Wednesday, 7 January 2015


If you feel rich and well enough...
vote for UKIP to get rid of the health service
Just don't go getting sick though.
That's a proud boast...
Like to mention that in your election material Gideon?
I have to say I'd be pretty ashamed to admit that I
came for the place as they elected McVile
Someone loves you, Jim.
We don't hear enough praise for John.
He is an economic giant.
NO... not a bloody chance.
Strange then that they didn't want him to lead the country.
Much prefer the half wit that would sell his granny
to win the President's favour.
Fortunate that there are people like you Liam
who aren't nationalists, nor in the least extremist.
Yes yes, we see you...
Good money advising murderous dictators on how to seem respectable
And who more perfect for the job?
I'll wait till the sales, I think
Did you ever see a stranger looking bloke than
Charlie Saxe Coberg Gotha?
I mean Mrs Parker Bowles is no oil painting
but couldn't she have done a bit better than that?
Was the target for that not 2020?


  1. Who is this "Liam Weir" character? Is he being arrested, or investigated, for inciting mass murder? Or can he hide behind his British nationalist, butchers apron, flag; with impunity?
    I would suggest if that statement, came from you or I or any other independence supporter, we would have been hung, drawn and quartered, by the media; let alone been hauled (quite rightly) through the courts.

    1. Aye Jim. Just imagine if the Scot Nats had suggested killing Brits...

      I had a quick look to see if I could find him online, but I don't see anything... and that suggests that no one ever made anything of his racist tweet.

  2. Top marks fro the true Scottish people for seeing Alex Salmond
    as the vacuous untrustworthy fantasist he truly is.
    And voting NO in the referendum thus avoiding a broken backed
    bankrupt Scottish economy,
    At $50 a barrel of oil and going downwards..yeah Alex got that right er not !

    the lying twisting snp have had there fantasy economics utterly exposed
    for the deceitful bunch of fantastical assumptions it was based upon.
    Come on nats have another referendum now you wouldnt dare you would not
    even break the 25% barrier this time round

    Thank god for the good honest sense of the ordinary men and woman in Scotland who have saved this nation from utter ruin at the behest of the snp .

    1. For f**ks sake Nico, how many times do we have to explain, to you, that oil was(and still is) a bonus, that could be used to create a better future. It was not what Scotlands economy was to be based on, never did Alex Salmond say that, nor did the white paper.
      Team GB Tory rainbow coalition, is doing a f**king grand job, I don't think. No doubt Dean will say they are but, he is blinded by hatred as you are.

    2. Ignore him Jim. He's being deliberately provocative. He's obvious not read anything about the oil situation.

      I'm glad to see that Murphy now thinks we should have an oil fund. 40 years too late.

  3. Jimminy

    How many times well untill you and the others TELL THE TRUTH

    As you will be aware, the Scottish Government has published detailed forecasts for North Sea tax revenues in future years.  These projections are based on robust assumptions.  They use industry expectations of future North Sea production and investment and the assumption that oil prices remain constant at $110 in cash terms, $18 per barrel lower than the central projection for 2018 used by DECC – a department of the Government of which you are a member.  As Sir Donald Mackay, Economic Adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland for 25 years has concluded “there is no hole in the Scottish government’s oil predictions”. 

    the assumption that oil prices remain constant at $110 in cash terms,
    cash terms, $18 per barrel lower than the central projection for 2018 used by DECC – a department of the Government of which you are a member.  As Sir Donald Mackay, Economic Adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland for 25 years has concluded “there is no hole in the Scottish government’s oil predictions”. 

    can you read that or not??? weasel word from the snp claiming oil as
    a fantastic asset or a bonus only reveals their duplicitous and snide
    verbal twisting of the truth.

    fantastic asset when the price is up ..hurrah ! hurrah ! hurrah !
    for the snp

    price falls through the floor.....crash $ 50 and falling
    snp sneaks away eyes rolling and whispering out of the side
    of their sneaky gobs.... we always said it was only a bonus.

    The Scots saw through the snp distortions and lies
    and that is why they lost and would again after this

  4. read the snp lies yerself

    1. Here's a lie for you, it's been peddled for years,...

      "Vote Labour and keep the Tories out",

      and yet they still persist, with it.

    2. The last time that oil prices were 50$ a barrel was 2009, when Jim Murphy was SoS for Scotland. Did he ask for a fund then?

  5. I'm beginning to think that there are two Nikos who post on here. One, very occasionally posts a modicum of sense and another who constantly posts a maximum of bollocks......

    1. Brownlie

      There is only one Brownlie............and he is a wrong un

      do tell does £110 to $50 and falling matter at all a little bit

    2. I think the difference may be the amount of ouzo consumed John...

    3. It's still a bonus @$50 a barrel, Scotlands economy is fine without oil, unlike the UK, which is now wishing it didn't piss the revenues up against the wall,by giving it away to fund stupid wars and pretending to be a world power.

    4. Is it 2016 already?

      Your hero Jim warmonger Murphy wants to set up a resilience fund funny he didn't want to do that in 2009 when he was SoS.

    5. I think it's the pills he's on John... but Conan could be right. It could be a measure of alcohol

      Of course, had the Brits set up an oil fund like most other oil producing countries none of it would make any difference at all.

      The main reason that this is happening at all is that the Saudis can afford to give oil away now because thier massive oil fund brings in far more than oil production does.

      So they can flood the market, damage the fracking industry and spike Putin's guns. Win win.

      Anyway... there are other pics up here. Does anyone else agree that Charlie Saxe Coburg Gotha looks like an alien?

    6. From an alien vampiric parasitical genus, monarchus unis perpetualii ( not real latin Conan is the one for that).

    7. tris

      yeah right the pills reality ones let me see right through you and the snp
      lies and distortion.

  6. Replies
    1. LOL... Me 2 seconds.

  7. I would venture that Mrs PB is not in the slightest bit interested in Big Ear's Looks, and I am equally sure that the lack of interest is mutual.
    Mariage de Convenance anyone?

    1. Ahhhhh... you think that his concubine wanted to become his wife becasue she could get her hands on even more of his dosh that way?

      They said at the time that when a man marries his tart, it creates a vacancy.

      Any guesses who closes their eyes and thinks of diamond tiaras these days?

  8. Was the picture of Prince Charles and the other guy taken at Madame Tussaud's in from of a weird waxworks dummy? Or has that item been photoshopped on behind them for a laugh?

    1. LOL, Eric. If only.

      Unfortunately these are the real thing. They actually exist, and you pay for them.