Friday, 20 April 2012


That David Starkey has once again  made a fool of himself by going off on an immature rant, this time about Alex Salmond and his likeness to Adolf Hitler, is no real surprise. 

A few years ago I used to enjoy "The Moral Maze" radio programme (discussions on questions of moral philosophy, where 'witnesses' were invited to answer questions on issues of the day, and panellists summed up their views in light of the expert witness testimony they had heard).

It was always stimulating listening, but was invariably spoiled by Starkey (one of the panellists, who had far too much to say for himself, and insisted on insulting the opinions of anyone who disagreed with him in the brashest of terms. In the end I had to stop listening because I found him an embarrassment, out of place on a programme of this nature.

Since then he has popped up from time to time being unpleasant about a variety of people from the Queen (who apparently failed to show sufficient interest in an exhibition he had curated, thus earning his derision as an intellectual lightweight; I suspect she may just have found him a boring old git) downwards. He has frequently been unpleasant about Scotland and Scots such as here: In 2009, then the Scottish Government minister for culture and external affairs Mike Russell, called on him to apologise for his declaration on the programme that Scotland, Ireland and Wales are "feeble little countries".He replied 'It was a joke! The question was did I think the English should treat St George's Day the same way the Scots and all the rest of them treat their saints' days - St Andrew, St Patrick and my answer was no. That would mean we would become a feeble little nation like them and we're showing every sign of doing just that. H.G. Wells has this wonderful phrase - "the English are the only nation without national dress". It is a glory that wedon't have such a thing.'

A strange little man from a working class northern English background who by dint of brains and effort made it to Cambridge on a scholarship, Starkey has always seemed to me to be bitter about almost everything. So there is no great surprise that he is bitter about Scotland, and Alex Salmond.

What is interesting is this,  from the Press Association. It outlines the opinions of Starkey's outburst by a spokesman for Alex, and other people in the leadership of the Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Greens and Scottish Liberal Democrats. It appears that no one from the Scottish Labour party was available for, or wished to, comment. Where on earth is Lamontable hiding these days?


  1. Mr Starkey seems to make a profession out of being objectionable. I’m amazed that the right wing Bow group did not realise, given his track record, that Mr S was apt to make injudicious outbursts. You don’t think that they wanted one for some publicity do you?

    But that’s fine! I’m sure nobody would consider voting “no” in the independence referendum as a result of Mr S’s opinions. And, at the end of the day, he is not that far from the opinions of the rest of the unionists. Remember that Mr Cruddas and Mr Cameron (who have never actually met) liked to tee hee over referring to Alex (in the most “respectful” terms) as “the mad Scotsman”.

  2. Indeed Munguin. Fancy never having met a bloke with whom you've had your picture taken!

  3. Like Lord Fondlebhoys, Mr Starkey learnt to shave off his moustache as it retained unpleasant odours.

  4. I'd hope so too. Moustaches must be horrifically unhygienic, Monty. I thought he looked a bit like Enoch Powell.