Sunday, 18 January 2015


Merci, Bugger the Panda!


  1. tris

    APPRENTICESHIPS ..................Shame all partys snp included did not
    give a toss when they got rid of them

    1. When you shut down all the factories, there's not a lot of point in taking on apprentices, Niko. But it's going back a long way, and whoever did it, or supported it, of whatever party, was short sighted.

    2. Apprenticeships have not been "got rid of". It is companies that no longer take on, as many, as they used to. The shortsightedness is acute in the building trade, where there is a skills gap, but these selfsame companies were paying off the apprentices, before they had served their time.

    3. Emm, Niko Baby, you have an extremely short memory. I remember when the Labour Party as a payback for passing the budget during the SNP minority period wanted say 10,000 apprenticeships, the SNP offered them 25,000 or thereabouts. The Labour Party abstained on the vote. The SNP still passed it. So go get something right will you.
      Do you know what is wrong with the Labour Party/Tory Party, etc here, nor investigative journalism, if they got a bit of criticism it would do them good. If their pals and family in the BBC or Papers would actually show them where they are going wrong and they were prepared to listen folk like you would not be lie telling for them.

  2. Replies
    1. Aye Panda. and you do not need an apprenticeship for that. Apparently more people in those and minimum wage than anything decent. So you can see why the family keep them in the BBC.

  3. Tris

    They are not even proper apprenticeships in the main. When I did my Horticulature / Greenkeeping joint one it took me over 6 years to complete and be regarded qualified, now they are offering them at 1 year in most cases. Sorry but that might have qualified me to make the tea, under supervision. And like you say, irres[ective of what the three Tory parties say, there are very few jobs in the north and for Nikos benefit that is anywhere north of London.