Wednesday 11 April 2012

Voulez-vous jouer au ping pong monsieur le Président?

When Cameron arrived in Tokyo yesterday, there was celebration at Nissan's investment in north-east England, a rare success for the Tories “oop north”. Historic arms deals have been signed (you might know’s all the UK has to sell). And the gift from Botox Boy to the Japanese Prime Minister was a British-made bike. 

Does anyone know why we have to go through this ridiculous handing out of gifts? It Camermug has enough money to buy presents, he might try buying them for some poor British people instead of rich Japanese ones. I mean some unemployed working class person could have got on that bike and gone to look for work in t'south! (While we are on the subject, it seems that the ping pong table that the fool gave to Obama was made in France. C’était, en effet, une table de tennis  française. What an ass!
Anyway... I digress.

UK trade with Asia is tiny and exports to China are just over 2% percent of the total. (Why would they want stuff from us when they can make it themselves?) So when they brag that the Prime Minister visits to other countries makes trade leap with them by 20%, that means in the case of China a rise of 0.4%. Big deal!

However, on this occasion, there will be no leap in exports to China and no photographs with the world’s second most powerful man...because David Cameron isn’t invited. He wanted to go to China; he asked Beijing if he could, but apparently the Chinese said ‘bu shi’, or ’no’. The Beijing authorities were quite angry over the lecture on human rights abuses which Cameron delivered on his last visit, and which will have made absolutely no difference at all to human rights, but which may well have cost a lot of UK jobs.

We do business with Saudi Arabia and many other Middle and Near East countries, which have appalling human rights. We do business with Asian countries and African countries which certainly don’t allow their populations the kind of freedoms that Europeans enjoy. But we simply cannot go around telling everyone in the world how to behave. And if we do we should expect them not to like us, and therefore not to do business with us.
I’ve always said, if you are prepared to back up your lectures with actions, fair enough. If not, shut up.
The visit by the Dalai Lama to the UK  in June has also annoyed the Chinese leadership. This is bad news for Scotland, as the First Minister is scheduled to meet His Holiness during his visit to Scotland. It’s only polite as Queen Bess would say.
Pics: (1) Cameron indicating how much good his jolly to the Far East will do, but he may be able to pick up some more of that cheap Botox substitute and Beeswax to do his forehead. (2) The Chinese and American Presidents. (Cameron was washing the president's plane down at the time) (3) HH The Dalai Lama. He'll need to wrap up warmer than that if he's coming to Edinburgh. These winds can be gie cald in June month!

PS...Doesn't Michelle Obama scrub up well?


  1. What a huge pity we are shackled to the UK and that idiot David Cameron or Scotland with its warm relations with China might make us the gateway for Chinese trade into the EU. Instead we have to be associated with Cameron’s idiotic lectures on human rights.

    Human rights lectures of convenience must be at the behest of the USA who have plenty to lose from China being the head economic honcho i.e. by not being it themselves. If we remember when he criticised Pakistan’s less than glorious human rights record he quickly had to backtrack and promise Mr (10%) Zaradawi a whole pile of nuclear things to pacify him! So human rights can go out the window when needed.

    I see also that the daft idiot is going to Burma to talk to the leadership there and no doubt sell them a whole pile of weapons too, even before they are out of the cold. I wonder if he will bring up human rights with them? Oh and to get his photo taken with Aung San Suu Kyi. Latest, democratic flavour of the month. I wonder if he will tell her what he talked to the generals about?

  2. Cameron has an unhealthy schoolboy desire to be first in everything.

    He went flying off to Cairo to congratulate the "new" regime, after the overthrow of Mubarak. (Strange that he thought the protesters there were good and the protesters in London were bad). Unfortunately it turned out that the "new" regime had massive elements of the old one in it.)More experienced leaders wait and see before they endorse regimes.

    But he's a bit like a costermonger with his barrow, only he's selling weapons, so he's more like a warmonger.

    I wonder if the generals want some good British made rockets...

    PS: Did you notice that it is reported that he flew to Japan on an Angolan plane? Strange way to wave the flag...

  3. It happens to all UK Prime Ministers that when they have SFA to do or, in the case of Cameron, can do SFA they embark on pointless foreign tours and photo ops.

    Blair did it, Brown did it, embarrassingly so, and Cameron is doing it already. The UK and his unwashed, bore him.

    He prefers to bathe himself in international waters; much more fragrant and relaxing for the ego.

    Like perfumed Badedas for stinking politicians. We've long seen through it but they haven't a clue that we have.

    They are mad I tell you, egos completely out of control, like 16 year mega millionaire popstars, overdosing on illicit drugs.

  4. How very true, Wolfie, and how poetically described...

    "Like perfumed Badedas for stinking politicians" should go into the Oxford book of quotations.

  5. Arms to Indonesia next. Will he lecture them on human rights? Bastards threw me in jail there and then threw me out of the country. Surely Cameron will kick up about that!

  6. John

    At least the didn't keep you there.

    Always look on the bright side of life,, da da , da, da, etc

  7. This criticism of China's human rights record and how it was caused by Cameron allegedly sticking is Pledge-enhanced coupon in is actually not true.

    The reason China isn't keen on Cameron is because Boris Johnson at the close of the Beijing olympics tried to imply that Ping Pong was an English invention who's proper name was 'Wiff Waff'.

    Chinese diplomats having been briefed by their international experts on English upper class speech, accent & intonations thought Johnson was insinuating the diplomats were common and unwashed.

  8. Hmmmm John:

    It's maybe alright to wear nothing under yer kilt in the islands, but it's the kind of thing that some countries get a kinda sniffy about, particularly on windy days... so maybe next time you head out there, a pair of underpants would be a good idea?

    Just think yourself lucky. After Camernob has sold them a package of goodies, they might be able to do more than put you in jail.

  9. da da da da da....

  10. Ah, Pa...I might have known that I could depend on you for a sensible analysis of the diplomatic status between China and London. (I say London, because I understand that Edinburgh has warm relations with Beijing, and as Munguin pointed out, if we were free of the burdensome moron from Eton, we might just possibly have pulled off what Enda Kenny apperas to have managed...)

    I say chaps, I 'spect that Bowis thought it a rather jolly jape to make a bit of a jest at the expense of the jolly old Chinese. Clever, what? How was a fellow to know he was going to upset the bounders. Jolly well over sensitive if you ask me. not at all cwicket. I say, cocktails anyone? Pip pip!

  11. You will also find that the investment in the Nissan plant came thanks to the French as well since it is now the RenaultNissan Group since Renault has been investing in Nissan for years now and has saved what was a declining company.

    Nissans are now basically Renaults underneath and that is also why their designs are now more up to date rather than the staid designs they were coming out with in the past.

    Meanwhile the UK just lets their car industry wither and die or get bought up and moved abroad.

  12. Tris-------------A kilt is something that countries get sniffy about??? I've had the odd dog sniffing round my kilt but never a country? That's the canine dogs by the way.

  13. I didn't know that, Billy. I knew they had collaborated on one model... I think there was another company involved, because they produced three versions each with its own badge, but fundamentally the same engine. But I thought it was Nissan who designed the engine.

    I'm a big fan of most things French, but engineering is something I've always thought was better left to the Germans!

    It's true that the once great British car industry has disappeared. Why Labour wanted to nationalise automobile manufacture is beyond me.

    All these traditional marques lost... Riley, Austin, Wolsley, Morris, Triumph, Rover, MG...


  14. Aye John...are you sure it was the canine sort...

    One hears things you know!!!!!!

  15. The best diesel engines are the French diesels of Peugeot/Citroen and Renault diesels are excellent as well.

    All the German cars come out as poor for reliability except Mercedes which come out as average here in the UK in the actual breakdowns figures with Audi usually having the bottom spot - The A5 last time I looked.

    It is Renault that has been investing in Nissan increasing their shareholding to the stage of owning them. When you consider that Renault was at one point in a worst state than British Leyland and now makes profits in the billions and is buying up a Japanese company shows what could have been done with these UK car companies with the right investment and imagination.

  16. Fair enough, Billy. I guess I really knew nothing about it, just what I had heard. I though German cars were pretty brilliant. Mind, I remember my brother's brand new Merc, with every imaginable luxury and only a couple of thousand miles on the clock, breaking down just as he was going to drive to the airport for a flight to the far east... much panic and I had to go collect him in my Ford!!!

  17. Christian WrightApril 13, 2012 6:50 pm

    Indonesia's counterinsurgency war in West Papua is one of the brutal in the world.

  18. Thanks for the links CW.

    I don't think Cameron gives a damn who he sells to, as long as he comes back with sales. It seems that its about the only thing UK plc has for sale...even to a regime like this one.

  19. Christian WrightApril 13, 2012 8:24 pm

    Benny Wenda's letter to Cameron today

  20. This is Benny Wenda's letter to David Cameron explaining the situation, it has been published it the telegraph:

    SIR – It was with sadness that I learnt of David Cameron’s visit to Indonesia this week to renew arms sales. I still bear scars and a permanent walking impairment as a result of an Indonesian bombing raid on my village using British-supplied Hawk jets. Two years ago, Mr Cameron publicly acknowledged the “terrible situation” in my homeland of West Papua. When he became Prime Minister, thousands across West Papua took to the streets to celebrate his appointment, with great hope. Today, my people will have tears in their eyes.

    Human rights groups estimate that more than 400,000 of my people have been killed by the Indonesian military. Hundreds more languish in jail as political prisoners. There is no democracy in West Papua.

    Benny Wenda

    Thanks CR....

    He's such a two faced bastard.