Friday 27 April 2012


POOR OLD Margaret Moran is suffering from depression, so badly that she is not fit to plead in her trial for embezzlement or, if you prefer it, THEFT of around £80,000 of our money.

She did not attend the court case to determine her fitness to plead, but evidence was heard that she was suffering from a depressive illness and associated anxiety of moderate severity. A forensic psychologist gave evidence that when she was at home in Southampton (that would be the home of her boyfriend, for which we paid out £20,000 to treat the dry at least she doesn't have to worry about the floor giving way), when, for example, she was cooking or watching television, she might seem to be only mildly depressed, (as indeed probably around 3/4 of the population is). However, when the case has to be discussed, she becomes severely depressed.

Awwww, what a bloody shame. She shouldn't have been a thief then, should she?

And it gets better. She feels that she has been abandoned by the Labour Party. I mean, what on Earth did she expect? Quietly in the background, I'm sure that the Labour Party encouraged the use of expenses to make up salaries to what they thought they deserved, but she surely didn't expect that the leadership would support her when she was caught... or maybe she is really that stupid.

Of course she is depressed. She used to have a job which paid £65,000 a year plus incredibly generous expenses (the ones she abused), and for which she appeared to have to do very little work (she didn't do much in the way of constituency duties). She was known as 'The Hon Lady', she travelled first class, she had privilege and position. Now she's just a lag awaiting trial. She's fallen off a pedestal and landed flat on her lardy backside. 

If I were in her position, I would be so ashamed I'd never go out at all. I'd be spending my time in bed. In fact I'd probably be saving up my pills so that I could end it all. 

What I cannot understand is why she gets away with not being able to plead because she feels ashamed. Would this work for someone caught stealing a similar amount from social security? Any ideas?


  1. And also............ lets not forget the fabulous new make up artist who has turned the once glam and fabby made up "Hon Lady" to something akin a old harridan with her frumpy new look.

    Thats bound to get a few heart strings tugged .......... i mean you cant gaol and old lady now can you ?????

  2. Hello Last... Long time no see...

    Yes, the careful make up, the hankie and the tears, all designed to create the impression of a poor old soul.

    Yes, after she had been caught, she went on sick leave from the Commons because of depression, but was caught, all glammed up, by the TV reportage "Despatches" making a pitch for a false job of lobbiest for an international organisation.

    So... I wonder, if there was another opportunity to make big money now, would she loose the 'poor old soul' look and go for it.

    She's a liar and a cheat... so probably yes.

  3. tris

    yep! I used to get incredibly depressed and anxious about the thought of being banged up again...
    Must admit to not wanting to appear in court preferring to hide under me bed..

    But having to act the hard man would turn up at court outwardly without a care in the world ....

    the truth is she will (a) get let off court or (b) get a much lenient sentence.


  4. A spell in jail will do her a world of good Jim Devine had not looked so well in years when he got out

    All those constituents whom she claimed thought she did a marvellous job for them might even visit her In gratitude of course for her unstinting devotion to duty We should expect nothing less

  5. "in her position" and "spending my time in bed" -rather a light-hearted take on a lady in distress and don't try to be funny by saying "What's wrong with dis dress". I remember her when she believed in Labour but, alas, she fell into the New Labour ethics and the results are obvious. Next, Niko, will claim he doesn't like her but I'll tell Mrs Niko the truth while he's at the Labour club trying to remember the words of the "Red flag" and shouting "Begone you separists".

  6. Hiding under your bed is always a good strategy Niko. I find no one looks under your bed when they are looking for you (they never know what they may find).

    I hate laptops too. I like sloping keyboards.

  7. Yea fiar, I couldn't believe old Jim when he came out of jail. I dunno what they did to him in there but he was completely changed; the red blotchy face gone along with about 5 stone.

    I recommend it for any fat, ugly old thief.

    I wonder what he looks like now?

    I dunno about her constituents going to visit her. Quite apart from her sudden deterioration into old dear in distress, I don't think many of them would recognise her seeing as she seemed to spend most of her life with her boyfriend is Southampton or at her villa in Spain. They'd probably end up visiting the wrong old dear! Life is complicated, isn't it?

  8. Ho ho young Mr Brownlie, as if I'd mock a damsel in distress, or make fun of your making fun of her dress (although I have to say, that orange hat is a bit much on a chunky old dear, don't you think)

    Poor old Mrs Niko. If it's not Spookie telling her about Niko in ASDA, it's you popping round while Niko's down the Labour Club.

    Do you think they still sing things like that down there. I'd have thought they were singing Money, Money Money, or Money Makes the World Go Around, these days!

    Anyway: Where have you been these last weeks....?

  9. Trying to finish a commission and making heavy weather of it. Still look in now and again to make sure you are all behaving - apart from Niko, of course. Lovely day here so I'm away out in my wee boat!!

  10. OK... if it's work, you're excused.

    Niko, of course behaves himself, but it's how he behaves himself that is the question.

    Good luck with the commission. Sometimes a bit of fresh air can work wonders. Have a nice day.

  11. "If I were in her position, I would be so ashamed I'd never go out at all. I'd be spending my time in bed. In fact I'd probably be saving up my pills so that I could end it all."

    Tris, I'd not like anyone to read this and think you are calling for her to die. That is extreme.

    That said, it's good to be back - I've enjoyed my interweb 'vacation' (as the yanks like to say)

  12. Oh Lord, Dean, of course I didn't mean that. It never occurred to me that it could be taken that way.

    I simply meant that I would be so ashamed, honestly, that I would want to die, because I would never be able to face anyone that I knew, ever again.

    The truth is that she is not in the least ashamed. She certainly wan't ashamed when she was taking sick pay (full salary) from parliament and applying for lobbying jobs, boasting of her contacts.

    This is a con. She doesn't want to face justice.

    So let me make it very clear. I do not want her to commit suicide. I want her to go to jail and suffer, and then to come out and live her life as an ex-con.

    I'm glad to see you back. You were missed, and I commented to that effect a couple of posts ago.

  13. Reminiscent of "Deadly" Ernest Saunders, released early from prison due to suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, made a miraculous recovery hours after being released thus being in the Guinness (geddit?!) Book of Records as the only person ever to recover from this disease.

  14. Night scented ones, CH?

  15. Yup, I goddit... and damned clever it was too...

    Yes, Ernest should have agreed to let scientists test him, because no other person ever have recovered from Alzheimer's. Instead of course, he started a company and makes lots of money.

    But it's certainly amazing after three of the best doctors money could buy, swore on his diagnosis...

  16. Not night scented ones then, CH?