Wednesday, 1 April 2015


So we have heard a great deal today, about how the economy, under Osborne's benevolent control, has come good. And now everything is hunky dory.  

Well, it is, isn't it? 

There are all these new jobs....
That'll keep the wolf from the door in this all singing all dancing Tory economy...
Although, it seems that many others may be doing better....
Whatever, it's no thanks to this moron.

... and his interminable lies about benefits Britain.
As we are all in it together, I'm sure that scenes like this will be a thing of the past within the next few days.
And, of course, Scotland is always treated fairly in matters of the economy.
And from top to bottom we are all benefiting from Mr Osborne's economic miracle
I suppose it must be the neighbours bring down the tone of the area.
Yes, that's it.
Maybe, now that the economy has recovered, we can stop killing off the poor and the sick, and start supporting them again like civilised people do.


  1. Proof, if it were needed, that a picture is worth a thousand words. I really don't know where this disgraceful attitude towards those less fortunate has come from nor why it persists. I was going to say that it borders on persecution but on reflection, it is persecution. I think the Tories are not pursuing these policies because they need to but simply because they can.

    'There but for the grace of God go I' is obviously not in their lexicon. Must be great to never have been poor or in need.

    Far from distancing ourselves from the rest of Europe we should be embracing their enlightened approach to the social fabric of their countries. I feel ashamed to be lumped in with those who call themselves "British" - what's so great about it ?

    1. I believe, asb01, that they have used the situation that Labour left them to readjust the economy to a more Conservative one. Their changes have been ideologically based rather that economic necessity. Aided and abetted by the likes of the Daily Mail and the Sun, they have demonized the poor, the immigrants, the sick the EU and left their own sort to get on with the job of raping the rest of us (often metaphorically, but sometimes literally.

      Like Mrs Thatcher used the Winter of Discontent to drive through sweeping changes, and followed that up by having a little war that could have been avoided (and slaying quite a few foreigners in the process) in order to consolidate her position, so Cameron and Osborne grabbed the opportunity of bankruptcy of the UK to insist on changes that, most of the time, most of us would have baulked at is inhuman at best.

      Under the slogan "We are all in this together", reminiscent of World War 2, where once again the privations of the poor were not shared by the rich who still dined at the Ritz, they have convinced people that their barbarity towards the people at the bottom is a necessity.

      Time and time again figures have shown what a tiny amount we pay out to the sick and unemployed compared with what we give away in blind eyes to the tax dodging, thieving parasites at the top of British society

      I NEVER admit to being British. If someone assumes I am when I'm abroad I very quickly correct them.

      With very few exceptions, the actions of the UK government are never in my name.

    2. Going to add I agree with everything ASB1 says and I have his permission to say so. Husband and Hektor's Dad.
      Wee man is doing grand and has another check up in four weeks he is doing so well.

  2. Munguin the Merciless strikes again! Outstanding post.

    1. Munguin thanks you most kindly, Mr V!

  3. The, so called, elite of our society; make me sick to the very core of my being.

    1. Aye me too. Can't wait to bin them. Quite surprised at myself at just how repugnant I find them, just how much I loathe them, and what I'd be happy to do to them.

      Most unlike me.

  4. Tris

    What really annoys me is the way the media don't report it. They interview people with two middle class salaries, they rarely come out of London, they accept what the parties say without checking, they tell us we are all better off when most of us know that is crap. If you are a public service worker you will be getting worse off each year, this country is on its knees but hey all live in a london and media bubble they won't see it.


    1. It's a bit like the poor don't exist, Bruce... but if that's true, then why am I not long back from the food bank?

  5. So what's the anti-Tory slant this week?

    'Tories are evil'...or maybe 'Tories aren't human'...

    What utter pish.

    1. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. However, your opinion is "utter pish".

    2. Here was I thinking Dean was a likeable person with a strange idea about politics in this country. Seems I was wrong, any intelligent person can see that we are presently working on the Dickens years to be followed shortly by what I term the Hogarth years where the poor exist in even worse conditions that they did in dear old Charles Dickens time.
      I expect to see a return to the time before the Black Death reduced the working population to the point where they had to concede an improvement in conditions for the serfs like working for wages and owning a bit of land. So Dean unless you are one of the Landed Gentry you won't be one to enjoy these times any more than we will in you middle class comfort.

    3. Let's see some links then, to support your proposition that Tories ARE actually human and not evil.
      Haven't found any so far, speaking as a floating voter...

    4. Dean - this is Scotland. If you have not been paying attention, the conservatives have been on the slide here since 1965. Your party is not popular here. Its politics are not popular here. They have done nothing to endear themselves to Scotland. Incapable of taking any responsibility for their actions that led to their unpopularity, they are in fact the architects of their own misfortunes. Now, before you bring up new labour and its neo-liberalism and then try to conflate Scots voting for labour, being a vote for right wing politics - the truth is Scotland kept voting labour because at the time their was no alternative and they were the ABT (anyone but tory) party.

      Now the idea that labour always ruled Scotland is nonsense. Once upon a time it was the Scottish Unionists who held the lions share of the vote. It did so by positioning Labour as an English party. It had broad support in Scotland and had a healthy working class vote - built around steel, coal and ship building. The party was already in decline by the time it took leave of its senses and merged with the conservative party. It last support of the Daily Record, the very next day and Scotland's support of labour began.
      By the time Thatcher comes in, she takes a narrow win in the referedum as a signal to marginalise and ignore Scotland. She also set about dismantling its Industry. Scottish industry may have been in decline, but she killed it off. And were was the remaining bulk of that former Scottish unionist vote dean? Steel, ship building and coal. She killed off her own party in Scotland and the rump relied on upper middle class and the rich, and so became a party of the aspirant middle rich and landed gentry. It relentlessly set itself in the face of the majority of Scotland and got burned for it.

      Rather than face up to its massive failings it just decided to keep slagging off Scotland any chance it got. Pretty much ensuring it will stay on the side lines.

      The Tories aren't evil. It would be easier to understand if they were. They are simply mean minded and selfish, they don't think its their job to care for those who need help. They lack empathy and lacking empathy, they have little compassion or understanding.
      And when they aren't selling off institutions that are not theirs to sell - Its a little hard for folk to feel any sympathy for them.

      You don't like seeing your party being attacked. that much is clear. But maybe you should ask why it still is, after all this time, your party and your parties politics are regarded in such contempt. The answer is not Scotland is a subsidy junkie.

    5. Dean. The Tory pitch for the election is that they have repaired the mess labour left the UK in.

      Now first I'd say that in all the time that Labour were wrecking the economy; the incredibly stupidity of Brown and Darling, we never once heard the Tories say that it would be a good idea to pull a little of the banks' or the City's power. We heard very little criticism from them of building societies lending 125% mortgages to people in unstable jobs or allowing people to build up 10 or 20 store and credit cards... They seemed to think it was perfectly good policy..

      They didn't have a problem with house prices rising so fast that young people couldn't afford them, and supply and demand putting rents beyond most people's means.

      Anyway, according to Osborne and Cameron and their friends in the City, the Tories have repaired it all. Everything is wonderful and were full steam ahead for a great future.

      Indeed it is true that the top people's incomes have increased by over 60% since the depression that Darling oversaw.

      But what about ordinary people?

      And really that's the majority of us. just earning a wage and trying to get by.

      Now, the Tories are quite right to do their damnedest for the people who vote for them. Stockbrokers, directors, senior managers, hedge funders, aged pop stars. I have repsct for the fact that these people have to be represented.

      Like I respect the fact that Mr Farage's party together with the EDL, Britain First and BNP represents people who don't like foreigners, hate to hear foreign languages on their trains, loathe being told what to do by Europeans, don't care for the emancipation of women or gays ...

      It's just fair that when they brag about their elitism we should point out that not everyone agrees.

      I'm very happy for the people whose income has risen by 65% while mine has reduced and the people I work with too. But I'm concerned about people being sent by jobcentres for jobs with zero wage and commission only to sell appointments for Double Glazing and Conservatory companies, and being sanctioned for not taking a job that has no wage... specially when they have kids to care for.

      I'm concerned too about people who have to phone up JC+ on premium lines to be kept on hold when the systems go down, and made to phone back the next day.

      It's OK if you salary has gone up by 65%, but not so neat if your dole only went up by 1%.

      Don't worry. Labour is equally going to get the rough edge of Munguin's tongue.


    6. Welcome Nazhuret...

      Great post.

      Was it Ted Heath that wanted the Scottish Unionist party to be part of the Tory Party?

      He was very much of the opinion that Scotland should just be an ordinary part of Brita8in, or Greater England, as I recall, trying to bring in local government reform that was suitable for England, but not for Scotland, and then it having to be abandoned at enormous cost only 20 years later.

      Another fool, who might have been better at his job if he'd concentrated a little more on it and a little less on sensual pleasures!!!!

    7. I'd have to say that I agree with HV that there are at least some of the Tories who are just plain evil.

      I'd suggest people like McVey, Smith and Freud are evil. Even the most remote minister for social security must be aware of the number of people who die because of their reforms, and the number of people who are put into penury, or made homeless by other reforms.

      They are proud of that. That's evil and they deserve to pay for that. Of course they won't!

  6. Tris, outstand and information post and comments. Must say I was astonished at the benefits claimants information which you would imagine would generate comments from our docile national media.

    Must agree with Helena's comments on Dean's contribution. He is either doing a Niko or is, surprisingly, totally clueless as to what is going on in this country. .Surely there is not a degree of smugness or "I'm alright, Jack". in his post?.

    1. Thanks again, John.

      I can't understand the lack of outrage in the press on behalf of people who die just after being told they are fit to work. There seem to be hundreds if not thousands of them.

      One of the saddest things I have heard was a man who had been a lorry driver all his life. He was in his 50s and had had a heart attack. His heart was in a bad state and his doctor and consultant had told him not to work. He was bored. He hated inactivity and being around the house all day.

      He went to Atos for a mandatory examination and was told that he was fit to work, by a nurse. I guess he didn't realise that she was not a qualified cardiologist or even GP. He just heard the wonderful good news that he was now fit enough to work and was overjoyed.

      He went home, told his wife and son and they celebrated.

      While he was looking for a job he decided to make himself useful around the house. Imagining himself to be fit to work he decided to redecorate. Why not? He was cured. A medical person had told him so.

      Unfortunately the medic who told him he was fit for work hadn't a clue what (s)he was talking about. Not surprisingly his GP and the cardiologist at his local hospital knew more about him than (s)he did, and they had seen his X-rays.

      He started decorating, suffered another heart attack and died.

      People want to believe that they are better...well, fit and healthy, and most people would rather be back at work than stuck in a chair watching daytime tv.

      If someone masquerading as an expert tells them that they are well they grasp it with both hands..

      Unfortunate that Atos and the UK government did it on the cheap.