Sunday, 4 January 2015


The Tory Campaign Poster
The General election campaign has started!

But the Tories appear to have taken a wrong turn already!

They have chosen the slogan... "Let's stay on the road to a strong economy", which would be more appropriate if any of us, outwith those people at the top, actually felt that there was even a modicum of truth in it. How many strong economies are £1.6 trillion in debt, and growing?
With a little adaptation
That aside, and who was expecting any truths in the campaign, of course any advertising for anything in the days of photoshopping is always open to a little adaptation so it's not surprising that some clever work from the keyboard satirists has been going on. Every party will experience that and the advertising companies employed to come up with poster ideas should take sabotage into consideration when presenting their ideas, as should the parties when selecting them!
...and some more adaptation
So some of these doctored posters must have been expected. However, the Tories' opponents couldn't have planned for the what comes next. 

It appears the road used in the advertisement is not in fact even in Britain.
The original photograph
It is claimed that the illustration is, in fact, from a photograph taken in 2008, by German photographer Alexander Burzik, not far from his home town of Weimar. 

Initially, when asked, Gideon insisted that the road was definitely in Britain, but then, after careful consideration, the Tories admitted that the road was a composite of several images, but added that they had been assured that all of the illustrations used were in Britain.

You should have checked, Gideon, because it does look remarkably like the whole thing, while doctored, was based or Herr Burzik's picture!

Stefan Drew  a marketing expert told the Mail: "When you first look at it it's just a grey road going into the distance. 

"But the more you look at it, the more you see that it's actually quite an evocative picture with a lot of hidden messages. 

"It taps into emotions – the green and pleasant land, (or should that be "grün und angenehm Land") the straight and narrow, blue skies and the patriotic Union flag."
Somewhere nearer the truth
I'm puzzled, though. 

For all the economic failures of this and previous governments, there are some very attractive roads in the UK. Some of them are reasonably straight, stretch off into the distance, and with a little bit of artistic licence could be made to look as if they were not full of pot holes.  So why complicate things by using a composite of images, whether or not they were elsewhere?
Ah, that sounds just like our lovely UK
Added to all that, Gideon unveiled the poster on a government visit, seemingly violating the rules that government and party business must be kept separate.


  1. Weimar looks nice.
    Surely such a well maintained road, should have given the game away? No pot holes, well drained, no homeless or signs to the nearest food bank. No vans with, hey you Johnny foreigner go home.
    The road to hell is paved with Tory (all shades) lies, time to look for the nearest exit ramp.

    1. I thought, looking at the original picture, that even the sunshine is brighter there!!

  2. Should have not bothering doctoring it, the original is a much better illustration of roads in Britain, indeed Scotland, and her A roads look exactly like it, I have now travelled on a few provincial roads in Germany and have yet to find a pothole.
    Of course Ossie has decreed that our money will furnish more roads for England, not one even made it into Wales or indeed near the border. and I bet there are no consequential's it will be on UK expenditure.

    1. Apparently roads in England are useful to us, including bridges in such places as Liverpool and therefore we must help pay for them. However, our roads and bridges are of no interest to the Brits, so we have to pay for them ourselves.

      A bit like Games...

  3. tris

    Watched him om marrs show attempting badly to obfuscate the fact
    cuts announced are not the same as cuts being implemented. with the
    larger 60% of cut,. adjustments he apparently likes to call them now.

    scuse me just want to nip and tuck 30 billion outta the peoples
    social security paid for entitlements its only a adjustment wots all
    the fuss about ???

    To be imposed if they win the election or have another coalition
    with cleggys quislings.

    The only positive ?? ot of that scenario is those at the DWP hounding
    the involuntary unemployed with unjustified sanctions will find themselves
    on the other side of the counter claiming/scrounging benefits if the projected
    55.1 per cent cuts to Work and Pensions, take effect...thats nemesis for them
    and ha bloody ha ha

    1. I don't know how you can stand to watch the creepy wee git and listen to his plush voice.

      He's marginally more sickening that the royals.

      I have to read his stuff, I simply can;t listen to him. My blood pressure won;t stand it!

      So, they are called adjustments now are they. I know what I'd like to adjust...

      I can't for the life of me see how they can cut the benefits any more.

      Short of simply killing off people who have been on benefits for more than a year, it seems like an impossibility.... without civil unrest.

  4. tris and the nats

    A Labour Party spokesman said: “We are not entering any joint arrangements with the Tories and Lib Dems.”

    Yeah ! of course not never ever cor blimey stand on me no way

    1. Actually, I'd just done a wee post on that Niko. I might as well put it up, as this one isn't generating much interest :)

      I notice people have been asking Murphy to comment on that all day on Twitter, so far as I can see without reply.

      They have also been asking when he intends to stand down from that Henry Jackson right wing neo con think thank he's a member of... He's saying nothing!

  5. There is one wee problem with all those Tory posters Tris, there is a word missing ... RAINBOW! Let's face it it makes absolutely NO difference who ends up in number 10 they will be in coalition with UKIP, in my view, and probably the remnants of the LieDems as well. The LieDems have have their butts sat squarely on the seat of power so I very much doubt that the remnants will want to give that power up after May.

    1. There's probably a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, Arbroath. It's just not destined for the likes of us!

  6. Maybe this is for The Quine Fae Lundun to feel mare at game . A nice picture of the homeland!!

    1. Damn, yes, Mike. That's what it was for. It was to make the Saxe Coberg Gotha's feel at home.