Friday 2 December 2011


Laugh...? It's difficult not to.

The London Olympics, which have cost, and will continue to cost, the whole of the UK many billions, which have rendered almost nothing to any part of the UK except England, which have rendered precious little to anywhere in England outside of London, had one target which might have been of some use to the rest of us.

As a part of the original bid there was a pledge to increase participation in sport, not just in London, not just in England, but around the UK.

Guess what? The pledge has been abandoned... because the number of people participating in sport has actually declined in the run up to the games.

It's hard to see why the committee thought that the fact that the Olympics were to be held in London would increase sporting activity anywhere, even in London, unless vast sums of money were pumped into sport at a grass-roots level.

Outside of England that is the remit of other governments which have different priorities and strained budgets to deal with them.

But even inside England, I have read of little to suggest that sporting facilities have improved or that massive coaching plans are under way.

Indeed the Olympics has been, or will only be felt most places, including in Scotland, because a few low level events will be held outside the English capital, that somewhere within a hundred or so miles of you there will be chance to see the Olympic torch. (It will be in the park at the bottom of my road, and I won't so much as move a muscle to look out of the window to see it. It's hard to imagine folk driving miles to enjoy it).

Of course one thing that everywhere has experienced is a considerable reduction in charity income from the Lottery, as this money has been redirected to London. That has endeared the games and their purpose no end, to many of us .

Given that in a city where sporting facilities are desperately needed (Edinburgh), the Olympics committee were prepared to spend £200,000 on  inappropriate advertising, rather than a running track or a boxing ring or a few part time coaches, it's not hard to see why this condition of winning the games has been swept under the carpet.

Still, it's safe now. The International Olympics Committee can hardly take them back and give them to Paris (which wouldn't want them anyway!)


  1. I don't think it's a coincidence that they're already talking about hose pipe bans for next year. It's obviously a ploy to stop people fae skooting at the limpik flame and pittin it oot.

  2. Ha ha Monty. I never thought about that. I wonder if my hose would reach....

  3. Seb is busy practising the fosbury flop as he joins the queue for the high jump. I suspect that a few countries will pull out yet as the financial crisis worsens with the goons trying to sort it by repeating the same failed methods.

  4. Seb for the high jump... oh what a pity that would be, the cocky git.

    I agree CH, there may be some countries that won't be able to come... I don't see the Iranians or Syrians being welcome for starters.

  5. There are rumours that the Limpik beach volleyball will be move to Broughty Ferry due to a problem with sponsorship...

  6. I think that some of the residual stuff from the Lmpics will maybe recycled Norf after the bun fight is over, if they are serviceable.

    This means wonky seats and worn oot carpets.

    Hand me downs, good enough for the Jocks, eh?

  7. They won't give us their old javelins or bows Lupus in case we get any ideas.

  8. I'm sure we could host that competition in the local park, Monty. I t would attract a lot more attention than the stupid torch!

  9. That will be the sporting legacy Wolfie. They'll likely sit in a store room for a few years and then be used as landfill.

  10. For the border, Monty, bows in hand?