Sunday, 4 January 2015


It seems, according to a report in the Scotsman by David Maddox, that some Labour and Tory supporters are likely to back the Liberal Democrat candidate in Gordon, in a cross party "Stop Salmond" campaign.

Although the parties have denied that they will do this, activists and voters in an area which voted 60-40 for dependence have indicated that they hate Salmond so much that they are prepared to vote for someone they don't want, just a bit less than they don't want Salmond. This, of course, is their prerogative, and in a First Past the Post system that serves the voter so badly it is not unusual for tactical voting to take place.

The local Liberal deputy chairperson, Marion Ewenson, said: “A lot of people in the Better Together Group were impressed by the way Christine (Jardine... the Liberal candidate) campaigned, which is why they are getting behind her even if they are normally supporters of other parties.”

According to one Labour supporter, George Simpson, what they need is a strong candidate to thwart Alex Salmond. He says he will vote Liberal because Labour does not have a strong vote in the area. 

I think what Mr Simpson may have meant to say was that the Labour candidate this time round, 22 year old Braden Davy (right), is, in some people's opinion, a weak choice, and rather unlikely to win. 

Jayne James-Duff is a Tory. Indeed she was a Conservative candidate for the local council, and she has said that she, and her Conservative friends, are considering voting Liberal, although they fear that, given the Liberals standing in the polls it may be a waste of a vote.

The Official party lines from the Tories and the Labour party are that they aren't advising tactical voting and that there will be no official Anti-Salmond pact.

Mr Maddox gave all three of the named contributors an opportunity to say a few nasty things about Alex (you can read them here), and in the interests of fair and balanced journalism I'm sure that he gave the SNP the opportunity to respond. 

Maybe they were out, maybe there just wasn't enough space in the paper for their comments, or maybe a careless sub-editor just lost them...and that is why none appears!


  1. Democracy is dead in the UK official.

    Let's have a real royal vote to put the plebs in their place

    The LibDems are the biggest political whores that the UK have ever known or ever wish to in the future because they have none, if that makes sense.

  2. Hmmm. I did not have sex with That Woman!

    Ho hum...

    I see Alistair Carmichael thinks they won;t lose many seats... Oh well...


      I see both Alex and Nicola held in high esteem in the USA even if they didn;t want us to have independence.

  3. So the dead horse, that is Westminster democracy, is being flogged to death; once more.
    The unionist parties and press, really are the two cheeks of the same arse, and it needs a good kick.
    I really hope Alex wins, and wins comfortably, that toilet of a chamber (pot), definitely needs the shit stirred.

    1. It's all they have, Jim. Nothing must change.

      They have to save it with it's corrupt royalty, lords and commons, courts, police press, BBC.

      They are certainly getting desperate. I see that Mr Cameron is promising a referendum on Europe next year to buy Ukip voters.

      And Ed is going to be Mrs Thatcher, and snatch the under 25s benefits away from them.

      How hard is life going to be?

    2. "How hard is life going to be?" In a word, extremely. My son and daughter are both under 25, they both rent council houses. If they are unemployed, how the f**k are they supposed to keep the roof over their heads? The bank of mum and dad, can barely manage and we both work.
      Every labour supporter, must be wondering, who have I been voting for, these chumps couldn't even spell socialist; probably more at home with socialites.
      It's getting a bit, let them eat brioche, style. It really is getting surreal, I don't think Scotland does revolution but, a political revolt is due.

    3. I'm not sure why they think this will work...

      It's not like most people can simply move back with mum and dad and take over the East Wing or the Napoleon Suite.

      Of course it's been thought up by a bunch of people who wouldn't recognise a working class person if they tripped over him on the way to the opera.

      No, we don't do revolution, but maybe, just maybe we do wipe out of people who let us down.

    4. Don't be surprised that there will be grand coalition between the rainbow tories after the election. I would not rule this out even if all of them (eventually???) deny such plans.

    5. Oh, I do hope so, AH. Won't that be fun!

  4. To be honest I'm surprised that the Better Together gang are all ganging up on Alex Salmond by voting Lie Dem surely they should all be voting UKIP. After all UKIP will be the coalition partner of our great leader's party, the Rainbow Tory party, after the May G.E. won't they? LOL

    Hope you and Munguin did not over do things at Munguin Halls over new year Tris. :-)

  5. Hi Arbroath. Happy New Year.

    Hope you are well.

    Rainbows and Tories are rather alien the one to the other don't you think....?

    I had a quiet time. I have to say the furry one did not, and he, is as yet, still in a fragile condition. Oh, to live the high life....

  6. Imagine being a Labour voter and supporting the LibDems who support the Tories who are dismantling the English NHS and even higher tuition fees for students in England, and imposing pointless austerity.
    Just to stop a social democratic politician.
    I would hope that it is only the Labour politicians who would think it OK to do that and not the ordinary people of Gordon, but one never knows.

    1. HI Brain...

      Ah, the things people will do out of sheer hatred of a politician who actually gets quite a lot of positive feedback, and as far as I know has never had a negative figure in his popularity.

      And this in support of a party the leader of which is trusted less than any other politician of note, to do well b y Scotland.

      LOL they are a funny lot.But they are now starting to prove that effectively the UK is a single party state. Labour and the Conservatives being pretty indistinguishable in their policies, and the Liberals will go along with whatever for a wee job and a red box.

  7. I have just recommended this on Google saying if you want to see how much the Unionists hate democracy read this.
    Watching a bit of the box this morning, I noticed that Sky have decided that all those who are not in the main parties, and the main Parties seem to include Ukip, well people like us in the SNP and Plaid and the Greens are all to be treated as Pariah, if you think along the lines of the IRA in the 80's when even their words were spoken by actors, they at least still had a voice. We are not even allowed to speak and as for publicity, away with you.
    Oh I know John Swinney was on yesterday afternoon, I missed him, but we are generally to be avoided.

    1. That's interesting. Clearly Mr Murdoch wants the status quo, where he can control the minds of the party leaders. And we know that at base he is a UKIP man.

    2. PS... thanks for the recommendation on Google!! @:)

  8. I take it that Labour members who vote for any other party in this election will immediately be divested of their Labour Party membership as it in their rules that they are not allowed to vote for any party but Labour .

    1. Hello Betty...

      That's interesting... and I didn't know it, but I suppose it makes sense.

      I wonder if they get a pro rata amount of their membership back...

      £1 divided by 52 equals just under 2p a week for membership. So, if you just joined in in January and you vote on May 7 for the Liberals, (say after 14 weeks membership) will you get 72p of a refund?


    2. Aye, but lookin at thon candidate its no likely they huv more than a snug bar fu o members in Gordon onyway.

    3. Well... I must admit it was a strange choice, but although they came third last time, it wasn't far behind the SNP, and given that:

      a) the Liberals are not losing votes everywhere because of their flirtation with the Tories;
      b) Malcolm Bruce must have had a personal vote that might have kept HIM in the seat but probably won;t keep the new candidate;
      c) apparently the area voted by 60-40 to stay dependent on the union...

      I'd have though that they might have found themselves a credible candidate.

      I'm saying nothing about the boy, but, 22 year old lads by and large are not credible candidates. And that was before they knew that Eck was standing.

      With a good candidate they might have won.

      It's going to be interesting to watch...

  9. tris and you lot

    Alex is the enemy you destroy your enemy Alex is weakened
    just the time to stick the boot in and rub his face in the good old Scottish dirt.
    and laugh at him the big referendum loser...........

    ha ha ha ha ha

    Betty how will they know who you vote for many snp members voted no
    and swear blind they voted yes
    wot bit about getting your enemy didn't you understand

    1. So, a man who has done his best for Scotland, throughout his political career, is the enemy.
      Where as the pound shop Labourites, that line their pockets, are what? Heros? I don't bloody think so.

    2. Niko... don;t be rude to new contributors, or Munguin will be on the phone to Taz... and you know what that means, don;t you?

      I don't know if there were any SNP members who lied about the way they voted in the referendum. Maybe there were.

      People lie about all sorts of things... even royals, so they say.

      But surely Jim's new membership wouldn't do that... Oh well, maybe they would.

    3. Jim: Alex Salmond has been a force for good in Scotland. Yes, he stirred up controversy, but it was controversy that was already there. He didn't invent independence, but he did make it more popular and made it a possibility.

      But quite apart from that he was a good MP and a good MSP.

      And as you say, he worked tirelessly for Scotland, First Second and Always.

      But he's the enemy to those who believe that real salvation comes from that bunch of crooks in London with their nuclear weapons, wars and austerity for the poor, starting at the palace all the way down to the Commons.

      Fair dos. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      I'd say that David Cameron is more of an enemy to Scotland than Alex Salmond is. The poll I referred to at

      whilst it didn't mention Alex personally, seemed to think that his successor was good for Scotland and that Cameron was most assuredly NOT.

    4. dear Betty i humbly apologize if i in any way upset you
      being new to the republic. which is a democracy with
      citizens of diverse views and opinions ....


      there has been much research on the voting patterns in the
      referendum all which point to the inescapable conclusion
      some snp supporters did vote no sorry but thats the truth.

      real salvation comes from that bunch of crooks in London with their nuclear weapons, wars and austerity for the poor, starting at the palace all the way down to the Commons.

      Err no real salvation comes from all the peoples of these islands
      working together as one common humanity.
      The notion of a Scottish nation peopled by saints pure in heart and deed
      alone in all the world apart from maybe Norway maybe ???

      is the purest drivel .

      You lot go on and on about Westminster and yet the Scots
      just made a free choice organized by you lot and yet
      YOU LOST big time ( oh i forgot the Scots were hypnotized
      by the tricksy wicksy English )
      Not everybody at Westminster is evil and not everybody in Scotland
      is good

  10. The SNP cannot moan about tactical voting against them. They've benefited in the Tayside and Perthside for years from it themselves.

    Besides that, if I lived in Gordon I'd vote LDem to keep Alex out. He must be stopped. He cannot be allowed to hold the UK to ransom as kingmaker.