Monday 23 April 2012


Talking of austerity (as we were in the last post), it seems that whist the rest of us are wondering what the hell Osborne is going to cut next to save the next tranche, Mr Cameron is considering an "austerity" version of Air Force One to transport him or the Queen around.

The idea has been flagged up by Airbus's boss in England, said that Mr Cameron had been let down by the aerospace industry when he arrived in the Far East on a plane built in America and owned by an Angolan company. Downing Street is said to be bet your life it is.

The plane wouldn't be the flying palace that the president has, but presumably it would be done out to a standard that would be suitable for a man of Mr Cameron's breeding.

So... I read all this in the Telegraph, and of course it is always a laugh to glance at the comments in that paper, so I read down at a few of the usual right wing blethers, and then I came across this piece from Sticky2TheMan, which I thought was hilarious:

Cameron really is the Heir to Blair, isn't he?

Didn't His Toniness claim that the Queen's aeroplane was as much his as hers and steal the keys to fly off to Cliff Richard's paradise island or some such nonsense?
Is it not a tradition now that as soon as a prime minister comes back from playing with the Americans, he puts out feelers to see whether 10 Downing Street can be tarted up to look like the set of West Wing?
However, perhaps we should be less churlish and let our dear leaders have their way.
Perhaps we should allow them to have  their own chamber orchestras dressed in monkey costumes like Louis XIV.
Or - since Cameron has or had his own private photographer funded by the taxpayer - their own propaganda film-maker, like Leni Riefenstahl, with a fully-equipped Hollywood studio.
Maybe a private theme-park and zoo, like Michael Jackson. After all, he was a mere popular music crooner, not a global statesman.
How about a continuous stream of teenage prostitutes, like Silvio Berlusconi?
Or perhaps a private bakery producing nothing but the finest Cornish pasties, to which Cameron is known to be utterly addicted?
Why shouldn't our prime minister show how completely and utterly detached he is from the lives of ordinary people?
The only problem with trying to ape the POTUS is that there is such a vast gulf between the power of one and the other.
After Obama met Cameron, it is said that he asked one of his minders:
"Who was that lard-arse with the comb-over?"


  1. nice one Tris

  2. I thought so Wolfie! :)

  3. "Who was that lard-arse with the comb-over?"

    one guess...It's a perfect description of his Eckness!

  4. With Mr Obama?

  5. Oh sorry.

    I thought you said Mr Murdoch....

  6. And you have to admit "lard-arse with comb-over" is a perfect descripton of the FFM.