Sunday, 11 January 2015


Well that’s it folks. It appears that protesting against the policies of the upper classes from Eton is now a punishable offence, in Scotland of all places.

If you dare to voice your opinion against your betters, in this case the Eton Boy, you are likely to cop 100 hours of community service, which is one way, I suppose, of getting the Big Society up and running on the cheap, if there aren't enough unemployed or sick people to do the necessary.

Mr Stuart Rodger hid in a toilet at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow and walked into the room as the Big Eton cheesy one was lecturing fellow superior beings. (Dave tends only to speak to people who are vetted as fully paid up members of the Tories, or to companies where employees talk out of turn only if they wish to find themselves new jobs.)  Mr Rodger was then swiftly removed for the august presence Special Branch people. Yes, apparently you and I pay to ensure that Mr Cameron is never challenged, never barracked, never has to find an argument for his inhuman policies.

It is fair to say, however, that Mr Rodger has form. He was previously fined £200 for painting Deputy Prime Pledger, Nick Clegg , in his true colour of blue.

(Murphy must he hopping mad that he didn't get painted blue too. I mean, an egg for heaven’s sake… hardly noticeable.  But for all he is as right wing as Mrs Thatcher, Jim’ll Fix It was born on the wrong side of the tracks and failed to get himself into Eton or Westminster School.  On reflection, given that it took him 9 years of student grants to get through uni,  it’s maybe just as well he didn't go to Oxford! So he only got an egg.)
Why is it that these people feel the need
to pretend that they eat ordinary people's food
when they are campaigning?
We know perfectly well that they never eat sausage rolls
and their facial expressions that absolute horror at the taste
(or lack thereof) given them away every time).
Anyway, back to Mr Roger. All he said to Camergoon was: "No ifs, no buts, no public sector cuts", which was obviously far more than the prime moron’s  intellect could cope with and he was left without an spluttering in horror, although I'm not sure if those Eton types understand anything that we say here, so it might have been that he simply didn't understand. Or maybe he was horrified by the fact that an ordinary person had entered his sphere?

In any case, be warned. In future you must learn to treat your betters with the respect they think they deserve, otherwise you may find yourself as an unpaid social worker, making up for the fact that the Tory cuts have all but eradicated the professionals.

Do not challenge the toffs, on any account, even if you use moderate language. The aristocracy is always right. And it’s time the plebs learned their place.


  1. Well it'll no stop me fae telling truth- they are a bunch o vindictive beggars. Right I'll get ma zimmer now ready for community service, tho as my emphysema is still bad what can they do as I'm breathless just putting kettle on for my cuppie.

    1. M: I'm sure that there is a Atos medic who'll sign you as fit for digging trenches or fixing power cables...

  2. Well what can you say, I just heard on the news this morning, still watching Sky and no idea, but Husband keeps putting it on, that several prominent people who attended the march in Paris were being accused of being hypocrites, names the President of Turkey and I think The President of Hungary. May I add to that list and add the Prime Minister of ahem "Britain". I would have choked had this been on the Beeb.

    1. Careful what you say about his Etonness. You'll be picking oakum too Helena.

      Mind you I'd say that calling him a hypocrite is praising him.

    2. Well Hubby has been waiting on MI5 coming for me for years. He and Hektor would get peace.

  3. Tris

    Not surprised when I saw this over the weekend on the news somewhere. Britain has the most draconian laws for public marches, freedom of speech and soon to be strikes if you dare work in the public sector. Sadly many people just don't care that we are slowly but surely being rolled back to the Victorian Age in this country.

    So called Austerity is no longer about the deficit but is a ideological attack on the weak and all about protecting the ruling class which politicians all play a part in now, always have but not to this extent. The talking up Murphy as Scotlands man in the media is all a pre-arranged stitch up to keep the bastard nationalists down , aided and abetted by the so called media and now we see a guy getting fined for freedom of speech when I suppose the real issue for posh Dave should have been why his very exspensive personal Police Force didn't check the boggs. What a country we live in, it's all warped and the wrong way around, but again too many don't care.


    1. I was appalled at the proposed laws on striking public sector workers.

      I hope that the unions concerned will go on strike anyway, and if they do that the public supports them.

      Wouldn't it be terrible if he put all the firemen in jail for going on strike and Downing street went up in flames...

      Oh well, I suppose there are a lot more where he came from!

    2. anon or bruce ???? niko shakes head wot thats about I dont know

      spot on about austerity about spud its the usual nat Pavlovian response
      pic of spud bell rings nat growls barks hurls themselves like madman
      at pic........

      UK spy agencies need more powers, says Cameron

      Me I am more scared of extremist politicians than terrorists the
      Tory libdem coalition are on the record to have killed minimum of 60
      uk citizens using weponised benefit many they
      have murdered through precision targeted cuts we may never know.
      But one certainty it will be a far higher number of innocent people
      killed by terrorists.

      If Cameron want to save us from Islamic terrorism then he best resign
      instead of using ' MUSLIM ' as a dog whistle issue to create a wave of hate
      and fear which he hopes to ride into no 10 Downing street come next May .

    3. You do know Nico, talking about yourself in the third person, is not healthy.

      CH, that's a cracking and accurate picture.

    4. Jimminy

      whats your opinion on Alex having a [
      private chauffeur paid for by all the new members.
      Wonder how the lefties amongst them feel about him
      being treated as the elite above all the little people..

    5. Yes, ils sont hypocrites ...

      A guy was given 100 hours community service for interrupting the Eton Nob's speech asking his to stop the cuts. And this fat hypocrite swine off to Paris to be seen along with people like the Israeli prime minister marching or freedom of the press??????

      WHAY the hell was that about.

      That said...they reckon 4 millions French people marched without counting the bunch of publicity seekers.

      How many people did Cameron kill in Libya? How many has he killed in Afghanistan? How many did Blair and Brown kill in their wars?

      Then they pretend to be bent out of shape about 12 journalists in Paris.

      Let's be honest, politicians do not welcome smart satirists like those at Private Eye or Charlie Hebdo.

    6. PS I know you weren't asking me but for what it's worth I fail to see why any politician needs a chauffeur, Salmond included. So I disapprove.

      I note that Eric Pickles appears to have run up taxi bills that would pay off the national debt. Wonder why he doesn't use the metro like everyone else?

    7. I don't think any politician needs to be chauffeured about but, that's the system we've got; for now.

  4. 1% live within our means.