income of around £16 million a year, which, as I say isn't bad for just being born... two things strike me:

    Firstly, he didn't have to give it. He could have kept it and bought Mrs Parker Bowles another piece of jewellery;

    Secondly, it seemed to me that for some remarkable reason, there were people of all ages and all colours and creeds who had a bad time in the riots (pretty frightening, I'd have thought, regardless of the rioters' motivations) genuinely derived some sort of pleasure from him being there, and the same for Harry and William over the next few days.

    I wouldn't open an eyelid to see any of them, but I've always acknowledged that a majority of people, at least in England, like them and slaver at the thought of bowing and scraping.

    I just thought that it was churlish to refuse to acknowledge the rare occasions when I think they do, or he does, some good.

    Anyway, have you heard from that Sophia Pangloss. We were supposed to be getting an invite to share her sherry...and get another story.

  19. PS: Doon the Watter....?

  20. I have beeen determined to post a comment using the new i pad pc on the bus its not easy I can tell you what with sun and the state of the roads Munguin!

  21. A slave to duty Munguin, as ever... or is that slaver?

  22. 'James Gray, spokesman at Republic, which campaigns for a directly elected head of state, said: "Other charities who struggle on a day to day basis to get ministers to listen to them will look at this and ask why these supposedly independent charities are getting such unrivalled access."'

    Yes, CH. But there never really WAS a truce. I just thought he did something right for a change and deserved a bit of praise. I'm sure he was ever so grateful!!