Saturday, 18 April 2015


Thanks Jim. 

Apparently some young hooligans went wild protesting about nuclear weapons...
If politicians insist on bringing their wives into it, to make them look more human, they can't complain when people have a go at them too.
Does she have a lot of money?
How to get rid of 40 years of progress for your party in 5 short years?
Join up with the Tories.
Makes you think...
Deluded lunatic from the 19th century.
Despite this lying in the Clyde, some demented half wit Labour MP called Donohoe says there are Russian submarines
sailing up there. Not much bloody use, are they?
You could say, not worth the money.
Talking about being not much bloody use.
I don't think I've ever come across a more repulsive person than Hopkins. She makes Donohoe look clever.
So, this is the best possible reason I can think of for voting for Miliband
Of course the old bat won't go. Only in the UK could she make a living out of being that repugnant.
First for everything: Jim Murphy can't make it into the BBC. Must be very busy, or maybe he was just
 humiliated by two senior shadow cabinet members?
What can you say. Well, if that's the future for all of us, I suggest we keep the House of the Living Dead open and all pensioners be
given £300 a day plus expenses, tax free, for sleeping in comfort while being addressed as "my lord" and having their incontinence pads changed. Why should it just be the chosen few like Lord Bitch.
Funny... the Daily Mail said that the others went into a hug and left Farage out of it. Of course as Farage smells of booze and fags I would imagine why they would do that.  It would be like hugging a drunk ashtray. But it seems that they lied. I suppose Miliband could have given Farage a hug... although it is asking lot of the man.
Towards the right or the right...
Like we'd have forgotten, Eton boy.
Bloody hell Nick... even less popular than the racist drunk lot?
Well, at least someone voted for Willie Rennie, even if it was only his dog.
Ruth, I'm not sure Jim's tie is quite right...
You're his dresser aren't you?


  1. Ruthie as Jim's dresser, made me smile that.

    1. She was smiling in that pic so he must dress to the right.

    2. They are getting very close. She was sorting his mic for him prior to the debate... and then I'm sure I saw her put her hand on his leg at one stage.

      She's not got much taste in men I'd say, but to each their own.

      Nice one CH!!!. But I wish you hadn't mentioned it at this time of night. I have to try to sleep!

    3. Hate to say it but Ruthie has no taste in men but theni don't like her taste in Politics either but it takes all kinds to make this world. Several things popped out for special mention, the gravy train, how apt That Nick Clegg, the horse fly, is less popular than the racist is hardly surprising after all the racist isn't seen to be lying, yet. That the wee Scottish Lassie who is passionate about what she believes in is leading the Political Pack.

    4. Poor old Ruth...

      You mean the one with the tin helmet?

  2. Just read the Katie Hopkins bit. That WILL make people vote Labour.

    The pic with the heads of the leaders:

    Sturgeon looks half-cut. Perhaps a wee official visit to a distillery?
    Wood has a devious smile. Is she the arch enemy of 007?
    Milliband still looks like Wallace.
    Bennett still looks confused.
    Cameron looks like he's just discovered his wife in a compromising situation with Milliband. (She's voting Labour).
    Farage looks like he's had an excellent pie, pint and a fag, and is letting one rip.
    Clegg looks like a stunned schoolboy. (Which is Danny Alexander's normal appearance).

    Been in the garden all morning...........

    1. LOL.

      Maybe that's what happened right enough.

      Katie is certainly Labour's secret weapon.

      Happy gardening.