Sunday 28 August 2011


London motorists will be hit with a £200 fine if they ignore Olympic restrictions and stray into Games Lanes between 6am and midnight on 30 miles of Central London roads during the games next year.

Additionally, pedestrian crossings along the route will be removed to make way for the VIP lanes and right turns across the lanes will be banned, to ensure Olympic dignitaries are not held up.

£12million of public money has been spent fitting underground sensors along the route of the ‘dignitaries’. These will detect congestion surrounding VIP cars and then change nearby traffic signals to green so that they will not be delayed.

And 240 VIPs will be given use of luxury BMW saloons, with drivers, while another 2,800 officials will use have a pool of cars provided at taxpayers’ expense.

Yes, this is at OUR expense; government cash has had to be made available for modifications to roads, and to provide transport and accommodation for what is termed the “Olympic Family”. The Olympic family, by the way, is vast... some 80,000 people are involved. The accommodation is luxurious and has to be subsidised.

The result of all this pampering of course will be that hundreds of thousands of Londoners going about their work, and ordinary punters from all over the world who have somehow managed to get their hands on the tickets (the few that were not put aside for the corporate sponsors), will sit for hours in traffic while the chosen ones speed past. It is not impossible, nor even improbable that ticket holders will be held up for so long that they will miss the events for which they have tickets.

What chaos; what expense (the sensors to ensure VIPs are not held up cost £12 million of our money); what a farce that there will be any legacy for the UK which is paying for this.

And of course it’s ordinary people who pay the price and the VIPs (what a disgusting term) who enjoy the luxury. And all to make Cameron and his crew look good in front of the world.

What a sickening pile of pants the UK is. Let us out.

Note: The information in this article is taken largely from the Daily Mail. It comes, therefore with the customary warning that it may be a pile of tripe.


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  2. This is The Daily Mail you got this from. Beware!

    And -

    Both sites expose the "journalism" of the mainly right-wing press.

    Well worth RSS-ing!


  3. This was featured on the BBC R$ news this morning. An excellent target for slowing down!

  4. Morning there JohnB. I know that the Daily Mail is a pretty unreliable source of information, and normally I take everything I read in it with a pinch of salt.

    When I was writing this I meant to point out that fact and issue a "health warning", as I have done in the past when taking information from there.

    You were right to point out that I'd failed to do this. (I'll rectify that now) My excuses are that I'm dozy, even at the best of times, and that 12.21 on a Sunday morning isn't the best of times! :¬)

    I did, in my favour, originally hear about it from the BBC earlier in the day, and when I was searching for some facts came across this article.

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of these blogs. They do point out how unreliable the press is. I'd guess right and left wing. Come to that the BBC is not all that reliable.

    One of the things that annoys me about money spent on this Olympics is that my understanding is that we get no consequential from them, we have to pay for the Commonwealth games ourselves and I'll bet you my best shirt that London has already broken the £9 billion and not a penny more budget, and continue to spend, and they will fiddle the books to show that it hasn't cost a penny more than the 3 times the original budget that they finally drew the line under.

    There is no advantage whatsoever to Scotland (or indeed Wales, Ulster, Cornwall, Northern England) for all Lord Sir Coe's chuntering to the contrary. The legacy, such as it is, will be for London. Yet my taxes are paying for it.

    Bah Humbug!

  5. Hi there OR:

    As I write the garden, having been soaked to the point where beds have rotted before flowering, is now been blown to pieces. And it's still August. The joys of gardening in Scotland!!

    Well, talking about slowing down... it will certainly slow down the traffic in old London town. Well for most people.

    Heaven only knows what it will be like next year. And a tube or buses strike while all that is going on would make it even worse. It would, of course, be the perfect time for anyone disgruntled by the general state of malaise in the country for those on less than £50,000, to take action. They'd do anything rather than have a failure on their hands, after the fantastic job done by the Chinese. I doubt that this point will have been lost of trade unions.

    The pitiful performance by the economy in the last quarter was blamed on the disruption caused by the Wee Willie's wedding. And that was only 1 day. This is 3 weeks!!!! Then a further 3 weeks for Paralympics.

    Still, I’m sure the Cameron government, far sighted and cerebral as it is, will have worked this out and have a plan B up its sleeve.

  6. Oh brilliant. I didn't read the top piece and I was wondering what flag it was. I'd seen it before but I didn't know where.

    At least that was just sloppy, stupid journalism.

    The Mail is intentionally malevolent, it would seem.

  7. Olympics = waste of money, at a time we can ill afford it.

  8. Totally agree, Dean.

    Where have you been anyway? How are you?

    Have you got a job yet? (Andy Coulson's job is going begging;¬}

  9. Your reckon CH?

    I have a feeling he's a tough cookie. He bravely fights his corner among all us nationalists and he doesn't give up, or go away. And hats off to him for this, when he thinks Cameron's wrong, he says so. He just doesn't think it often enough!!!

    I think he'd light a match under the posh boy's backside. That would be good, especially if it were attached to a rocket.... a moon rocket!

  10. Should read


    Yep! The snp swanning about in their chauffeur driven Limos parking anywhere they like making the chauffeur wait(at the public expense) whilst they wine and dine(all on the expense account paid for by the public).

    I heard Alex Salmond the first Trougher of Scotland was given VIP seats to any and every Olympic event he wanted..........which he has since passed onto some of his backers as a thank you for their support.

    still Politics is politics no matter who is in power

  11. Can you give us a source for that Niko, or did you just hear it when you said it to Taz?

  12. Niko needs to broaden his horizons as his party doesn't exist anymore Scotland and England: what future for the Union?

  13. tris

    A good journalist/blogger never reveals their sources


    Yeah! a load of luvvy writers who have never done a hands turn in their long lazy lives(about right for the snp party of tartan torys and bone idle luvvys full of romantic twaddle )

    Go and ask the true swarthy sons and daughters of toil and see how far you get perhaps even a referendum when the snp executive finally finds the nerve(yellow belly cowards)

    still you might even end up with Devo Max with Tom Harris as leader if your lucky.

  14. tris

    And attacking some one through thier dog is pretty low have a go at me by all means but taz is an innocent party here.....

  15. Good article CH. Thanks

  16. Tom 'arris (or Tom Arse as he is widely known round these parts)?

    Nah, the Scots would never tolerate a Thatcherite, Niko.

    And I didn't attack you through Taz. I merely asked if it was he who had passed to you the information you quoted.

    Don't get all sensitive on Taz's behalf.

  17. tris

    Taz is me one and only friend although(i thinks) i do wonder about his political allegiance he will wag his tail at any political party..........but not the Torys

  18. Nonsense Niko. We're all your friends here. ...and Taz's

  19. Oh, and I take it as you didn't manage to show me any source for the SNP cars, that you made it up?

    Are you a fact finder for Iain Gray, by any chance?