Tuesday 10 April 2012

9, 10, 11, 12, er... 11

Sorry, the sound on this clip is very bad...fortunately you can enjoy it with no sound at all. Doubtless George's ...erm... "mind" was elsewhere, Henley, Wimbledon, Glyndebourne, Cheltenham Gold Cup, Ascot, Lords... some place like that. 

This is dedicated to "somepapfaedundee" (reader and occasional contributor) who enjoys a bit of Osborne tomfoolery.


  1. tris

    Osborne was shocked genuinely shocked(in an Old Etonian way) that the wery wery (see what i dun there eh brilll eh?)rich paid so little in tax.
    When Osborne expected them to pay zero zilch nil nothing at all wont be using their tax accountants he says.

    anyway whilst reading one of the "anonymised copies" of a more outrageous tax avoider.Osborne while no one was watching pealed back the sticky label covering the name............and lo and behold it said........David Cameron... well I'll be blowed

    apparently Osborne was up most of the night practising at being shocked (various levels)for the
    TV cameras in his bedroom mirrror.
    Missus Osborne wrapped up in her warm blanklins was heard to mutter...W'nker.....as she peeked over her pillow watching him

  2. Ha ha Niko. Very Wery funny!!

    I suspect that Mrs O may have had many occasions to mutter words to that effect.... almost daily.