Tuesday 16 August 2011


Well now, it's not any surprise to me that Andy Coulson decided to resign as spin doctor to the prime minister. How could he have thought he would get away with such blatant lies to Cameron, the police, parliament, the public...? And what about James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks, not to mention old Rupert ? They must all have lied through their teeth too.

And finally, what of Cameron? There's a choice of what may have happened... Firstly, he colluded with his dear friends Rebekah and Andy, and he knew all along... Or perhaps he is such a fool that he can be taken in by someone at an interview for a job at the heart of English and UK government, and he didn't bother to get MI5 to check out the truth, because he;'s a friend... Perhaps worse still he agreed to employ Coulson if Rupert agreed that "The Sun" would back the Tories for government, and him for prime minister.

In any case, he must now reflect on whether or not he considers himself a suitable person for the job of prime minister. Then he should ask to see the Queen, and resign.


Cluster bombs are evil. They fall like little bomblets from the sky, scattering as they do. They land in trees, on the ground, on fences, in ditches, everywhere in fact. Many don't explode at the time they are dropped. In fact many don't explode until long after... after the war for which they were intended is long over. The saddest thing is that over 30% of the victims are children, who think that they are toys, and 60% are civilians. Small they might be, but deadly they most surely are.

It came as some surprise to me, seeing that I hate them with such passion, that I am a shareholder in a company that lends money to manufacturers of these evil weapons. Financing them is illegal in 108 countries, including the UK. However, there is a loophole that investment can be made in a company which manufactures them, as long as the money is not specifically for their production.

I am utterly disgusted.


Inflation is at 5%, although under the government's preferred measure it is only 4.4% (you bet they. prefer it). Wage increases are running at an all time low. Another power company, Npower, has announced price increases of 16% and 7% for gas and electricity; train fares are set to increase by between 3 and 8 percentage points above inflation (in England, but that will affect the cross border services); food inflation is nearer 10% than 5; there are fears that this winter will be as harsh, if not harsher, than last and pensioners are having their winter fuel allowance cut (despite a specific promise that this would NOT happen).

People who took part in the London riots and those elsewhere in England are being imprisoned for as little as stealing a bottle of water. One man has been given 6 months in prison for water worth £3. A Scottish MP who stole tens of thousands of pounds of OUR money and was suspected of stealing a great deal more, served 4 months in prison.

What's the betting there will be more riots ere long?



I thought you guys might like this, from the Express. Another U-turn, it seems...

By Ann Widdecombe

I ADMIT to hooting with mirth when I read in the weekend press that David Cameron now faces difficulties reversing the hunting ban because the new breed of MPs whom he brought in through the A list and at the expense of the old guard whom he despises are actually anti-hunting.

Poetic justice was never more pleasing.

From the earths of a thousand woods you can hear the foxes laughing.

Tally, ho, ho, ho, ho



  1. 4 years for a facebook page encouraging to riot, thought police next.

    disclaimer: I am responsible for what I write nobody else.

  2. I wonder how far they will go. Will they start picking up people who say...'well, I think it was a bit crazy doing all that stuff, but I can understand why they did it.'?

    Police state right enough.

    Did you hear that fool Nadine Dories in debate with Andy (I think) from Conservative Home on "Today". The subject was why the government in England approved of the use of social networks in Iran and Egypt, but disapproves of them in England; and why it's OK for England to criticise Egypt and China for manipulating the internet, but OK for England to do it. (China must be choking itself at this lot of tosspots.)

    Needless to say Wrinkles Dories came out on bottom having a poorly constructed argument, badly expressed, incoherent to the point of being incomprehensible at points. The Conservative Home bloke got her bang to rights, out arguing her on every point.

    Why does anyone ever let that dimbo on radio?.

  3. I've put on a stop press story about Ann Widdecombe and fox hunting... it's hilarious.

  4. I’m amazed at the rate at which this government lurches from disaster to disaster, fiasco to fiasco, u-turn to u-turn. Poor David if I did not dislike him intensely I would feel a very small amount of sympathy for the ridiculous situations him and his government get themselves into. Must stick in their craw when they see all the devolved administrations being so well run! What a shame!

  5. tris.
    Did we ever find out where Nadine actually lived ? Her 2nd home allowance details were a closely guarded secret. Ditto with getting her children into her MPs office on £30K a year plus expenses before they banned the practise of family members sharing the public expenses teat. Good looker though when you're at my age :) Ditto Mrs Tiny Squeaker who is about to be on Big Brother. Hope she gets her boobies out.

  6. Dick's comment about Cameron's government being spectators is spot-on!

    The government-by-focus groups-and-wee boys in suits, is all coming undone.

    The web is changing their manipulative grip on the diffusion of warped news as has the general loss of faith, by the thinking public, in the UK MSM.

    Scotland is in the vanguard of this quiet rebellion but the English are beginning to wisen up too.

    Yesterday and the day before when we have seen a phalanx of politicians queuing up to pontificate on this and that all saying sweet FA but seemingly irresistible drawn to say something and confirm that they know and understand sweet FA. It fair made me sick but confirmed what I had always hoped for.

    The days of spin and Soap Powder Politics in the UK is drawing to a close, as it has already done in Scotland. As yet Cameron, Clegg and Milliband, along with their political fiefdoms don't have a clue but they will, eventually.

    I have always thought that it would take an EDL or BNP surge of significant levels to make the Political Clownage actually get off their erses and off their toxic mix of smug arrogance and entitlement. Fat bloody chance

    The denouement might actually come from the streets in one form or the other.

    The economic F-up currently staggering on will erupt and when combined with the above will create a right stushie, maybe a perfect storm.

    Scotland has a lifeboat. Have we the guts to use it?

  7. The trouble with Dave, Munguin, is that it's impossible to feel any sympathy, let along empathy with him.

  8. Nadine seems to be one of the ones that got off scot free from all her shenanigans, Monty.

    She knows no shame that woman. Since all the bother with her expenses and dodgy staffing arrangements, she has also gone off with a married man, breaking up his marriage in the process, and taken part in a television programme where she was supposed to see if she could live in dole money, but was found to have stuffed a £50 notes down her bra.

    How bloody insulting to people who have to actually live on that money.

    I expect that if she hadn't been caught out the odious old bag would have smiled at the cameras and told everyone how easy she found living on dole money; she couldn't imagine what all the fuss was about.

    Who on earth votes for a creepy old woman like her?

  9. Brilliant post Lord Snooty, and I agree with every word.

    I think our politicians are a bit closer to the people who employ them, and the ones that I have met seem to realise that THAT is the nature of the relationship.

    I always have the impression with the Westminster politicians that they feel somewhat above the rest of us, which is ridiculous when you consider that THEY WORK FOR US.

    I suppose it is an historic relationship where the top people in government came from aristocratic families and people actually believed that THEY were better than US.

    It still goes on. Dave is just Dave to me whether or not he has connections to the palace, but he and his likes appear to think differently.

    I hope very much we have the guts to take the emergency exit. These riots, the last two sets and the ones which are to come may impress on people how important it is NOT to be a part of that unhappy country. I look upon it as an adventure, with goods and bads, highs and lows... but we could actually all be in it together. Pretty exciting, don't you think?

  10. Double reeler Tris