Friday, 9 January 2015


British broadcasters say to would be too complicated having
a lot of leaders for debates. Irish ones seem to manage that.
Probably they are just cleverer.
We'll give you this day your daily vintage champagne.
Sod the tax payers.
Or maybe it could feed its kids?
No. I suppose that's a silly socialist  idea!
Sorry, I brought it up.
Then they demanded that the SNP do set up a fund for the oil capital.
They didn't think it worthwhile to set up a fund for any
other area of the country suffering.
Tax fiddler Thatcher. Just like Gary Barlow, you'll not hear Osborne decrying her.
You know it makes sense.
She stared lovingly into the side of his head as he looked in the opposite direction.
And, on this occasion, who could blame him?
Is this not the most nauseating photograph of the last year?
Don't believe you. You up for a peerage for suggesting it?
Oops Tories. You've been caught out lying. Again!
I wonder how this creepy woman came by a damehood?
George is on it... unfortunately, the debt, not the bomb.
Probably the wrong thing to have a go at FMQs about...
given that under the funding available from the UK, Scotland
is doing the best of the four nations.
Is there anything even vaguely socialist in their agenda?
Margaret Hilda Miliband
Ha ha... you know we were only joking
We didn't mean a word of it.
That Blair McDougall made it up.



There is nothing like a dame.
Don't say I'm not good to you.
If you behave we'll get John Major to pose next week!


  1. Bonus pic pfwoar
    Fit aboot Edwina Currie nixt week?
    double pfwoar!

    Noo, time fur a walk,
    whaurs ma white stick?

    1. Glad to have made your morning.

      I'll put Edwina down for the future... but we want to be non sexist on this blog, so John Major it is the next time you are all good!


  2. Bonus PIC, put me right of my cereal.

    1. Ungrateful wretch. Why can;t you be appreciative like John!

  3. Well apart from Esther, I thought all the pics were powerful and put the message out there. I particularly liked the ones on Thatcher and Dennis, I never knew what his firm was called I never remember anyone ever calling attention to it. Have been to Tortola though and know that the good people living there with all those Tax Cheats really know how to get money out of their tight fists. One of those islands, and there are a few, who actually have full employment and the people are prosperous, they only have banks, no food banks. Mind I would only suggest emulating them to discomfort Westminster..

    1. Oh I think Esther was powerful in some ways Helena. LOL.

      No, Denis was very much kept in the background.

      You've travelled a lot Helena, you lucky lady!

    2. I only like pictures of Thatcher (spit), mounted on dart boards.

    3. Live a little... Try something new. Have you ever been to a firing range?


    4. No but, I used to do archery, must dig out my bow.

  4. Replies
    1. Is there a new one, Conan?

    2. No. But a wee bit better than Dame Teeth,though...

    3. Wouldn't be hard to be better than that.

      What on earth did she get it for?