Thursday 1 December 2011


I was in France a few weeks ago with a crowd of mates from Scotland, England, Canada, the US and Australia. We were on countless trains, buses and trams, and most of the time we talked English, although some of us spoke fluent French. 

I'm very glad that we did not meet the French equivalent of this woman (for I'm sure she exists).

I assume, given her accent, that when she says that they are in her country, she means England. I assume that the "my language" she referred to was English. It's a great pity that she, herself, appeared to have so much difficulty with it. She was, for example completely unable, search though she might, to find any adjective other than "F******g".

I'm pretty sure that there would be more people on that train who had a problem with her incessant F*****g than they would with whatever language her correspondents were speaking.

Next year a vast number of foreign athletes, managers and spectators will decent upon London for the Olympic Games. They will be speaking every language from Icelandic to Maori. And between themselves it's probably that they will speak their own language (perhaps because once you establish a relationship with someone in a particular language, it's quite difficult to speak another language with them).

It's not my town, and it's not my country, so I don't give a damn personally, but if I were a Londoner I'd be hoping that this woman takes her annual holiday during that time. 

I'm sure that the moment her feet touch Spanish soil she'll switch to that language, in which doubtless she can express herself with total fluency.  

Dos F*****g Beeros and uno packeto of salto and vinegaro F*****g chrispos, garkono. Pronto.

Ignorant cow.

PS: Before someone else points this out (quite reasonably), I am aware that we have equally mouthy, equally ignorant toe rags in Scotland. It so happens this one (and the one last week) were English. I'm sure it won't be long before a Scottish rant will be uploaded to Youtube. I'll be happy to feature that, or a French one, too.


  1. Speaking English Uk
    will be really fir to put here as UK is the richest company with god speaking and communication skills

  2. This would be be your typical conversation on a New York subway.

    But it's appalling to think that it happened in England. I thought the English were considered to be famously polite and soft spoken....especially in public transportation.

  3. Looks like the lid is coming off the errrmmm 'debate'...
    I am personally ashamed by such vulgarity and obvious lack of any education being allowed access to the 'public' sphere... just what is needed in a multi-cultural world eh tris?

  4. Danny, regrettably there are ignorant scum bags everywhere.

    Even in Scotland... ;¬)

  5. siya ji

    Thank you for the information about about your clearly superlative language school!

  6. It's abhorrent to me too nominedues.

    She sounded like she was drunk.

  7. I'm not condoning her language or attitude, however the video does not show what started her off, appears to have a chunk missing out of the middle too.
    It may not be as clear cut as some seem to think.

    Just saying.

  8. What started her off QM?

  9. I don't know, she may just be drunk or high, but certainly the video is missing the start and appears edited in the middle.
    Might be that she's exactly what she appears in the video, I just think there's more to this than meets the eye and she's already been tried by media over this, been imprisoned and remains there.
    What this woman did is no more than a section 5 public order offence, which in normal circumstances (if they even bothered arresting you) would get you a spot fine of £80.
    However, being drunk and shouting and swearing at people while in charge of a child is no way to behave and she was arrested for it, but Im sure its not justification to be locked up for weeks in prison. Compare her case to that of 'Islamic Fanatics' who were bailed after committing public order offences such as burning poppy's.
    I'm not condoning her behaviour, just pointing out some of the double standards involved here.
    I wonder if she'd get the same treatment if she were any other colour than white.

  10. Equally it's possible that the camera doesn't start at the beginning because there's no reason to have your camera running on the train. So a fracas starts and it takes a moment or two to get the cam going...

    There's another one live now, where another foul mouthed cow berates a Russian for speaking to his friend in Russian.

    Of course, you don't know what the provocation was. Maybe they were looking at her (although one has to wonder about the likelihood of that). Maybe, because she's drunk or high or ripped to the whatsits on something or other, she thought they fancied her, or were talking about her.

    And you're right. After a few high level cases where the Met clearly displayed a couldn't give a damn attitude when crimes were committed against minority ethnic people, they have thrown the baby out with the bathwater...and now overdo their commitment to get to the bottom of it (especially if it's high profile like this is).

    I have to say I get angry about the language thing because Brits are notoriously unwilling, unable or something to attempt even a few words of any foreign language, and even those who study to higher or A levels can rarely string more that a sentence together. I seem to spend half my time abroad translating.

    I wouldn't worry about the child in the first incident though. It will doubtless hear that kind of drunken rambling on a daily basis. its first word was probably F***.

    It hardly seemed concerned by all that was going on. Par for the course I should think. God only knows what it will turn out as.

  11. tris

    My friend showed me a text going round


    A Pakistani comes to england to live then after a few months phones home

    and says

    He is doing really,really well in England and he has already learnt to speak Polish

  12. I always thought Niko's native language was gibberish as he usually talks a lot of it or is he Polishing up on his English.