Tuesday 2 August 2011


James at Scot Goes Pop is having fun with Labour Hame. (Ye gads, how patronising is that name, especially as it is accompanied by a hideous cheap tartan background.) His posts on the subject all bear the logo on the left.

There are now 3 posts up about it, although if you care to look back on his site he takes quite a few of the articles at Labour Hame to pieces to hilarious effect, stripping them of any dignity they might have thought they had!!

More seriously, and more hilariously at the same time, Labour Hame appears to be run by Kazia Dugdale and Tom Harris two of Scotland's Labour parliamentarians! Sheesh; thank goodness they aren't in power anywhere.


  1. Tris

    I have not been to Labour away Hame for a while as I was always getting sent to the naughty step for telling them how it is out here in the real world.

    Reading James today I went back for another look and I am happy that nothing has changed. Their all still trying to persuade each other that nothing has changed in Scotland and that given time we will all go back to being happy with policies for the south of England being forced on us by either the rose coloured torys or the blue torys.

    The Labour specs used to be Clydeside red but now they are Islington rose.

    Mind you I have had two posts past the naughty step today but I do not expect them to last.

  2. Tris

    Having visited Labourhame I find I have become completely disillusioned with Politics in General and Labour in particular cant even be bothered to blog these days......

    Labour is not just for Skivers you know WTF and what is the Labour vision and these people are our/My leaders and role models I could cry ...

    They don't even like me either want me vote but not me company much to common me

  3. Even Grahamski agrees that Labour Hame is full of Notional Socialists...


  4. Niko

    You are probably a socialist, most of the present Labour party have never met a socialist and would have to look up what that means. The heart of Labour moved to Islington after John Smith died.

    Was Grahamski not the guy who spent months before May canvassing in Falkirk and in all that time never met an SNP supporter? Its not just away hame the whole party is full of notional socialists.

  5. I did point them to real socialists.

    By far the most convincing – and ultimately conclusive – argument for a yes vote is that it will break up the British state. Minor scrutiny will reveal that the history of Britain is written in blood rather than ink. From the act of union in 1707 to the present, not a day has gone by in which British brutality has not been felt somewhere in the world.

    But they didn't like it.

  6. Ohhh Dubs, fancy being sent to the naughty step. I don't have one of these...not even for Niko!!

    Seriously they don't do their party any favours, and this ostrich act of refusing to face the reality of the fact that politics has changed forever here, is a game for fools.

    It was only a matter of time before people saw that in Scotland we are being ruled for the benefit of the south of England and Labour isn't just complicit by omission in this like it used to be.. it is actually driving it, thanks for Blair and Brown...and now Metropolitan Ed.

  7. Niko,

    Don't let Labour Hame put you off politics, or off blogging. You know perfectly well who is responsible for it, and you're FAR too real Labour for the likes of them. You're a better Labour man than either of them, Niko and your socialism is real.

    They only want people to agree with their posts. At their inception I wrote lengthy, and I thought reasonably intelligent responses to their posts which either weren't published or were, but with no reply to the points I'd made.
    As a result I stopped posting and we took their blog of our blogroll.

    Your blog is miles more fun than theirs anyway, particularly when Taz writes it and gives us all a laugh. So don't stop blogging or, for that matter coming on here and giving me a hard time with your antiquated unionist nonsense.


  8. LOL Conan... For once I agree with Grahamski...who would have ever believed it?

    I've always thought that Harris is really a Tory who had the brains to see that there was no future in being a candidate in Scotland for that party and so joined the other one.

  9. Dubs... Fancy not seeing a single SNP supporter in Falkirk when there were 30,000 who went out and voted for that party. That must have been the most incredible piece of bad luck that he missed them all. Or maybe he fibbed?

  10. Cynical

    Another good article and a good read, many thanks for the link.

    While some of it is wishful thinking there are some open doors, no to Trident and illegal wars, and a real chance to tailor Scotlands future for the benefit of all Scots.

    No chance of that article getting a guest post on away hame,it might remind some of the older readers when socialism was a topic for debate in the old Labour party.

  11. No, CH, I suspect they wouldn't like being pointed to a well written article like that. Maybe a little highbrow for their taste, and saying things that they don't want to hear.

    They're better at sneering and self publicising than they are at rational discourse.

  12. Tris

    Gravamski fibbing! never, have you not read his thoughtful posts in the Hootsman?

  13. Not for a long time Dubs... I rarely pass by that paper. The Hootsman (printed in England) isn't my first choice of reading. TBH I prefer blogs. They are much better written.

  14. Labour Hame? Long time since I visited there but I'll have a look at James' page. I'm with Dubbie on this one.

  15. Hi SR,

    Yeah, have a look at it. He's got a few posts, as I say, debunking, line by line, a Labour Hame article. They usually start with a "Questions to which the answer is..."

    Over the last few days, he's been having an online tussle with none other than someone he calls "Labour Hame's Duty officer on Twitter". I'm enjoying the way he ties them up in knots. Whoever this duty officer is (the replies seem to be remarkably Harrisian in style), would have done better to leave well alone that to tackle James when he has the bit between his teeth.

    But Dubs has got it summed up pretty well. "The heart of Labour moved to Islington after John Smith died."

  16. Tris

    Naughty step for me again at away hame.

    John Ruddy was complaining about the SNP policy on the railways when I asked him how many miles of rail track were laid between 1997 and 2007. It is of course coincidence that Labour were in office at Westminster and Holyrood during that oeriod.

    The correct answer is of course "Er" none.

    After three attempts to get an answer, my third was sent to my favourite step, fairly typical for away hame.

    They must think the Scottish population is like them and that we forget just how bad Labour were between 199 and 2007.

    Guess I will just need to get my laughs at their expense through James at Scot goes By By Labour.

  17. Kazia Dugdale and Tom Harris run LabourHame? And here was me thinking their Admin was a 16 year old on work experience! Certainly has the writing style of one and the childish behaviour of deleting posts rather than debating them.

  18. Ha ha ha Dubs. The correct answer was, of course, 500,000 miles.... imaginary miles, it's true, but you can't have everything.

    Now that you know the answer, you surely remember that you knew it all along...

    In the meantime, of course, the SNP didn't only not build any track, they actually grubbed up most of the existing railway system based on a report by their very own Dr McBeeching, and planted it with tartan tulips, fr the exclusive use of McAlex McSalmond and McNicola McSturgeon.

    Pfffff. I wouldn't comment on their daft site if it was the last one on the interweb.

  19. Don Mc: Welcome to Munguin's Republic.

    Excellent first post, if I may say, which had me in stitches. And actually, I think you're right and I'm wrong. It is a 16 year old who wanted work experience in a butcher's shop, but ended up getting lumbered with a blog to write.

    Seriously if that's the standard of debate from the Labour party, heaven help us. James lays waste to them every time with one hand tied behind his back.

    A propos of which, why does he have one hand tied behind his back?

  20. Either way, they're dealing with mince, tris!

    I think I'm up to 40 or 50 deleted posts. I now give the Admin an honorary mention in nearly every post I make (I'm sure it annoys them even as they delete it!).

  21. And thats for the warm welcome!

  22. Bed-time, that should have read "THANKS for the warm welcome!"

  23. Don Mc... Well, I'm all for anything that upsets the admin duty officer there...

    And you're very welcome. I hope you'll drop by again and make me laugh! (I mean that in a nice way!!)

    I guessed the "thanks"... I do a lot of that around this time of night (and some well before), as anyone here will testify!!

  24. http://scotgoespop.blogspot.com/2011/08/if-youre-nationalist-and-are.html?showComment=1312412544628#c4904417649349235628

    The next hilarious instalment...

  25. It’s good of James to take on the odious mantle of reading that codswallop on our behalf and applying common sense in such an amusing fashion. I say he deserves a medal, God knows I’d want one if it were me that had to take apart the inane drivillings of Attila of the East Kilbride Advertiser his blogger extraordinaire poodle and their Krazy gang, but I would not be nearly as funny!

  26. tris,

    Thanks for the plug for "Labour Hame" - should there not be a capital "S" in there somewhere? How kind of you to advertise other blogs! Must pop in and make a contribution.

    Cheer up, Niko!!!

  27. There, I knew it, John. You ARE Tom Harris!

    I will be interested to read your contribution, but as I don't read Labour Shame (you're right: how cheap of them. I didn't know you paid for domain registration by the letter), maybe you could repost it here too!

    BTW if you pop over to Sophia's place (her last post) you'll see that I shamelessly shamed her into cleaning the house and getting ready to invite us over. Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    The poor woman has been poorly and in hospital too. But she's making an excellent recovery and she'll be back on the stairs and we'll be hearing from her soon.

    Good news, huh?

    PS: Sophia, if you're reading this (and I hope you are), my mum sends her love and best wishes for your recovery too. She's looking forward to your next tale!

  28. Tris

    I am gutted, I thought that I held the record for the most deleted posts on Labour (s)hame. Compared to Don Mc I am away behind.

    Alas I will never catch up as I will now follow the comic via James.

  29. That's life Dubs... a series of shattering blows as we discover we are not first, not the best.... but, what the heck.

    At least we have the luck to have the poison diluted with humour for us.

    You see, life isn't that bad after all...

  30. The "Question of The Hour"


    Kezia Dugdale a failed Check Out Assistant at Safeway?

    Maybe the Co?

  31. Hmmm Snooty

    What is the answer of the hour?

    Indeed, does Safeway exist?


  32. When she worked there it did.

  33. LOL I guess it must have, your grace ...

  34. tris,

    I do come from Harris but Tom certainly was not important in my time - is he now.

    Great news about Sophia - must pop in to visit her blog. I did warn her about that book she got from the Indian take-away._ It was called Calma Something - all about levitation, I believe. I also asked her about the chandeliers which I must say looked a bit flimsy but I'm told Mr Pangloss had a parachute left over from the 2nd World War. Still accidents will happen as I told your Mum. Must say I'm looking forward to her next saga as much as Niko is looking forward to a socialist Labour party. Talking about parties, I'll see you at Sophia for a snifter or two.

  35. You got it JB... Indeed it is good news. I knew you'd be pleased, what with that bottle of Antarctican sherry you got cheap and all that and nowhere to drink it. So yeah, see you there.

    I..er.. didn't know the parachute though... That does sound rather dodgy. You'll need to tell me more...