Saturday, 10 January 2015


From the mouth of the man who said all the "right" people approved of
his appointment as chief of staff. The Far right people, he means.
Most of the left of centre think he's a disaster.
Can't really blame her. She just says whatever has been put into
her vacant head by the leadership.
Never mind that it is diametrically opposed to the last thing she said.
Anything to save the British Establishment.
Gordon End of Boom and Bust Brown and
David Broke Britain Cameron.
A pig in a poke with Labour.
We know this. We can't tell their policies apart.
If you're young, don't vote Labour, unless you have a filthy rich daddy
who can support you because you never know when you are going to need help in this life.
His kids will, of course, be OK.
Wooops... Be careful what you wish for!
Hilarious answer... If you espouse Tory policies, then get
 them to pay for them.
Dont expect ordinary workers to keep you in champagne.
Nah, maybe not.
Problem solved.
Yes, they surely did.
Yes Tony. He is a lying sack of excrement and the sooner he's
in the Hague, the sooner we'll be happy.
We'll never forget the man who ruined Labour
left us with two Tory parties and
made £60 million for himself while doing it.
Jim takes his wife to Labour Party Rally.
How many members you got now, Jim?
Ahhh mr Muddle joining, is he?
Yes, I think you probably are better together.
You all believe the same anyway.
Sounds like the Jim I've heard so much about.
No wonder he was close to Tony Blair.


  1. The labour hierarchy, are truly a pile of vile B'stards. I don't even think Nico would disagree, with that. Blair and Dim Jim being the shiniest of the polished turds, to grace the halls of Westminster.
    How did minibrain with no chance of being PM, get a £m2.3 house for £m0.4?
    As for the second pic. just don't, my guts can't take it.

    1. I think there is Miliband family money. He probably had a massive deposit. That of course is his business, but it's another example of a guy who simply doesn't connect in any way with people he supposed to be representing.

      What does he understand of not being able to get a job; of having parents who have no room for their kids who have left home and got a job; of people who are homeless and hungry and have to beg for food... What does he understand about the lad I was talking to today who will be sleeping in a car park tonight, in the cold?

      What does he know, or care about them? What will he do to make their lives a bit better, and give them a chance ?

      Cut benefits and not hurt the bankers for fear of losing votes in the south east of England?


  2. Nicola says

    you wont need to vote Labour to keep the Tories out,

    Were the Scottish Tories right to back the SNP budget?

    Annabel_goldie_Politics in Scotland has been thrown into chaos over the last 48 hours.

    Yesterday afternoon, the budget proposed by Alex Salmond's minority SNP administration was thrown out after it was defeated on the casting vote of the Presiding Officer. The Conservative MSPs voted with the SNP, whereas Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens opposed the budget.

    According to the Herald:

    "Labour argued the budget did too little for jobs, the Liberal Democrats rejected it after their call for a 2p income tax cut was dismissed, and Greens said the offer of a £22 million home insulation scheme - upped at the last minute to a possible £33 million - was not enough."

    Annabel Goldie (pictured) has said that supporting the SNP budget was right after the Tories secured a variety of concessions from the Nationalists:

    “The Scottish Conservatives fought hard to secure nearly a quarter of a billion pounds worth of concessions from the SNP Government to help in these difficult economic times. Through responsible negotiations Scottish Conservatives ensured that 150,000 businesses would have had their bills cut or abolished and town centres across Scotland would have received a massive £60 million cash boost. This was action to tackle Labour’s recession. Labour voted it down. And the real horror of what has happened is that public sector workers will face an uncertain future, council tax could go up by an average of £350, health budgets will be slashed by £650 million, small businesses will pay more tax, there will be fewer police on our streets and there will be less care money for our elderly.

    “The Scottish Government has said it will re-present the Budget Bill. If it reflects the concessions we have already won, in these circumstances we will support it but we give no similar guarantees to any variant. The SNP should bring this Budget back to Parliament and face Labour down."

    A further attempt at putting a budget through the Holyrood will begin next week, but the First Minister is threatening that if MSPs refuse to pass it at this second time of asking, he will trigger early elections to the Scottish Parliament in a new attempt to seek a mandate.

    Such machinations are naturally more likely to happen in a legislature elected by proportional representation where no party has an overall majority.

    But in this case, were the Scottish Tories right to back the SNP? Was it that the party didn't want to be seen to be destabilising politics and potentially helping to cause an unnecessary election? Or did they believe that this was the best possible budget deal? And what are the likely repercussions for the Conservatives at the general election north of the border, or at early Scottish Parliament elections, should they be triggered?

    Jonathan Isaby

    January 29, 2009 at 20:10 in Scotland

    1. Goldie knew that the people voted, if narrowly for an SNP government. Labour were determined to do down that government which they felt was, by rights there's.

      Goldie knew that the way that minority government works was a bit of give and take.

      She could get some of her policies included in the budget... like more police. And she wouold agree to things that the Tories would never normally agree extra help for old and poor.

      It's what makes government work in countries that don't have FPTP unrepresentative governments.

      Actually Labour did co-operate on a few things in that time, including drugs and alcohol policies.

      And so did the Liberals and the Greens come to that.

      It may well have been the best kind of government we could have got.

    2. So Nico, you're reading conservative bloggers now, I admire your fortitude, I don't think my stomach could take it.

    3. tris

      so the snp worked hand in glove with the Conservatives
      um at least you admit the snp will if to their and not the Scots
      peoples advantage..............duplicity as ever by the snp

    4. They worked with all parties. It's how minority government works. Otherwise, if you use the Westminster system every single policy that comes forward is blocked and nothing can happen.

      It's a sod the people, sod public opinion type of government and it happens very frequently in Westminster.

      What did they co-operate on though, Niko?

      More Police as I recall.

  3. Yeah vote snp and keep Conservatives out ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Or vote Labour and get a Conservative government... even one led by Miliband.

    2. Vote labour and keep conservative policies.

    3. Nico, what's your thoughts on the Labour/Tory coalition idea, that has been floated in the media? Do you think it's a vote winner? Do you think that is what socialist, like yourself, deserve?

    4. Jimminy

      well apart from during WW2 its only the snp who have worked
      hand in glove as good comrades with the Conservatives in parliament .

    5. Minority government is a give and take thing, unless you are Labour, then it's a take, take, take thing. The SNP must be opposed at all costs - resistance is futile - exterminate, EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINAAAATE!

      You forgetting the LibDems of course. But they're whores who will go with anyone...

    6. But when the SNP worked with the Conservatives, it also worked with the Greens, the Liberals, independents and Labour in a spirit of getting what was best for Scotland.

      The only real concession that Goldie got that I can remember was 1000 extra police on the beat. And what could you argue was wrong with that?

    7. Nico, you're pissing against the wind. Not in your devotion but, to whom you are devoted.
      Labour are not a socialist party, I know the SNP are not your choice but, in all honesty being truthful, you cannot vote for Labour.
      Perhaps the Green party, now that independence is off the table, for the time being? I just get the feeling, you're more like me an old fashioned socialist. However, I a woke, to Labours lies, long, long ago.

    8. In fairness if you are a brit nationalist there is nowhere much for you to go if you are left wing.

      I know that there is the Greens, but that's not just left of centre... It's more than that.

      There is also the Scottish Socialist party, but for many they are a wee bit too far left (and some would say a lot too far left!) and some of them are a bit ...OTT!

      And in any case they have such limited support that they aren't going to make a difference. Even with PR they have no members of parliament.

      For me it is easy. I'm not a party person, but I can support the SNP because I believe in Scotland and not in the UK, which with every day I dislike more and more.

      I don't know what I would do if I actually liked one single thing about Britain.

    9. Conan

      IT is not I who disagree with ' Minority government is a give and take thing '
      that must be reserved for Nicola and the snp who have made their position
      abundantly clear . As for the moral of whores i bow to your extensive knowledge..

      tris One wonders with a dislike ( to put it disingenuously ) such
      as yours towards the UK how do you live alongside trade and share
      any ground with the RUK.

    10. It's where I am Niko. I can't afford to move. I stick with it. But I can't say there is any aspect of Britain that I like.

      I wish I could sod off to Cyprus, or indeed one of thousands of other places.

      But I don't have the cash.

    11. Nico, it's not the people of the rUK, we dislike, it is it's governments. Which for decades, have been right wing Selfservative, Londoncentric, anti-Scottish, anti-democracy and generally war mongering bastards.

    12. Absolutely true. I know it's cliché'd but some of my best friends are English. I went to school in England. I lived there for a long time. I've never had a problem with English people... or any other people for that matter.

      But as Jim says it is the governments. Right wing politics, establishment still in the 1950s, royalty with bowing and scraping, lords and titles, not one single part of the establishment that I would trust alone in a room with my dog. The incessant wars and "punching above our weight with the 4th largest military spend in the world" which |Cameron seemed to be so proud of, is anathema to me.

      Specially when there are lads sitting on the street begging for enough money to get into a hostel... and the alternative is a night in a car this bloody weather.

      It's interesting though that Murphy seems to think that "Glasgow man" is a hate filled mindless buffoon who is motivated by loathing of the English.

      I'm sure there are some, of course, but not enough for his "stick it to the English" policy to work.

      Interesting too that they have called this "F London. Miliband ain't my boss policy, "Murphy's Law", seemingly unaware that the definition of that law is "What can go wrong, will go wrong".

      Did no one think about that ?

  4. Jim, I doubt our Niko has a clue as to what he is, he is definitely a hater of the SNP therefore I dub him a NuLabour Supporter of Dim Jim and if Jim isn't a fellow traveller of the US New Century Politics I am an ass.
    I take it that Labour were not in coalition with Lib Dems from the start of the Scottish Parliament Niko, and that all three parties ganged up, yes ganged up to ensure that a precious 500 million of our as in Scotland's money was wasted on the Labour badly thought out project "The Edinburgh Trams". The money which had it been used wisely could have saved so many wasted lives on the A9.
    No Niko, the SNP have had to enter into pacts during the period of Minority Government, not always to their taste. Have you any words to talk about the innumerable pacts between Labour (Red Tories) and Tory (Blue Tories) in Councils throughout the land, or is this reserved for the SNP.

    1. Helena

      Nicola says the snp will not support the Conservatives recent history
      reveals a different story. Do you not agree your attempt (amateurish )
      to deflect from that fact does not alter that fact.

      Any party can enter any pacts with whom they choose but to then claim
      there would be no more pacts smacks of untruths.

      Now if could put on your less mental head perhaps you can answer
      this conundrum if there is a hung Parliament and the conservatives were the largest party.

      And if they offered the snp in return for boundary changes in England and wales beneficial to the conservatives. To arrange with the snp another referendum at which the English conservatives would campaign for a YES vote in order free themselves from seditious Scots .

      Would you as a extremist nationalist agree with the snp supporting
      the English Conservatives in their governance of the uk until the
      possible break up of the Union.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Okay it wasn't a pact on that we are in ragreement but may I say your chosen Party and sorry you are definitely the HATE the SNP Labour Party in Scotland type and there is no doubt on that.
      The time you are talking about was when there was a minority government in the Scottish Parliament and all parties including yours had about as much control as the SNP. As I pointed out using the Trams as an example. The Budget has to be passed and this was also passed by the Lib Dems and Labour. Annabel Goldie did not do anything unusual but then I expect an idiot such as yourself not to understand that.
      I hate the Tories with a passion, both Red and Blue, pity you cannot see that the Labour Party in Scotland is nothing more than an Establishment Poodle and have been now for decades. They lost their soul when they took Lordships. That and being married into the BBC and other such like Establishment rubbish.
      Now away with you and stop taking me away from important stuff like games on my Kindle

    4. No Niko I am not wealthy enough for that, but I like my Kindles, note plural.

  5. I've come to the conclusion that Niko must be a UKipper. Either that, or he is mad.

    1. I don;t think he's a kipper... so.... hmmmmm

    2. Tris I don't think Niko has a flipping clue what he is, but one thing he is definitely is a fool. If he thinks that Labour are going to break a habit of a century and help the working people of this country I would suggest he sees the Doctor.

  6. Does Niko even live in Scotland? If not, then why are we paying any attention to what he thinks?

  7. Yes Natasha. He's from the capital...

  8. Fair enough. I thought he might be one of those Will Podmore types. Well, I suppose he is, really, but he doesn't even have the excuse of not knowing anything about Scotland.

    1. Bless him... he's our little unionist that adds a bit of spice to our discourses... Well, it would be boring if we all agreed all of the time. :)